A New Threat Part 12

The Forging

By Dark Magus

Magus stepped out of the Epoch to find himself once again in Medina Village circa 1000 AD. Schala stepped out with him and looked at the town. It was bigger than her time, by almost three times. She looked at where the mayor’s house once stood, but where forest stood now. That was good. The house where her daughter was injured deserved to be burnt to the ground. Schala looked back at Magus to find that he wasn’t there. She looked about 300 yards ahead of her to see Magus running full speed towards a house that was just visible on the horizon. Schala thought back, Janus never had much patience. Oh well. Schala teleported to the spot where Magus would be in about two seconds.

Magus came to an abrupt stop as Schala appeared before his eyes. He almost slammed right into her.

"You couldn’t wait one second for your dear old sister?!" Schala scolded.

"Um, sorry." Magus said, his face turning red for the first time in years.

"It’s all right, but where are we going?" Schala asked.

"We’re going to that house up in that clearing." Magus pointed, "That’s where Melchior lives."

Schala started out for the house, running at full speed. Magus realized the challenge and started running. It wasn’t long before his feet were no longer moving and he was flying just above the ground. He soared past Schala, and she realized that he was cheating. She took the challenge and tried out her magic. It had been years since she had used it, and she had forgotten that she COULD fly. It took her a couple of seconds, but before long, she was flying beside her brother. The race was close, but just as they were nearing Melchior’s house, Magus accelerated to his full speed and beat Schala by a hair.

The two were out of breath as they opened the door to Melchior’s house. Magus was surprised to see that Melchior was not standing at his desk making a new sword. Schala was still trying to figure out what the house looked like. Her eyes swept over the room. She was astounded at how modern the house was, then realized that it of course was modern, it was 1100 years in the future. She found many items, but no person. Magus walked down a staircase. Schala followed like a pet dog. Magus and Schala took in the sights of the next room. There was a big table, a desk, an old man at the desk, and a bookshelf. They walked over to the man.

"Hi Melchior." Greeted Magus.

"Hello Melchior, it’s me… Schala."

The man did not turn around. Magus spun him around, afraid that he might be dead. He wasn’t dead, because he was making a particularly annoying snoring sound. Magus shook him awake.

"Snort… gzzrk… Huh? Who what when where why how? Oh Hello… who are you again?" Melchior said, still groggy.

"Melchior, it’s me, Janus, Magus, whatever."

"Melchior, it’s so good to see you again. It’s me, Schala."

"SCHALA?!! JANUS?!! How did you get here?" The man screamed.

"Melchior," Magus said, "Calm down. Gaspar sent us."

"Gaspar?! You found him too?" said Melchior more excitedly than ever.

"Yes," Magus explained, "We met up with him in the end of time."

"That’s great," exclaimed Melchior, "How about…"

"He’s dead," Magus said regrettably.


"Look Melchior," Schala offered, "We came here for a reason. Magus and Crono and the others…"

"Wait a minute," Melchior interrupted, "You know Crono?"

"Yeah." Schala and Magus said simultaneously.

"That’s good. Continue."

Schala took up where she left off, "The team minus me, destroyed Lavos, but apparently, Lavos was one of a whole race. Now we have to fight one of them that they call Lavam. The point is, we gathered the five most powerful stones in all of time to make weapons that would stand a chance. We need you to make the weapons for us. Will you help?" Melchior nodded, "I can help you with that. It’s the least I can do for you two, after all you used to do for me in the kingdom of Zeal."

"All right!" exclaimed Magus. "Just get your tools and we’ll be off." Melchior went downstairs and came up with a rather large box. The three of them headed for the Epoch. Magus and Schala raced across the field again, Magus carrying Melchior and Schala carrying the tools to even out the score a little bit. It ended up that Magus won again, despite his heavier load. Schala shrugged and they headed for the Epoch, only to find it covered by mystics.

"Get off!" Magus shouted to the mystics. The mystics got quiet, turned to see him, and kept right on with what they were doing. Magus got tired of their games after about three more tries, and electrocuted the outside of the Epoch without damaging it. The imps screamed in pain and ran off.

"Wow," said Melchior in amazement. "Is this the wings of time?"

"Yeah." answered Schala. "Now let’s just get going."

The three of them climbed up the all too short ramp and sat in the cockpit. Melchior deposited his tools in the cargo hold. Magus set the dial for the end of time. He pushed a button and watched the sky grow dark blue. He saw the usual waves as they passed through time. Melchior just stared in wonder. Gaspar was carrying out his conversation about absolutely nothing with the gang when he was interrupted by a bright flash. "Good. They are back, now we can get started on the weapons."

Sure enough, three figures flooded up the stairs.

"Gaspar, is that you?" Melchior asked.

"No, it isn’t me, it’s me." Gaspar shot back. Melchior laughed, but the others grimaced at the lame joke.

Gaspar and Melchior caught up on the last years. Finally, they got to the end of their stories. "Guess I’d better get to work." Melchior said reluctantly. Melchior grabbed his box and unloaded his strange tools and his books on how to make this, how to make that, and rare minerals. "Seeing these minerals, I’m going to need one person who is good at all kinds of magic."

Magus and Schala were about to volunteer, but a voice from the other room spoke before they could open their mouths, "I’ll help!" it was Spekkio.

"OK," said Melchior, "Whoever you are, come out here." Spekkio came out of his room for the first time, well, ever. Melchior explained to him what he had to do. Spekkio listened carefully. The others started talking. Amox didn’t know why, but he missed Calsa. He dropped out of the conversations. He sat down to think. He had never felt this way before. He had run away from home too early in life. Suddenly he felt homesick too. He thought back to the last day he had spent at home.

Over two years ago.

He was walking through the kitchen late at night. He had snuck away in the middle of the night with his friends. He was trying not to make a sound. Then the lights flipped on and he saw his parents sitting there. He was doomed. "Amox, where were you. You had us worried sick!" his mother had said. "I was hangin with my friends, like any normal teen. You gotta give me some more freedom." He had shot back. "I don’t know who you think you are young man," his father scolded, "but while you are in this house you will obey MY rules." He, being as naïve as the kid he was, had decided that if he no longer lived in his house, he would no longer have any rules. He ran away to the forest. It ended up that he decided that if he had told his friends about his hiding place, they would turn him in. He had spent two years in isolation until he met Crono.

"I said Amox, here are your new daggers!" It was Crono’s voice. Amox snapped out of it. He accepted the daggers with gratitude. They were made of a kind of mixture of colors. They looked powerful indeed. He looked around, Crono had a Katana edged with the five of the rocks. Lucca had a normal gun, but it looked like it concentrated the powers of each rock together. Marle had a crossbow made out of all of them. He wasn’t sure how that one would work. Frog no longer had the masamune. He had a new sword that looked even more powerful. Robo’s arm was made of a mixture of the rocks. Ayla had a wooden club with spikes from each of the different rocks. Magus’s scythe had a blade about the same color as Amox’s daggers. It looked devastating. Schala’s whip had pieces of each rock tied to each of the many leather straps. And then, there was one more, Calsa’s gloves. Amox stared at them. That would mean that Calsa would be back for the fight. On the inside he was jumping.

"Now," said Gaspar, "Go retrieve Calsa from the early ages. After that come back here for instructions. You two," he pointed to Amox and Schala,

"Go get her."

The two of them headed for the Epoch and set the dial to 100 BC. Amox watched as the ship ripped through the fabric of time and the blue waves appeared.




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