A New Threat Part 7

Precious Memories

By Dark Magus

Lucca stepped out of the Epoch and looked around. She was at the Proto Dome. Amox and Calsa dragged themselves out behind her.

Amox stared in wonder, "Where are we? I mean, when are we?"

"We are in 2300 AD at the Proto Dome." Lucca explained. "We have to go get my friend Robo."

The three of them stepped up to the door. The dome looked much nicer intact than in ruins. Lucca knocked on the door. It slid open in front of them. Inside was a sight. There were numerous machines that were working along side the humans. Lucca tried to get over her amazement and look for Robo. She walked down the hall looking at the robots, and stumbling over more than one of them. She spotted one of the R series models, but it was a blue color. That wasn’t Robo. Lucca walked some more. She found herself at a computer console. She typed in "Robot Assignments" and pressed enter. She found a big list. She used the controls to scroll down through the assignments while Calsa and Amox stared in amazement. She finally found the robot, R66-Y. She looked at his assignment and found that he was in the Arris Dome.  Without talking she darted out of the room. The other two followed. She reached the Epoch and boarded. Amox and Calsa followed.

"Wait up!" Amox exclaimed. Lucca turned red at the realization of her rudeness. She started the machine and took it up into the air. She flew the ship over to the Arris Dome where she landed it. She stepped out of the machine and rushed to the door. It slid open for her. She rushed in and started looking for Robo. She found many R-type models, but they were all blue. She finally found the robot that looked the right color. She looked into its eyes. It was Robo all right.

"Hello Robo," she said politely.

"Hello stranger," he said back. Lucca stared at him funny. "I am pleased to meet you. My serial number is R66-Y. Who are you?"

"I’m Lucca, remember? The one you destroyed Lavos with?"

"I have no memory of the incident that you speak of. Hello Miss Lucca," he said.

"What’s going on?" Lucca asked. "Are you playing a joke on me?" A tear formed in Lucca’s eye.

"Please do not cry Miss Lucca." Robo tried to comfort her. Lucca ran out of the room sobbing.

Lucca ran. She was stopped by a person walking in the hallway. "Hey. Slow down missy. What’s wrong." Lucca explained what happened to the nice man.

The man said, "Oh yeah. I remember him. He persisted he had emotions. I didn’t know where he go the idea. We decided it would be best to wipe his memory."

"Is there any way we can get his memory back?" Lucca asked hopefully.

"It might be possible that the mother computer back at the factory where R66-Y was built hasn’t erased the files yet." The man offered.

"Thanks," Lucca said as she ran to get Amox and Calsa. When she walked into the room she found Amox and Calsa rubbing their hands down his smooth metal and asking him questions.

Lucca interrupted them, "I hate to break up your fun, but we have to go retrieve this robot’s memory."

"Bye Miss Lucca. Bye Mister Amox. Bye Miss Calsa." A mechanical voice shouted after them. The three of them ran for the Epoch. They boarded and took off. Lucca flew the machine to the island where she remembered the factory was on. She landed and stepped out.

Lucca walked in to the factory and came upon a consul. She was asked a question, "What is your name and serial number?" She typed in Prometheus as the name and R66-Y as the serial number. "Welcome Prometheus." The console said. A door opened.

The three of them stepped in the door. Lucca spotted a red line and shouted out, "Watch out!" It was too late. Amox stepped through it.

A voice called out from the intercoms, "Human intruders. Human intruders. Must be exterminated."

The room filled with robots, ranging from R-series to Prototypes. Lucca drew her wonder shot; Amox drew his bone daggers; Calsa slipped on her claw-gloves. The three prepared for battle. It was Calsa who struck first. She raised her hands and summoned a high wind. It did nothing but knock some of the smaller robots to the ground. Lucca then tried attacking. Her hand started on fire and she shot the flame in all directions. The robots kept coming. She took her gun and shot. It hit one of the bigger ones. The robot fell on the ground and disintegrated.

Amox tried next. He raised his hands. The ground started to shake. Out of nowhere a million stones came flying through the air and pelted the robots. The Earth attack destroyed the smaller droids and damaged the larger ones. Calsa attacked again. She took an offensive position and charged at the largest robot. She slashed him across the chest and pierced through his armor. Oil squirted everywhere. The robot fell down and blew up, destroying most of the robots around him.

Amox and Lucca planned their attack. They both hovered off of the ground as they concentrated on the attack. Lucca created a fire wall in front of the robots. Amox shook the ground and once again sent rocks flying towards the robots. The rock hit the fire and carried it with them. The rocks pelted the robots and left holes. The oil squirted out and the fire ignited it. With one big explosion all of the robots were destroyed.

The three of them ran ahead as fast as they could and found the mother computer, same as in the alternate future. Lucca stared at three familiar consoles. They lighted up and shot out beams. The beams connected and expanded. A figure formed between them. It was the mother brain.

"What? Humans? How did you make it this far? Oh well. I guess I’ll have to destroy you." The image said.

"We aren’t looking for a fight," Lucca explained, "We came to get my friend R66-Y’s memory back. It was mistakenly erased."

"That’s too bad. Memory erases are final for me. True I still hold Prometheus’s memory, but they are not coming back. Besides, you destroyed my infantry. You must be terminated." The mother brain shot a beam at Calsa. She fell back unconscious.

The other two got ready for battle. Amox attacked. Lucca shouted out, "Aim for the control boards!" Amox redirected his attack and side slashed the first screen. It blinked and blew up. Lucca shot her gun at the next screen, destroying it. Calsa gave a groan and got up. She armed herself.

Amox attacked again, this time with magic. He rose from the ground to the air. He spread his arms apart and the ground shook, so much that the last computer went blank. Now it was just the mother brain.

Calsa also attacked with magic. She hovered and called forth the wind. A tornado formed in the palm of her hands. She shot the tornado out at the mother brain and it grew. The mother brain was hurt, but still there.

Lucca took out her gun and shot at one of the projectors. The bottom half of the mother brain disappeared and only the head was left. Amox took one of his daggers and threw it. It hit the other projector, damaging it, but not destroying it. The figure of the mother brain faded and came back. She shot out a laser beam, hitting all of them and hurting them.

She said, "Here is your friends memory. I hope you use it well. The damaged console lit up again and replicated a chip in the replication box. It blinked and blew up, and the mother brain faded away, not destroyed, but never to be projected again.

Lucca ran to the replicating machine and grabbed the chip. She stuffed it in her pocket and ran out of the factory. When she reached the door she stepped outside and headed for the Epoch. The trio boarded and flew back to the Arris Dome. Lucca ran in and found the spot where Robo had been. He was still there. She switched him off.

Lucca began disassembling him. She took out the current memory chip and replaced it with the new one. She reassembled him and switched him on. The green eyes lit up and his head swiveled until he found Lucca.

"Good morning Lucca!" He exclaimed. "It is good to see you again. What is your reason for coming?" Robo asked. Lucca explained the story of Lavam to him.

"Ah." He said "I will come with you and help you destroy him. But first, who might they be?" he beckoned at Amox and Calsa.

"I’m Amox."

"And I’m Calsa"

"Pleased to meat you." Robo greeted. "Let us go."

The four of them ran to the Epoch. Lucca handed Robo the gate key, "I’ll meet you back at the end of time." Lucca, Amox, and Calsa boarded the Epoch while Robo ran for the nearest gate. The sky lit up and faded again. Robo came upon the Bangor Dome. The door slid open for him and he stepped inside. He raised the gate key and the sparkle expanded to a gate. He walked in. Robo emerged in the end of time. He walked through the pillars of light and found himself staring at his old friends.

Gaspar spoke, "Good. You are all here, now here is what you must do…"




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