A New Threat Part 15

The Final Battle (3)

By Dark Magus

She looked down at the bodies. They looked stunningly familiar. She knew she had seen them somewhere before. They looked as though they had destroyed the shell of Lavam. Amazing. They might be useful in the fight against him.

She waved her hands, sending magic through her fingers. The eleven corpses began to move. The elder behind her got up and ran back to the village screaming.

The first of the group got up. She gasped. Schala??

"What happened…" Schala looked up and was also struck. "Zeal… Mother… is it you?"

"Yes Schala," Zeal said finally, "It’s me."

Magus stepped up beside Schala, still groggy. Then he realized who it was that his sister was talking to. "Mother?! What are you doing here?"

"Ah Janus. Look at you." Zeal said, "But let’s save the reunion for later. I have waited a long time for this, and I will get my revenge. After what Lavos did to me…" Zeal stopped in mid sentence. She walked into the hole in the shell. Magus and Schala followed. The others were still trying to figure out what happened. They saw that the head was destroyed and that they were still alive, or, alive again. They saw Schala slip inside the shell. They followed. All of them.

The team met up inside the shell. They figured out where the noise was coming from and headed in that direction. They stepped into a room and saw him, the real Lavam. From the inside, he looked much different than Lavos. He had four huge arms, a head that looked very alien, and was connected to the wall of the shell. It was Lavam. They prepared for the fight. The team drew their weapons, and Zeal drew from her cloak a nasty looking mace. They prepared to fight.

Lavam started out, setting the floor underneath them into white flames. A simple water shield from Frog mostly protected them, but they were still hurt. Zeal fixed that with a wave of her hand.

Schala rose directly above the group. With an incantation and a waving of her arms, the room filled with an amazing array of ALL of the elements of magic at once. Lavam was clearly hurt. He counter attacked. In the middle of his arms there formed a flame. He shot it out towards the group. They were hurt a little, but they went on.

Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, Magus, Amox, and Calsa all jumped into a circle. They all began to hover and copied Schala. They drove all of their magic together and shot it out. Being seven of them, they had more power. It hit the creature with a lot of force, driving it further into the wall. It was hurt bad. Two of its arms rose to the head and sprinkled some dust on it. The wounds healed. The other two shot out lightning in all directions. The group was hurt.

Marle and Frog closed their eyes and concentrated. They waved their arms and the group was healed. It was then that every one of them, side from Marle and Frog, attacked at once. They all drove their weapons into the healing arm of the monster. There was a bright flash and the arm was no longer there.

Ayla beckoned to Amox and Crono. Crono jumped on to her first. She threw him to the wall where he bounced off. Amox jumped into her arms and she threw him to the opposite wall. Crono took his sword and Amox took his daggers. They simultaneously attacked the reaming arms with slices. They were hurt, but not destroyed.

Lavam then attacked. He did the very attack that Schala and the rest of them had done. His stunning array of lights hit them with force. They would die again if someone didn’t do something soon. Robo spun around and around. His side opened up and shot out a healing beam. They were OK for now.

Amox began to hover. Out of the walls, rocks formed and pelted the monster. It’s arms were hurt bad. The three remaining arms formed a ball in between them. They shot it out at Amox and Calsa shrieked as it hit him in the chest and knocked him on the ground, once again dead. Calsa got mad.

She reached the farthest that she could go into her magic. The rest of the team could tell she was concentrating hard. From the ground, a wind started up, slow at first, but soon it became a raging typhoon. It hit Lavam with full force. His arms were dragged from the body into the wind. They disintegrated. The core was left there, armless, but still powerful. The eyes of the alien began to glow. A harmless looking dot formed at its feet. It quickly expanded and began to spew lava. Calsa used all of her power to form a protective barrier around the group. Some of it got through, wounding them.

Zeal waved her hands again and healed the group. She knew that the monster would strike again. Marle hovered above the ground and raised her hands. A healing light formed around Amox’s body. He got up with a determined look on his face.

Crono lifted himself off of the ground. A couple of lines shot out from the ground, then there was a flash. An electrical surge formed around Lavam’s head. It hurt him.

Lavam didn’t counter, but instead concentrated. The team saw the outline of the arms again. Lucca realized what was happening and called forth a flare. Fire ravaged through. The outlines faded away and a cry could be heard by Lavam. The body disintegrated.

What the team saw amazed them. There was another part of Lavam. They saw a humanoid shape. It slowly stood up. Zeal noticed that the floor began to drop away. It its place stood a time flux. This was where Lavam was the most powerful.

Amox then saw the creature clearly for the first time. It had the wings of an eagle, the arms of an ape, the body of a serpent, the legs of an ogre, the feet of a reptite, the talons of a hawk, and the head of an alien. It called forth two creatures. They looked like the shell of Lavam. The team knew that this was going to be the hardest fight yet, and they drew their weapons slowly.

The alien attacked first. It called forth a star. The star hit them head on, leaving them half-dead. Zeal waved her hands once more and everybody was healed.

Schala signaled to all of the other magic users aside from Zeal. They formed a circle around the creatures. Schala called forth her combined magic attack, while the others combined theirs. They saw all of the elements of magic hit at once with full force. It clearly hurt all of the creatures. The main creature called forth a blast of fire. It hit the whole team.

Robo became restless. He called forth the static bubble once again. It formed around all of the creatures. It held for three seconds, damaging them to the final degree. They did not die though. The humanoid called forth the star again. It hit the group once more. Lucca fell over, unconscious. Marle and Frog combined their powers once more to heal the group. Lucca got back up with rage in her eyes.

Zeal was fed up with Lavam’s petty attacks. She reached down to the very basis of magic and pulled it to the real world. A blast hit the creatures with full force. The attack was unknown. Nobody had ever seen it before.

The creatures still wouldn’t die.

Magus, Amox, and Calsa grouped together. Magus called forth the black hole, while Amox opened up the bottomless pit. Calsa arranged for a funnel to suck the creatures down. The two side creatures fell into the hole, never to be seen again.

The main bit was mad. He raised his arms and summoned a volcano from the far reaches of time to erupt. The eruption passed through the time flux onto the group. Amox remembered it as the attack he had done earlier in the adventure. As the lava rained down on his somewhat shielded body, Amox had an idea.

Zeal once again healed the group with her magic. Lucca noticed that Amox was concentrating very hard. The team felt a rumble through the time flux. They realized that Amox was screaming from his great effort. A hole to the time of the greatest volcano formed behind Lavam. The volcano erupted once more, raining down on Lavam. There was a terrifying roar. Lavam was hurt.

Lucca hastily added on to the attack, calling a flare. With the influence of the lava, the flare turned white hot. It hit Lavam with full force. As the flare was about to die down, Marle called an ultimate ice attack. Lavam went from burning to freezing, while Frog flooded the area. The ice melted, leaving Lavam in a pool of water. Crono immediately caught on and called on a lightning storm. The bolts hit the water, which amplified it, shocking Lavam. Robo added to the shock with his own. Lavam was hurting bad. Magus caught on and called forth the dark matter, its eternal darkness and cold piercing at Lavam. Calsa realized what the team was doing and created a typhoon. It hit the monster with full force as Schala called on the power of all magic. They elements hit him simultaneously. Zeal added to it, opening the gates to the realm itself, where all magic originated. The full force of all the power in the world hit Lavam. He was almost dead. Ayla added on with a triple kick to his skull, and the rest of them attacked once more. All of their strongest magic attacks they called forth at once, hitting Lavam with the power that he had created. The realm opened up once more and Ayla kicked him into it. The gates shut, leaving Lavam to be trapped in the great torture of the realm for an eternity. The monster was beaten.

Calsa jumped into the arms of Amox, who swung him around. It was clear that something was going on between them.

The time flux ended and the team walked out of the body of Lavam. Nobody knew it, but they were the worlds saviors, once again. They needed no party, the reward was great enough. They had saved a world from certain doom, once again…




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