Chrono Trigger: Things Left Undone Author's Notes

By CuteLucca

Many of the characters in this story belong to Square Soft and Chrono Trigger, so I hope I’m not violating some constitutional rule by borrowing them for a little bit. Anyway, with that pleasantry out of the way, I’ll provide a quick summary of the original Super Nintendo game and a breif introduction for the “Things Left Undone” trilogy. Your attention please!

It's 1000 AD, and in the kingdom of Guardia a celebration is taking place. It's the Millenial fair, and people have come from all over the world to attend the once-a thousand years festival. One of these people is young Crono, a teenager from the village of Truce.

At the festival, fate takes a turn when he literally runs into an attractive girl, who, after getting Crono's help finding her pendant, introduces herself as Marle and asks if she can walk around with him, being new to town. He agrees, and then fate takes another turn.

Crono and Marle go to the area where Lucca, a young inventor and Crono's best friend, is displaying her latest invention, the Telepod. It is supposed to teleport the subject from one place to another. But when Marle gets on the Telepod, her pendant reacts to the energy, and she is sucked into a blue swirling circle- a gate.

Crono volunteers to enter the gate in search of his new friend, and Lucca stays behind to figure out what went wrong. It turns out that Marle had been teleported to 600 AD, and Crono, after many adventures, finds that she was mistaken for the queen. A rescue mission takes place, and with the aid of a warrior named Frog, who was transformed into an amphibian by the evil Magus, they rescue the real queen and Marle. Also, they find out from Lucca that Marle is actually Princess Nadia, the daughter of King Guardia.

Returning to their own time, Crono is put on trial for kidnapping Princess Nadia. He is scheduled for execution by the chancellor, but after a daring escape, Marle, Crono, and Lucca enter a gate found in the forest to elude pursuing soldiers.

They emerge in 2300 AD, a land of destruction. The land was torn asunder by Lavos, an alien who had been living in the planet's core for millions of years, devouring it from the inside out. They decide that they must defeat this Lavos, for they cannot bear to think that the world ends that way. In this time period, they also find Robo, the robot shunned by his own kind for being friendly to humans. They assist a dome full of starving people, and meet Doan, the aging master of the Arris dome.

Through their adventures, they also meet Ayla, the incredibly strong cavewoman from 65,000,000 BC that helps Crono and the others on their quest. They also have the oppurtunity to let the magician Magus join the party, for although he is evil, he hates Lavos just as much as the others do.

They meet many other people who play prominant roles, including Queen Zeal, Magus's mother and loyal servant of Lavos, Schala, Magus's sister, who knows her mother is turning evil, but cannot do anything to stop her, Johnny, the robot from lab 32 in 2300 AD, who races against our heroes, The three gurus: Gaspar, the guru of Time, Melchior, the guru of Life, and Belthasar, the guru of Reason (Who gives them the Epoch time machine) provide advice and powerful weapons, Toma, the explorer, famous for his flakiness, Spekkio, the master of war, Taban and Lara, Lucca's parents, and Kino, the caveman that helps them in their prehistoric adventures. These are only a few of the many characters met in the original game.

Finally, in a showdown that spans both time and space, our heroes battle the evil Lavos core, finally beating him...

I hope that the previous summary helps to clear any confusion. But for the full effect of this powerful role playing game, I reccomend playing it yourself.

The stories have Magus in the party, although he is not neccesary in the game. Also, some characters that may have been killed in the game exist here, because they only dissapeared in the game. Proof of their demise is not given. In writing this book, I followed events in the game as closely as possible, but if they don't seem to correspond quite right or if minor facts from the game are ignored, it is only to enhance the story. I must praise the game's storytellers for wrapping it up extremely well.

Also, to provide optimum reading enjoyment, keep track of dates in the story. It can get quite confusing if you don't know what time period you're in!!

The original game takes place in 65,000,000 BC, 12,000 BC, 600 AD,1000 AD, 1999 AD, 2300 AD, and the End of time, or infinity. The first book takes place three years later in each of these times. (ex. 603, 1003, 2303) The second and third books take place one year after the first book. (ex. 604, 1004, 2304). I hope that clears up any other confusion.

Well. Now that you've read all this informative mumbo-jumbo, I'm sure you want to get right to reading the actual story, unless I confused you too much... Heh, heh. Enjoy!!


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