A New Threat Part 13

The Final Battle (1)

By Dark Magus

Amox and Schala stepped out of the Epoch. They were in 100 BC. Amox looked up at the castle, which looked a lot like one that he remembered seeing in his time. It wasn’t Guardia Castle though. He was sure of that. Without saying a word, Schala ran up to the gates of the castle. She ran inside leaving Amox out in the field like an idiot. He too ran up to the castle and pushed through the gates. He yelled as he saw Schala round a corner, but he was stopped by a guard.

"Jist where do you think you’re goin sonny?"

"I’m with Schala." Amox hastily replied.

"She didn’t mention no visitors. Why don’t you just run back home."

As the guard was forcefully pushing Amox out the door, Schala rounded the corner, "HEY! If the boy says he’s with me, he’s with me!" she scolded.

"Sorry miss Schala," the guard said meekly, "It won’t happen again." Schala walked away with a stern look on her face. Amox followed. He followed Schala down a flight of stairs into what looked like a hospital room. His Calsa, or just Calsa, in a room with all of these sick people. Somehow that made him mad, until he saw her. Calsa had scars all over her beautiful face, right down her arms, and all over the place.

"Calsa, wake up, it’s me." Schala said.

Calsa blinked awake. When she saw her mother and Amox, she jolted out of bed. "Good. You guys are here. Now maybe they’ll let me out of this place." Calsa reached over to where her claws were on the nightstand, but Amox stopped her. He placed the new claws in her hands. Calsa was awe struck, "You got the stones I take it?"

"Yeah," replied Amox, "we got the stones."

The three of them strode out of the castle, passing by all too many protesting doctors. If Gaspar said she was OK, she was OK. They headed for the Epoch. The trio stepped on board. Amox set the dial for the end of time and started the time flux. Calsa watched as the somehow comforting lines of the time warp swept over her. Calsa found herself at the end of time. She followed her mother and Amox up the staircase. She was met by Gaspar, a new old man, and all of the others welcoming her back.

"Hello," said the new man, "I am Melchior. I used to work side-by-side your mother."

"Hi Melchior," she courteously replied back, "I am Calsa."

"Now," Gaspar interrupted, "It is time for you to face Lavam. It is a hard job, because he is different than the other Lavos. He has absorbed different DNA than Lavos, and he has different weaknesses. I do not know what they are, but pray that you will find them. This one is stronger than the other one, so you will need a full team. Crono, Marle, Lucca, take the Epoch to 12,000 BC. That is where Lavam is threatening. The rest of you, use the bucket three at a time or less. Good luck."

"But Gaspar," Crono butted in, "If he is in 12,000 BC, how come it doesn’t reflect it in the other times."

"Maybe," Gaspar offered, "You prevailed. Or maybe they just found their ground somewhere along the way, and you have been living in a world that HAD been threatened, and then recovered." With that, they were off. Off to meat maybe their last battle, or maybe the first in a long line of them.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca boarded the Epoch. Crono set the dial to 12,000 BC and started up the machine. They disappeared with a flash.

Amox, Calsa, and Ayla made for the bucket first. The remainder of them watched as the bucket swallowed them up. Magus, Schala, and Frog were next. They too disappeared through the bucket. Robo was the last, and with a step, was swallowed up by the bucket.


***12,000 BC

Crono, Marle, and Lucca stepped out of the Epoch. The world looked the way it should be. Nothing abnormal about it. To his left, Crono saw a gate, with Amox, Calsa, and Ayla stumbling out of it. The gate closed and expanded again. This time it spilled out Magus, Schala, and Frog. It closed and opened one more time, spewing out Robo.

The team of ten stared into the field. Everything looked well. The snow was in it’s usual place, same with the village of survivors. They looked at each other with confused faces. Then they felt it, the low rumble. The ground started shaking. It then moved on to vibrate so hard that the group fell on the ground. It was then when it happened. The ground popped open right in front of them. A creature emerged from it. A creature that looked much like Lavos, but much different.

The creature that stood before them was huge. It had the same big eye in the center of it’s head that Lavos had. It also had the same, porcupine-like shell of Lavos, but it somehow seemed so different. It seemed more majestic and deadly than the first. The team prepared for the biggest fight that they had ever had.

Crono took out his katanas; Marle drew her crossbow; Lucca removed her gun from its resting place; Frog unsheathed his ultimate sword; Robo’s hand slid into a special socket and was replaced by a laser, his other hand sprouted five different rocks at the knuckles. Ayla reached for her club; Magus drew his scythe; Amox took out his daggers; Schala uncoiled her whip; Calsa slipped on her claws. With a terrifying roar from the monster, the fight to end all fights began…




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