A New Threat Part 14

The Final Battle (2)

By Dark Magus

Lavam stared down at the pitiful creatures. There were only ten of them. How could they defeat him? He did sense strong magic powers in them though. They would put up a good fight, but then perish. He would have to fight them, but not here.

Amox looked at the huge creature. It was the scariest thing he had ever seen, but he knew he had to fight it. He noticed that the sky was blinking weird colors. The next thing he knew, he saw the lines of passing through time. Lavam had caught them in a time flux.

Crono, knowing what he was doing, took the first strike. He charged at the eye with his katanas outstretched. He jumped high up in the air and brought the swords down with a bright, multicolored flash. The monster screamed. It then counter attacked. Amox saw something crawling on its back. Before he knew it, needles shot out of the back and were brought down upon the team.

Calsa, Frog, and Marle got to work with their healing spells. With a couple of incantations, everybody was cured. Amox’s eyes flared red. He was beginning to hate the monster. He rose from the ground and hovered for a few seconds. A plant sprouted out of the ground. It grabbed Lavam’s eye. It squeezed. The monster let out a terrible scream. It once again formed needles. He shot them out and missed the team by a long shot. He was temporarily blinded.

Magus struck next. He began to hover off of the ground. A shadow formed around him from the depths of outer space. The dark matter expanded, hitting Lavam. He cried out again. Robo was quick in joining in. He stretched all of his circuits to the limit. He created a static bomb around Lavam’s head. It stayed for about five seconds, as long as Robo could hold it.

Lavam attacked. He sent out fireballs which were easily blocked by an ice wall from Marle. Crono then attacked. Lucca shot out a flame from her hand. Crono jumped and caught it on his sword. He came down upon the monster. It let out a horrible cry.

Lavam attacked again. He shot what looked like a fireball out of his back. It hit Calsa strait on. Calsa fell over, obviously dead, all the while Amox was screaming, "NO!! NO!!!" Amox attacked at Lavam, about to stab him in the eye with his daggers. Before he could even get there, Lavam shot a beam out that sent Amox flying. Amox fell to the ground, dead.

Seeing their new members die, the team planned an attack. All of them except for Ayla, Robo, and Schala hovered. They made a pentagon around Lavam’s one big eye. They all concentrated. They were about to attack, when a big fireball formed around Lavam’s head. It shot out at all of them. They all fell back. As they were dying, they concentrated one last time. They combined the elements of lightning, water, fire, and shadow into one attack. It hit Lavam hard. It was clear that the outer shell of Lavam was almost gone.

Robo got madder than ever before and charged at the monster. Before he could get there, he met the same fate as the others. Ayla beckoned to Schala. Schala understood.

Schala hovered above the ground. Ayla jumped to above Lavam. Schala shot out a blast to Ayla. She caught it on her foot and came down, kicking the monster in the head three times. With a cry, the monster’s head began to disintegrate. It made one final blast, a laser from the center of its eye, killing the remaining two.


The elder of the survivor’s village watched the field. A mammoth shell appeared. He ran over to check it out. He found ten corpses laying in the snow. Ten people that died to save their world. So he thought.  To the elder’s surprise, he heard a roar from the inside of the shell. He peered in a hole in the shell where he figured the head used to be. His face was hit by a fire ball.

"It’s still alive…" were his dying thoughts.

"I have waited for this day Lavam," said a new voice as the owner of it stepped up beside the elder's dead body, "I have felt you coming for months now. Now I may have my revenge!!!"




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