Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 2

He Ain't Dead!!

By CuteLucca

They arrived at a hole in the ground about three hours later. Flea got on her hands and knees, and peered down the hole. "Magus is in there!?!"

Toma nodded and shifted his weight, his hands behind his back. "Ya know, uhh..."


"Flea, you owe me now. Fer taking you here and all..."

She looked at him and laughed. "Yes, I suppose I do." She stood up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. "Happy now?'"

Toma jumped into the air and clicked his heels. "Yahooo! I was kissed by a guh-rl, I was kissed by a guh-rl..." He ran back down the path they walked up on.

Now that that distraction was gone, Flea turned her attention to the hole. "Magus!!" She yelled. "Magus?" A distant reply echoed up the hole. "Just a minute."

Shortly, the familiar blue hair poked out of the hole. "Flea!!" Magus jumped out and embraced his friend. "Flea, my boy!! How I've missed you!!"

Flea pushed him away. "Listen, Magus, I'm not really a-" She was stopped when a green- haired man emerged out of the same hole. "Glenn!?" She yelled, disgusted.

Magus stopped her from attacking Glenn. "Flea, it's okay! Glenn and I are good friends now!"

"You and the frog are friends? And I thought I had seen everything." Annoyed, Flea shook Glenn's hand, then scowled. "Why aren't you a frog anymore?"

"My oh my, Flea. ‘Tis wonderful to see thy scowling eyes again. But in answer to thy question, Magus changed me back." Glenn grinned.

Flea glanced back and forth between the two of them. "Magus, why are you being so nice? What happened to my evil old pal?"

Magus shrugged. "I'm still grim and quite powerful, but I've finally learned the value of having a friend or two." He took Flea aside, and Glenn went back down the hole.

"Why were you in a hole?" Flea asked.

"It's where Glenn lives. I was visiting."


"So, why are you here?" Magus asked.

"Oh, yeah. Ozzie, Slash, and I were attempting to contact you. Why didn't you visit?" Magus started to answer. "Don't interrupt! Anyway, Slash ate part of the potion and we ended up with a guy named Dalton instead. He almost killed me, and Slash and Ozzie are still with him. They're probably scared stiff."

Magus was pale. Flea asked him what was wrong. "Dalton? You're sure it was Dalton?" She nodded. "Uh, oh." He turned and yelled down the hole. "Glenn! Get your stuff!" He was quiet until Glenn came back up the tunnel.

"All set, Magus. What's wrong?" Glenn shifted the Masamune in it's scabbard so it rested comfortably against his side, and handed Magus his scythe.

"Remember Dalton?" Magus hissed.

"That idiot who stole the Epoch, locked us up in that big Blackbird airship, and got sucked into his own portal?"

"Yup. That's the one. He's alive. He's here."

"What!?!" Glenn yelled. He turned to Flea. "Thou'rt sure?"

Flea nodded her head. "Yes, it was Dalton. He's at Ozzie's fort right now. He's powerful."

Glenn sighed. "And here I was, thinking I could have a nice uneventful vacation from adventures for a few years!! Hey, Flea, do you wish anything before we leave? A drink, some food, anything?”

Flea said no. They used one of her transportation spells to return to Ozzie's fort, where they could hear yelling inside. They opened the door, and peered in.

"Nothing. Phew. But just to be safe..." Glenn brandished the Masamune and let it lead him into the corridor. There was nothing in the first few chambers, but as they neared the last room where Dalton, Ozzie and Slash were, there were strange lights and disturbing screams. They pushed open the last door, and gasped at the sight before them.

Ozzie and Slash were groveling at the feet of one who could only be Dalton. Occasionally he would zap one of them with lightning, and laugh as they screamed in pain. Flea growled in anger as Dalton hurt her friends. She could take it no more. She burst into the room, with Magus and Glenn hot on her heels.

Ozzie and Slash glanced up. "Flea! Sir Magus!!" They breathed, grateful. Dalton whirled around, surprised to see Flea, whom he thought he had just killed. When he saw Magus and Glenn, though, the anger on his face was replaced by a smug smile. "Aah, I remember you. Greetings, magician." he said to Magus. "I must admit, though, the frog body suited *you* better, Glenn."

Glenn reddened in anger at the insult. Magus restrained him from leaping over to lop Dalton's head off.

Flea had been helping Ozzie and Slash, who were now able to stand up on their own and were running over to Magus. But Dalton stopped them. "Remember, boys. You gave me your souls when you chose choice number one." He was restraining them with only his thoughts. They struggled, but were no match for the hold Dalton had on them, and they soon gave up and were dragged back to Dalton's side. Flea had returned to Magus and Glenn, and the three were staring blankly at the evil Dalton.

"I thought you were dead." Magus said.

Dalton laughed. "Oh, I am!! This body is, anyway. Dalton drowned quite a long time ago!! You see, I'm only using Dalton as a vehicle to allow me to manipulate this world." He stroked his hair.

Glenn stood on guard. "Then who art thou?"

Dalton laughed hysterically, and before everyone's eyes, he began to decompose. His eyes sunk into his skull, and his hair became white and brittle, and fell out. His bloating body began to teem with maggots, and then the stench reached the onlookers. Flea turned away and retched, while Magus and Glenn gagged and coughed. Dalton then turned bluish-black, and his flesh began to disappear off of the bone. The cloud of flies devoured his eyes, and the bone began to show in patches. Then only the bloodstained skeleton was left, and then even that disintegrated into dust and blew away in the wind.

Where there was once Dalton, now stood the transparent visage of Lavos himself.

Magus gasped and stammered. "But...But... I I just... I..."

"Wrong." Lavos' haunting voice echoed throughout the room. "You only destroyed my physical form." He brought the dust that was Dalton back to him then, and before their eyes, reassembled him. "As long as my spirit is alive, you fools will never see the end of me!"

Glenn only stood and stared at Lavos. "He ain't dead. Lavos isn't dead! And how do you kill a spirit!!"


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