Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 11

The Mallet of Thunder

By CuteLucca

"Ponder, ponder. I hate pondering!!" Flea yelled.

"Well, we haven't much choice. We have to ponder to figure out what we can use to at least touch Karter!!" Lucca sighed.

They all sat around a large table, consulting with the Guru of life, Melchior. He was silent, searching through his encyclopedia of weapons. He had been doing such for hours. The others were lounged about, waiting.

Finally, in a cloud of dust, he slammed the book closed. "I think I have it!!" Everyone crowded around to see. He held up a diagram. "This is the mallet of thunder. It was used by a warrior from 65,000,020 BC to kill ghosts. I imagine it would be perfect to kill your alien friend, who you say lacks substance."

"Yes!! It should be perfect!!" Lucca jumped up and pounded the table. "Come on!! We've gotta hurry!!"

And so, they went to 65,000,020 BC.

* * * * *

They emerged in a land of turmoil. The place was overrun with reptites, the lizardlike creatures battling with the humans for superiority. They thought that the humans won, but apparently, the reptites made a comeback.

They swiftly left the area, and the Epoch touched down in a clearing. In this clearing were two obelisks.

"I wonder what those are." Flea walked over to them, and read the inscription on the first. "Here lie chiefs of Ioka village, Ayla and Kino. They die to Reptite treachery." Flea looked at the others. "She's dead? Ayla?"

Magus read the inscription on the second obelisk. "Here is where last of Iokas are buried. They die to Reptites. I, Krono, last one." Magus looked confused. “Who’s Krono?”

Lucca shrugged. "Obviously, the Reptites become extinct at some point; the humans rule later." She left a flower by the obelisks. "But maybe we can save Ayla and Kino from 'Reptite treachery' when we're done with Karter."

"What you doing with stones?!" A voice yelled from behind them.

They all turned around. A young caveman stood there, with blond hair and blue eyes. He waved a stone mallet at them. "I say what you doing!!"

"Who's that? He's pretty cute..." Sydney said. Gord unsheathed his scimitar.

"It’s probably that Krono guy." Lucca walked over to him. "Hello. My name is Lucca. You're Krono, aren't you?"

He took a step back and warily eyed them. "Yes, I Krono. Who you?"

"I'm Lucca, this is Flea, and Magus, and Sydney, and Gord." She gestured around to the others.

"Big Gord man put down sword or else." He scowled.

Gord slid the scimitar back into the scabbard. "Sorry, pal."

"Now tell Krono what you doing here. All humans dead cept' me."

Magus endeavored to explain. "We're here to find the mallet of thunder. Do you know where it is?"

Krono held his mallet up. "This mallet of thunder. You want?"

"Yes!! Yes!! Gimme the mallet!" Sydney grabbed for the mallet, but Krono kept it just out of her reach, being taller.

"I not give you mallet for nothing, you know. My mother and father tell me about you. They say you can travel through time. I give mallet if you go back time and bring back Ayla and Kino and other Iokas."

"Ayla and Kino are your parents? Well, if we promise to do it after we finish this quest, will you let us borrow the mallet?" Lucca held out her hands, expecting them to be filled with the mallet.

In reply to her suggestion, Krono slung the mallet back over his shoulder and sauntered, whistling, back into the woods.

Lucca, flustered, turned to Sydney. "Use that fear thing you do."

"But, it affects everyone!" Sydney protested.

"Yeah," Lucca pointed at her, "Everyone except you."

Sydney lit up. "Yeah!!" Then, everyone was cringing in the grass from fear, and Sydney ran over to Krono, who was curled up, staring wide-eyed at her. She plucked the mallet from his grasp, and returned to her friends.

After being released from the petrifying fear, everyone ran, panting, back to the Epoch.

Krono watched, as the strange ship disappeared in a flash of light, with his mallet inside. He was very angry.

* * * * *

They reappeared in 12,004 BC to show the mallet to Melchior. He laughed for joy, and played around for a while, crushing bugs and imaginary opponents. Finally, assuming his dignified air again, he returned the mallet to them.

"You know, that Krono fellow won't be all too happy to see you if you return to his time." he said.

"I know." Sydney sighed. "And he was cute, too!" Gord growled from his seat behind her. "Oh, be quiet, you big buffoon!" She whapped him, and he grudgingly turned the other way.

"So, Melchior, is that it? Can we go kill Karter now?" Magus asked, impatient.

Melchior grunted. Well, you'd be able to make him feel your blows, but to kill him would be like attacking a tank with a toothpick. You need to power it up. Perhaps with some help from the spirit world..."


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