The New Generation Part 11

Extinction (2)

By Dark Magus

Carcasses laid on the floor of the room than Nomi stared into. There were pools of blood all over. There was a death toll of around fifty in just that room. Scattered about the floor were robots of debugger model to proto-4's. They took no notice of the three, as they were piling into the door on the other end of the room.

Nomi rushed over. She turned around and saw Carr and Era following her. She motioned for them to fall back.

With a strange look on his face as if saying, "what the heck is she doing?" Carr ran out of the room, dragging Era by the arm.

Nomi remembered something, her braid was still sticking out of the armor! She would be recognized as human. She frantically tried to tuck it in, but couldn't. She realized that the only way to get in to the other room was to sacrifice. By the time she got her braid inside the armor, she would be identified as human and exterminated. She took a knife from a body laying beside her and with a clean cut chopped off the tail of hair. She then quickly turned around and vaporized it with her laser.

She noticed something. The constant bleeps were dying down. The robots were leaving without her. She quickly scrambled through the door. She was met by a room full of MORE robots and MORE dead bodies. She was sure if she could smell through the mask she would wish she wasn't able to. She analyzed the bodies. About 53 she thought. That was bad. There were only two hundred in the colony itself. That meant there were only about one hundred left.

Nomi noticed that the robots were piling into a panel on the wall that had been slid away. That is probably where the humans went. She quickly shoved through the crowd of robots. She jumped over tables and counters. She made it to the panel quickly and shoved herself in. It was completely black. She could see nothing. She hit a button on her bracelet and activated her infrared vision. Now she could see the heat coming off of the robots from the friction of gears inside.

The robots turned a corner, and Nomi did the same. She walked down the hallway for about twenty yards more. Then she found herself in a room that was well-lit. Here the robots stopped. She saw the main leader, a gladiator droid. He was looking around the room to see where the humans could have gone, or that's what it seemed like. She took this opportunity to strike.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on magic. She felt the surge of lightning radiate from her. It seeped out of her fingertips and it seemed almost every pore in her body. She then opened her eyes. Robots were going out of control. Lightning was still seeping through her skin. Then the magic stopped. She had used all of the energy available to her at the time. Robots all around her were falling over from the surge. Still more were coming. Then she switched attacks.

A chamber opened up in her armor. A spark was floating. At the contact of air it shot out in all directions. It shot through a line of robots coming from the door. It also shot out at the remaining robots. Then the attack stopped.

No more robots were coming through the doorway. All of the droids around her were dead. All but one.

The gladiator droid stood up with a start. It quickly replaced it's arm with a sword. On it's other arm a plasma cannon formed. The droid jumped at Nomi. She had no more magic. It sliced a cable on her armor. The laser cannons on her arms suddenly stopped glowing. The monster had destroyed her weapon. She had nothing to fight with. The droid once again raised the sword.

Nomi dodged as the gladiator brought the blade down. When the blade was down she acted quickly. She stuck the edge of the sword into the reactor core of the nearest robot and held it there. A surge of electricity bolted through the sword. It traveled up Nomi's armor. She screamed in pain as the electricity seeped through her armor and into her skin. The flow made it impossible for her to let go. Electricity continued to flow through her, burning her skin, shocking her to the point of near death.

Finally a surge blasted her away from the gladiator droid. She hit she wall with a hard thud and slid in to the wonderful painless unconscious world.


Carr ran into the room. He saw many robots on the floor. He did not find Nomi. Where was she? "She should have been back hours ago" he thought, "unless something happened… No Carr! Don think of that!"

Then Carr heard a cry from Era. "Carr! Get over here! I think I found her!"

Carr ran at full speed towards Era. When he looked down he was disappointed. It was not Nomi at all. It was a gladiator droid with SIMILAR armor. But not Nomi. Then he noticed the strange position of the droid. It had a sword stuck into the chest of a robot on the ground. The sword was blackened, except for two handprints. Carr examined the angle of the prints and turned. There lying on the floor was Nomi. He ran over to her. She was hurt he could tell, though he couldn't see through the armor.

Carr pressed a button on Nomi's belt. Her helmet slid away to reveal her face. The upper arm and leg pieces of armor slid into their spots. Then Carr looked again. Her face had burns all over it. She was bleeding in numerous spots. Her hair was chopped off up to the neck. She looked as if she was about to die.

Then Carr felt something go off inside of him. He leaned over and kissed Nomi soundly on the lips. He stayed in that position, knowing it might not come again.

"Uuuh…" came a grunt from Nomi.

"Nomi, can you hear me? It's Carr!"

Nomi's eyes flickered open. "Carr?" came the weakened cry.


"Uuuh…" Her eyes flickered shut again.

Carr was in shock. She was dying. What was he going to do? He closed his eyes. Still tears flooded out. He concentrated. Maybe he could freeze her in a block of ice till they could get help.

Meanwhile Era walked over to Nomi and took her pulse. He pulled his hand back suddenly. She was cold. He put his fingers back in place again and felt. No pulse. She was dead.

"Carr…" he muttered softly, "she's dead."

"Wha…?" asked Carr. Then something happened. He lost concentration on his magic. It flooded out of him and hit Nomi. It did not leave a mark though. Instead it was absorbed by her. A strange glow formed around Nomi.

Carr watched in amazement as the burns on Nomi's face disappeared. The blood was swept back into the wounds, then the wounds closed up. Nomi's chest started heaving up and down again. She was breathing! But how had he done it? How had he brought her back? Carr's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a feminine voice.


"What is it Nomi?" Carr asked as he knelt over her.

"I remember everything that happened until when I… um.. what happened anyway?"

"You died." Era answered her.

"Wha…? Oh my gosh! How am I alive now then?"

"My, um, magic went out of control and then somehow, you came back. Now what were you saying Nomi?" Carr asked.

"Oh yeah… I remember this…" Nomi wrapped her arms around Carr's neck and pulled him down, whereupon she kissed him soundly. After about a minute she let him go.

"Now, we have to find out how many died!" Nomi said with urgency. Carr was still in shock.

Nomi scanned the room. She tried to flip on the counter in her suit. She found nothing. Her suit was as dead as she was two minutes ago. Chances were it would not be reparable either. She slipped out of it. No use having bulky armor that doesn't work.

She walked over to a control console. It was dead too. That surge she had put out had destroyed everything.

She was about to run into the dark hallway, but something came out of it. There was a creature that was large and round. It was a shade of red and had no body. Its arms connected to where his ears should have been. It was about a foot taller than Nomi.

"All life begins and ends with Nu," it mumbled. "Life began, so long ago, and now it is ended."

"What?" Nomi asked confused. The creature turned to look at her.

"Life began millions of years ago," it said, "Life has existed for over 80 million years, and now it is gone. Magmos destroyed almost all of the life on this planet, then the robots came. They destroyed all but one colony who had kept themselves hidden in remote areas for ten years. Now all life has been exterminated from this planet."

"But what about us?" Nomi questioned, "and you?"

The Nu answered, "You are technically dead, as you were brought back by unnatural causes. As for those two, they do not belong here. They belong in another time period all together. As for me, I am an entity. Neither am I alive nor dead. My brothers are the same way. We exist in all of time, and yet we have no existence. I doubt that your human mind can understand it."

"Now, this world is no more, and time is also no more. The universe has been exterminated of all life, and therefore must perish."

Suddenly Nomi felt something. She felt a quake. She quickly ran for the hallway and motioned for the others to follow. She got to the hallway and found it was no more. She stared out of the hole into oblivion.

Nomi looked at the floor. It began to twist and turn and became distorted, like what you saw when traveling through time. Then it became clear again. Except the floor was no longer tile, it was cobblestone. The gladiator droid, where it had once stood, became a lamp post. The doorway to the black hallway suddenly became a door. A wall formed between the Nu and her. Then a door took shape out of nothing. The computer monitor morphed. It shrunk down. Then it became a bucket. Steps formed off to Nomi's right. It led down into nothingness. Nomi looked around at her surroundings. She was in the end of time, but where was Gaspar and the others?

Nomi quickly walked through the door. She was met by the Nu.

"What you have just witnessed was the destroying of time," the Nu said. "My name is Spekkio. I was once the master of war. Our world has ceased to exist. It has been replaced by this oblivion. Had you three been anywhere else you would have turned into oblivion with the rest of the universe. This destruction would have taken place no matter what, but it would not have happened this soon."

"Well I suppose that you would like to return to your friends and Gaspar and continue your quest. Gaspar should be arriving any second now, but I will transport you to the end of time that you are used to. Just walk out that door."

Nomi listened and walked out the door. She was met by Gaspar and the others.

"Hello," Gaspar said, "I know what you have just been through, but maybe you would like to tell it to the others…"

Nomi, Carr, and Era sat next to the others and began to tell of what they had just seen…




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