Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 8

Toma’s Tale

By CuteLucca

Gaspar sighed. "Lavos must be the one who is disturbing time. It is probably going through time, searching for you. Either that, or it’s trying to heal itself. But with all the reports of the plant creature going around, it probably hasn't had enough time to rest undisturbed for more than a week at a time."

"We must go search for it. But where to start?" Robo puzzled over the situation. "It's been reported in every time period, so chances are one in an unlimited number of time periods that we'll choose the right one."

Marle turned to Gaspar. "Can't we ask someone?"

Gaspar sighed again, and shook his head. "No. I cannot speak to anyone except those people who show up here. Although, that has been happening rather often lately."

They heard a noise, and turned toward the origin. One of the pillars of light which work as time gates glowed brighter than its neighbors, and a human form dropped down. It was Toma Levine, explorer and adventurer extrordinaire.

"Hey, guys!" Toma stood up and dusted himself off. "It's been centuries, eh?"

"How did you get here?" Marle asked.

"Well, I was chasing this weird walking plant when I like, walked in this big red hole. All of a sudden, Poof! I was here, and so are you. So how're ya doin? By the way, where is here?"

Crono explained the basics of time travel and evil planet-eating monsters, and once Toma was thoroughly confused, asked about the plant creature.

Toma snapped out of his confused trance, and with various hand motions and embellishment, described the walking plant. "It was like this." He walked around, his shoulders lifted up around his ears and his arms sticking out at odd angles. "It was making a weird slurping sound like this, right? Okay? And then it made this beastly-like howling noise, like this." Toma howled like a sick wolf\parrot\tyrannosaurus-rex, and flapped his arms in the air. "It was mostly orange, with gray parts and green parts. Then, it brought these two thingies out of the air, by waving its arms like this." More flapping. "They looked kind of like radishes. They made me hungry. That's when I started to chase it."

"Why did you chase it?" Magus asked.

"Because I thought the skin of that thing could bring me a small fortune. But when I was chasing it, like this," Toma ran around the room again, shaking his fists in the air, and tripping over a protruding rock. Getting up, he continued. "Well, not really like that, but... Anyway, I was almost caught up with it and I lunged at it, but a red circle appeared in front of me. There was these moving swirly lights, then I fell out of the sky onto this thing." He looked down at his feet and stamped them for emphasis.

"A thrilling tale, Toma." Frog turned to the others. "I think we hath found our monster!"

Gaspar nodded his head. "Hmm. Quite right, Frog. All you need to do now is go back to Toma's time period, and locate Lavos, and kill it."

"Hey, Toma," Lucca faced the re-confused adventurer. "I've got another question for you. Did the 'plant' look strong, or did he look kind of tired, like he was weak?"

Toma stroked his moustache, and after a few seconds of pondering, he answered. "Well, it looked kind of beaten and stuff, but hey, It's a plant!!" Toma laughed, and acted out a battle. "Id'a chopped off its roots, then pruned its' branches, then carved in my initials!!" He turned to Marle, who was laughing, and put his arm around her. "Would you be the lucky girl whose initials go below mine? Eh?" She whirled, and in one swift movement, she flipped the swooning Toma over her head onto the floor.

Everyone laughed as Toma gasped for the air that was knocked out of his lungs, and Frog helped him up.

"We will give thee a ride to thy own time, Toma. We have to goeth there to find Lavos, anyway." Frog helped the dazed Toma into the already overloaded Epoch, and as Toma marveled at the shiny buttons and numbers, they blasted away into the black.


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