A New Threat Part 1

By Dark Magus

He sat there in the end of time quietly, his only company a war master named Spekkio. He was in deep thought when a particularly annoying voice broke his concentration.

"Hey there old man. How’s it going? You’ll be happy to now that I have found myself wrong. There are six elements of magic, not four. The other two were so scarcely used that I never knew they existed until now!"

"That’s good Spekkio." Gaspar said after a pause, "Crono and his friends are going to need them with what I have just seen. So what are these two new elements?" The old man asked.

"Well, the new elements have to do with weather and plants. Guess what they are." Spekkio challenged.

"Spekkio, I’ll give you a hint on the news I just saw. It has to do with a porcupine-like monster." Gaspar spat back.

"OK, OK. No need to get angry. It just gets kind of boring sitting up here for eternity. The new elements are…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the vast emptiness lit up with a flash, and then died back down to oblivion. The three shapes of Crono, Marle, and Lucca came into view from the steps at the left of the two. Gaspar and Spekkio started to tell the three each of their news at once.

"I have found…"

"A new threat…"

"They are…"

"A whole race…"

"Bring some new…"


At the mention of Lavos, everybody fell silent.

"That’s better!" exclaimed Gaspar. "We are all in danger. When you destroyed Lavos in the Dark Ages, it was only one of a whole race. There is another creature just like him still alive. His name would be Lavam. He is much more powerful than the first Lavos. You must destroy him, or else…"

Spekkio spoke, "Is it my turn yet? Good. I think it would be a good time to announce that I have found two more elements of magic that I never knew about before. They might help you on your journey. The element of wind, one that I sadly overlooked, is a very powerful element. It can bring forth tornadoes and high wind. I just need someone to give it to. The other element is that of earth. Its power can cause earthquakes, grow plants, and command all plant life. It is a powerful element indeed. If you can find me some trustworthy people, I can give the power to them."

Crono spoke, "I guess it’s up to us to defeat this Lavam thing. Let’s go get Frog, Robo, Magus, and Ayla. We will not let you down." Crono, Marle, and Lucca leapt off of the steps and landed in the Epoch.  Marle reached over and set the dial to 600 AD.

"Full speed ahead," cried Crono. The epoch shuddered and passed through the fabrics of time itself.

"I hope they know what their doing," said Gaspar. "If they don’t, then the world will meet a sad, horrible end…"




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