Things Left Undone Book 2, Chapter 5

The Hazards of Being Famous

By CuteLucca

Robo rolled over to the man who wanted some help. "Yes, sir? How may I be of service?" Robo asked.

"Yes. Can you show me how to properly weed this garden?" The man was hunched over a small herb garden, and Robo whirred for a moment, searching his memory banks for the information.

"Aah, here it is. You do know the species growing in your garden and their proper appearances, correct?"

"Yes, Robo."

"Well, just remove everything that isn't supposed to be there, roots and all."

"Thank you, sir." The man immediately hunched back over to weed his garden.

This is what Robo had been doing for a year now, helping the people rebuild their lives and doing various good deeds. He had become famous, and even almost godlike. And he was no stranger to threats, rabid fans, and psychopaths. Therefore, he wasn't surprised when the tall cloaked man leaped out of the crowd that day.

"You." The man said, with an immeasurable amount of loathing in his voice. "You destroyed my LIFE!!"

Robo went over to the man, to try to console him and help him talk out his anger. "Please, sir, tell me of your problem and I will attempt to fix it as best as I can."

The man hit Robo, and knocked him back several feet. "You think I would talk to the thing that ruined my life?" He reached into his cloak and pulled out a strange gun, the likes of which Robo had never seen before.

"Please, sir, I do not wish to become violent, but I will if provoked." Robo got back to his feet and leveled his laser on the psycho.

The psycho blasted Robo with the gun before he could react. It enveloped him, and he disappeared in a black hole. The psycho ripped off his cloak.

He was not human. His skin was black, and it shone in the sun. His hands were unusually large, and three-fingered, and his head was covered with coarse black hair. He was muscular, and his yellow eyes glinted with evil intelligence.

He laughed then, and disappeared in a blinding flash which blackened and melted everything in a fifty foot radius.

Many people died that day, their flesh melting and black, gasping for water to ease their burning throats. People curse the day they saw the alien, and swear to kill it if it ever returns.

* * * * *

Lavos' arm was extended, and the magic began to collect in his hand. It shot out, but right in its path appeared Robo. He took the brunt of the magical blast, and he shattered. Robo absorbed the spell that would have killed every last one of the people there.

Robo's brave coincidental sacrifice woke everyone up from their trances. They banded together to destroy Lavos for good. Lucca remained behind to retrieve Robo's parts, and Magus and Flea sat back to rest.

Crono, Marle, Glenn, and Ayla attacked.


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