Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 9


By CuteLucca

They reappeared in 603 AD, over Choras, Toma's hometown. As they were letting the airsick explorer off the Epoch, they asked him where he saw Lavos.

"Over by (cough, retch) the abandoned Castle of Magus." Clutching his stomach, Toma ran into his house and shut the door.

Taking his advice, they flew to Magus's old castle. It was dark inside, and even though it had only been deserted for three years, it was in an advanced state of disrepair.

Magus grumbled about the sad state of his castle. He touched statues that he so painstakingly placed, and they tipped and shattered on the floor.

"Boy, Magus." Marle looked around, taking in the scenery. "This place was bad last time we were here, when we beat you, but now..." She leaned on the wall, and it immediately collapsed under her weight, which wasn't much. Part of the ceiling followed, and the floor broke under the weight of the stone blocks.

Magus just watched as part of his castle collapsed, and turned to the stairs going to the next floor. "I have an idea about what happened to my castle." He walked ever-so-carefully to the stairs, where he turned to face his companions. "Come with me. Lavos is up there, and he destroyed my castle. Just the evil aura of that creature destroyed my castle."

They picked their way along broken floors, bypassed shattered steps, and caused several cave-ins on their way to the top. If it weren't for Magus's knowledge of his castle, they would have fallen to their deaths long ago.

When they approached the last room, they saw two imp guards at the door. The imps saw them, and lowered their spears in a show of intimidation. It didn't work.

Ayla laughed and walked to the first of the imps. It was as tall as her knees, and she picked it up by its belt, and held it at arm's length. It flailed about, trying to reach her, but it couldn't. Finally, it calmed down, and Ayla attempted to ask it a few questions.

"Who in next room?"

The imp just stared at her, then, as it dangled, folded its arms in stubbornness.

Ayla gave it a violent shake, and repeated her question. "Who in next room!?!"

The imp grunted and said simply, "Master."

"Who Master?" Ayla again shook the stubborn imp.


By this time, the other imp had gotten over its initial shock and ran towards Ayla, who wasn't paying attention. Before the others could warn her, the imp sank its' spear into her thigh, and she fell to the ground.

The interrogated imp fell to the floor with a thud, unconscious.

An enraged Robo ran out from behind a column and blasted the spear-wielding imp with his laser, and the unconscious imp was crushed under the weight of six-hundred pounds of steel.

Marle rushed to the side of the injured Ayla, and casting a cure spell over the gash, closed and healed it.

Ayla got up, grinning. "Ayla not pay attention. But good thing Marle and Robo here, yes? They pay attention for Ayla."

The seven adventurers crept to the door, and with nary a creak, Magus opened it.

On the other side, Lavos was casting some sort of spell. There were blue lights, and as they watched, he created another imp.

"Are imps all he can create?" Lucca leaned farther around the corner. "Wow. He must be very weak."

She had spoken a bit too loud, and drew the attention of the weakened Lavos. The expression on what face he had was one of pure anger and hatred, and he immediately moved an arm, created a gate, and disappeared.

Magus was a split-second too late in reaching Lavos, and he tumbled onto the floor. Getting up, he looked around. The portal Lavos had created had disappeared, and there was no trace of where the evil incarnate had gone.


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