A New Threat Part 4

The Battle Of Trust (3)

By Dark Magus

Amox stood there, realizing that he was caught.

"What is your name?" Gaspar repeated more clearly this time.

"I’m uh, Amox," he finally answered.

"OK then, where are you from?" Gaspar asked.

"I’m from the forest in 600 AD." Amox replied.

"But what are you doing here?" asked Gaspar.

"I… followed Magus and Frog. After I heard the story of what was happening, I wanted to help."

A new voice broke the silence, "Hey, is that a new voice I hear? Bring the kid in here." It was Spekkio.

"Just hold on Spekkio," Gaspar answered. "If you want to help you could have just told them so," Gaspar redirected to Amox.

"I didn’t think they’d let me." Amox answered.

Crono butted in, "Gaspar, he’s already here and he wants to help. Let’s let him."

Gaspar gave in, "OK, I guess he CAN help you, but first, let’s see what Spekkio can do for him."

Gaspar showed him the direction of Spekkio’s room. Amox walked in accompanied by Crono.

"Hey, this is the newcomer. Pleased to meet you." Spekkio held out his hand. Amox shook it and fell back, literally shocked. "He he, just having a little fun." Spekkio laughed out. "OK, is it Amox? Good. I will measure your inner character to see what magic to give you."  There was a pause and finally Spekkio said, "This guy’s a little sneaky. You’ll have to have him prove his ability to be trusted. Take him on your mission and bring him back. We’ll decide then what to give him."

Amox and Crono walked out of the room and were again greeted by Gaspar.

Gaspar spoke, "I heard what happened. Now you two, step in the Epoch and go find Ayla." Gaspar gave them his farewells.  Crono and Amox boarded the Epoch. Crono set the dial to 65,000,000 BC. Gaspar and the others watched as the ship disappeared.




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