A New Threat Part 2

The Battle Of Trust (1)

By Dark Magus

Frog watched the night sky. The stars sparkled so brightly tonight he thought to himself. Then he remembered the stars and how they had looked when he had been atop the Black Omen. He shuddered at the thought. He looked back up at the stars the way they were now. The sky lit up. A ship that he recognized all too well emerged out of nothing right before his eyes. The ship landed. Three figures stumbled out of the ship on the all too short ramp. The first of the figures waved to him. He knew by the looks of it that it was Crono. He could also tell that the others were definitely Marle and Lucca.

"Hey Frog!" Crono shouted to him.

"Hello Crono," Frog answered back.

"Frog, I am afraid to say this, but we have some bad news," spoke Lucca.

"Lucca, will you let me do the talking?" Crono asked, annoyed.

"I guess," She sunk back.

Crono started to tell the story, "Lavam… Spekkio… new magic…" Frog turned gradually white.

"…destroy the world if we don’t stop it." By now Frog was pure white.

"Hey Frog, if you got any whiter, you’d be an albino!" Marle joked. Embarrassed, Frog turned quickly from his shade of white to a greenish-red.

"It is just that…" Frog defended, "that.. that…"

"OK." Lucca joined in, "We believe you."

"What?" Frog was confused now.

"We know that you must be scared to death right now." Crono filled in.

"Tis not that, but it is that Queen Leene is missing again. I have been appointed head of the search." Frog said.

"Oh great, at this rate I won’t exist by morning." Marle dreaded that deep cold place of nothingness.

"Then I guess we’ll have to help you find her." Crono said, afraid of losing Marle again.

"We will start searching at dawn." Frog informed them. The four sat around a campfire that had been made in the forest. Crono sitting very close to Marle, knowing it may well be the last night they spend together.

"So what do we do when or if we find Queen Leene?" Frog asked.

"We will then go and find Magus, Robo, and Ayla." Crono informed him.

A voice from the trees said, "You have already found the first of the three." It was Magus.

Frog jumped up and drew his sword, "MAGUS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

"I uh, saw the bright flash and came to see what it was." Defended Magus.

"That’s not good enough," challenged Frog, "Why were you spying on us?!"

"Stop fighting!" Crono jumped between them. "We are all on one team, remember?"

"Crono’s right." Added Marle. "We will never find Leene at this rate."

"You are right." Frog withdrew his sword. "My duty is to Leene, not my personal vengeance."

"So Queen Leene is missing, huh?" Magus asked.

"Yes, and it is my duty to find her," Frog said.

"OK then, I will help you on your search in the morning." Magus offered.

"You will?" Frog was surprised.

"Yes. Why is that so hard to believe?" Magus asked.

"It’s just that, you kidnapped her once." Frog said.

"I have changed since the Lavos incident." Magus said, "I am a new person."

"Then it’s settled," Crono joined in. "You will help us search in the morning."

The five of them settled down and tried to get some sleep. When they awoke the Epoch was no longer there and Magus was missing also.

Frog was angry, "Why I knew we should have never trusted that low down, good for nothing mystic!" The others had nothing to say in Magus’s defense….




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