A New Threat Part 3

The Battle Of Trust (2)

By Dark Magus

The three were still in shock from Magus’s betrayal. How could he have left them trying to fight Lavam, but with no time machine? Frog was probably the most angry of all.

"We should have killed him when we had the chance!" Frog exclaimed.

"Don’t say that!" Marle cried out. "Without him we could have never gotten Crono back."

"Perhaps you are right." Frog gave in, "Perhaps he HAS changed."

"No matter what Magus did. We have to find Leene." Crono reminded them.

"Let us start looking." Frog said.

The three did just as Frog said. They searched everywhere, the chapel, the towns, the mountains, everywhere. They found no trace of Queen Leene.

"It can’t be true, but it’s the only other option." Frog cried as he gave up, "Leene must be dead!" A tear formed on Frog’s cheek.

"She can’t be dead." Marle remarked. "Or else I wouldn’t be here."

"She’s right." Lucca said. "If Nadia…"


"Sorry. If Marle is one of Leene’s descendants, then Marle would simply cease to exist."

"I guess you are right." Frog said. "We must not give up hope."

"Hey Frog," Crono remembered, "Is it possible she could be on another continent?"

"It is possible. Let us look into it."

The four of them entered the magic cave, a tunnel that led to another continent. They fought many monsters along the trip. The place was just crawling with them. With the help of their magic, the four of them made it through unharmed. They emerged at the front of Magus’s castle.

"Is it possible," Frog wondered, "That Magus could have kidnapped her and then showed up just to throw us off."

The four made their way through the all too familiar castle. They battled vamps, goblins, and other monsters. They ended up in the same place that they had originally battled Magus. They were surprised to find that Magus wasn’t there. They left the castle, dumbfounded.

"Where could she be?" asked Crono.

"I have no idea," remarked Lucca.

"I do," said Marle. They all stared at her in confusion.

"Follow me," she cried. They all followed Marle back through the magic cave. They ended up back where they started.

"Now where?" asked Frog.

"Now we search the forest," said Marle.

"The forest?" the rest of them asked in unison.

"Yes, the forest," Marle stated again. "If she’s anything like me she’ll be in the forest. I always used to go there when I was sick of the royal life." They checked the forest. They walked past the place where Frog had set up a temporary home. They walked past the spot and into the brush. They were surprised to find the Epoch in a clearing.

"How did it get here?" Crono asked.

"No doubt Magus," remarked Frog.

They set out to reclaim the Epoch. Before they could get there they heard a voice that they had never heard before saying, "NO DON’T" They spun around and found a rough man, wearing the skin of a native animal around his lower half. The skin was held up by a strap that went over the man’s shoulder, which was holding in it two bone daggers. The man was wearing a bandanna that was holding back hair that badly needed a comb. They were surprised to find him.

"There is a trap there that I set up for animals. No need for you to get hurt by it." The strange man walked over to a meter in front of Crono and pointed out a skillfully made trap. "My name is Amox I live in this forest. I admit that I was the one who took your ship. You see, I found this girl in the forest, she was hurt badly so I used some of the local plants to stop the swelling. She needed to get home quickly though, so I took your ship."

"Let me see the girl," Frog said.

"This way," Amox replied. Amox led them to a crude hut in the heart of the forest. He showed them the girl. It was Queen Leene all right. Amox remarked something about more plants and headed out of the hut.

A voice filtered in, "Ah ha! There you are!" It was the voice of Magus. The four rushed out just in time to see Magus draw his scythe.

"STOP MAGUS!" Frog yelled. "This man saved Leene’s life and stole the Epoch to get her home." Magus put his scythe back.

"Now let’s just get Leene home and return to our mission." Crono said.

"Mission?" Amox asked.

"We’ll tell you later." Crono said back. Frog carried Leene to the Epoch. He and Crono boarded and took off. Magus then explained their mission to Amox, "Destroyed Lavos… Lavam… Gaspar and Spekkio… Ayla and Robo… must succeed." By the time he was done Crono and Frog returned.

Crono spoke, "We have to get on with the mission. Let’s all go back to the end of time and report in to Gaspar."

Lucca handed Frog the gate key. Crono, Lucca, and Marle headed for the Epoch while Magus and Frog headed the other way to the nearest gate. The Epoch took off and disappeared. Amox had heard the story and decided to follow Magus and Frog. Magus and Frog headed to the mountains on the northern continent. Amox followed unnoticed behind. Frog and Magus approached the gate in the heart of the mountains and Frog opened it. Amox watched as Magus and Frog stepped in. Just as the gate began to close Amox took a leap and landed inside the gate.

He found himself surrounded by pillars of light. He headed for a staircase and walked down. He saw Crono, Lucca, Marle, Magus, and Frog sitting in a circle around an old man.

The old man spoke, "Hello. Who’s this?"




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