Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 10

Close Encounters

By CuteLucca

Roth and Sydney were almost dead. Gaspar and the other Gurus rushed around, casting healing spells, applying medicinal salves, and praying. After coming all this way, they had to live!! The future of the world depended on it!!

Lucca, Magus and Flea, who was feeling quite sorry for murdering the monarch, stood by and watched as Gord sat beside Sydney, talking to her to try to wake her up.

Finally, after a long wait, Sydney fluttered her eyelids and regained consciousness. Everyone cheered for joy, but Roth was still out.

Finally, there was no more that anyone could do for him. They simply stood by and waited, until suddenly he opened his eyes.

Knowing that he might only be alive for a few more minutes, Sydney rushed in to ask him about Karter.

"Karter, eh?" Roth coughed, "He's causing some trouble in 1001 AD. My prophecy came true about the King, eh? Heh, heh. Never run from fate."

Magus, Flea, Lucca and Gord came in then, and Roth smiled at them. "I sense great things in your future. You are people of destiny. Yes, you too, Gord. And my darling Sydney. You have the gift! You just don't know it yet. When it comes time..." Roth started coughing again.

"What gift, father?" Sydney clutched her father's hand and sobbed.

"The gift of power. It is in you." His voice was barely more than a whisper. "You all will face individual tests. Be prepared. Sadness will befall you, as well as times of great joy. You have my good wishes." Roth went limp, and Sydney held his hand to her face.

"Daddy..." she whispered.

* * * * *

They held Roth's funeral, but they were still under Karter's unnamed deadline, so it was short. Sydney and Gord buried the casket, and the others watched. Gaspar held the services.

Finally, when Roth was sent on his final journey and Sydney had gotten over the initial shock, they headed out to 1001 AD.

They emerged in Leene square, where the Millenial fair had been held the year before. Under the Nadia bell, named in celebration of princess Nadia (a.k.a. Marle), stood a tall man with a hooded cape. Talking to him was three people... Marle, Crono, and Lucca of 1001. Lucca of 1004 watched as the hooded man removed the hood and pulled a gun on Crono, Marle and Lucca of 1001.

"It's Karter!!" Magus ran out of the Epoch, and up to Karter.

The others left the Epoch as well, and confronted the evil alien.

Karter laughed. "Aah. You found me. I am impressed." He changed his aim to include the new arrivals.

"I see, now." Flea folded her arms and sneered at Karter. "You're plotting to dispose of us in the past so you won't have to deal with us in the future."

Karter bowed. "Absolutely correct, madam." He put the gun back into his belt. "And to salute your amazing deductive skills, I will not carry out that plan. You see, I am a man of honor."

"Who ever said you were a man?" Flea scoffed.

Gord, who was just watching, was amazed by the evil alien. He drew his massive scimitar out of the sheath on his back and ran at Karter, swinging the blade.

It went right through him.

Gord dropped the sword, and stood paralyzed in amazement.

"Nyeh, heh, heh. Your feeble weapons cannot hurt me. Nor can your wimpy magic. There is only one thing that can. And I'm not about to tell you what it is!!" In a poof of smoke and his telltale flash, Karter disappeared.

"Now what?" Sydney sighed.

"Back to 12,004 BC." Magus turned, and they all marched back onto the Epoch, leaving a very stunned Crono, Marle and Lucca of 1001 to their own conclusions.


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