The New Generation Part 12

The Amulet (1)

By Dark Magus

“…And that is what happened.” Nomi finished.

“How again did you loose your armor?” Kaira asked.

“Well,” Nomi started again, “I was battling the gladiator droid that was there. I could not even harm him, and I know a thing or two about robots. I stuck his sword into the power cell of another robot. That killed him and short circuited my armor.”

“And killed you.” Carr piped in. Nomi shuddered.

“That is still hard to imagine. When I woke up…”

“When we revived you.” Carr corrected.

“Shut up Carr,” warned Nomi.

“Sorry.” He heard a couple of chuckles.

“When I WOKE UP I tried to use my armor and it didn’t work. Instead of having to carry it around, I decided to just leave it there.”

“And what’s with your hair?” asked Jase.

“That is another story,” she began, “I put my armor in battle mode as to blend in. That’s when I realized that my hair was still showing. I found a knife from a dead person right beside me and chopped it off. If I had waited to undo my armor and tuck it into the chest plate, I would have been discovered and killed.”

“Well…” Kaira started.

“LOOK,” shouted Nomi, “The point is that my world is destroyed because of Magmos! We have to go through time and undo this and save my world!”

“Nomi is right,” spoke up Era. I saw the world end. It ended in a single battle between robots and defenseless people. That is not how the world should end!”

“Then it is agreed that we all either stay with this team to the end or die?” asked Nomi.

“Yes,” replied Carr.

“Yes,” replied Kaira.

“Yes,” answered Era.

“Yes,” replied Jase.

They all put their hands in a circle and Nomi spoke. “This is the forming of the… what should we call our team?”

“You don’t need a name. You are a team and that is all there is to it.” Shouted Gaspar.

Nomi continued, “This is the forming of the legion to save the world! We all stay with each other or die.” They threw up their hands with a yell.

There was silence for a while. Now that they had a team, where did they go? Finally, Era piped in.

“I have been thinking, after we accomplish our task, where am I going to go?”

“What do you mean?” Jase asked.

“I mean, I am not a royal knight, though I may look to be one. I was promoted solely on the basis to kill Janus by the king. That is not possible now. I was to return with his amulet and be rewarded, or be banished from the land.”

“That is tough,” said Kaira, trying to think.

“Well…” Carr began, it sounded as if he had a plan.

“What?” asked Era in hope.

“You could always go steal it. The king would think he was dead, but he would not be.”

“But what about when he finds out?”

“By the time he finds out we will have completed this mission and will be able to explain to him personally.”

“Then let’s go!” shouted Era excitedly.

“Not so fast!” Gaspar shouted over the racket. “There are two things that need to be done. Nomi must get some new armor, but how she is to go about that I don’t know. And you need to steal the amulet. We must think of both before we make teams.”

“I have a solution to one of the problems.” Said a voice.

“Who was that?” Era said looking around.

“It was me, Spekkio. Nomi can retrieve her armor back.”

“How so?” asked Gaspar.”

“Easy, just send her and the two that were with her into this room.”

Nomi, Carr, and Era stepped into Spekkio’s room.

“Now, do you remember where it was that your armor was when the world ended? In order to get it back you must know that.”

Nomi thought. “It was by the computer console, but that turned into…” she snapped her fingers, “the bucket!”

“Close enough. In fact your armor was what formed into the door to this room. Remember it was me that destroyed this world. I can reverse the process.” Spekkio waved his arms and the door morphed. It’s natural wood appearance turned into a shiny black and red metal. It was Nomi’s armor.

“It is back,” Nomi started, “But it is still useless. It was not working when I took it off.”

“Nomi,” said Spekkio, “remember that you have electrical magic, lightning. Use it. It was electricity that shut this down, it is electricity that will restart it.”

Nomi walked over to the armor. She placed her hands on it and let a small jolt out. The armor immediately started blinking. Nomi placed the chest plate on over her head. She slipped her arms through the armholes. Then she put the boots on her calves. She picked up something that looked like a glove with a vacuum on it. It was her laser blaster. She picked up another one and slipped them on over her hands, connecting them to a power cord that ran from her armor.

Nomi walked out of the room.

“Now,” Era said, “I must go clear things up back home. Which means I must go steal the amulet. For the team, I think that I will take Jase and Carr. Jase because he will remind me not to kill Janus, and because I have come to trust Carr.” Era turned and headed up the stone staircase that led to the pillars of lights. He found the one that he remembered to be his time and stepped in. He saw white flash for a second and then he saw stone castle walls.

Era felt the wall. He had been in this room many times before and knew there was a passage outside. He stopped along the wall for a second longer and then pushed. A large section of the wall came out and he stepped into the night.

Era tried to remember which side of the castle he was on. Was it East or West? He took a stab and said east. Then he turned to the right. Era walked around the side of the castle. He eventually came to the steps. He stealthily walked along. Then he made an all out break for it at the base of the woods. When he was in the cover of the rich vegetation, he stopped.

Era then went on through the woods. He made his way to the southern continent. He crossed Zenan Bridge and kept following the path. By the time he got to the entrance of the magic cave, it was nearly dawn. The three of them slipped into the cave.

“So how are we going to go about getting this amulet?” asked Jase, “I hate to steal it from my ancestor.”

“We are just going to sneak into his room while he is sleeping and take it.” answered Era.

“Sounds good, let’s go,” said Carr.

Just then a couple of rats and bats came from around the corner.

“Please…” Carr said sarcastically.

Carr shot an arrow from his bow. It bounced off of the rat. “Wha…”

Era got the picture and motioned to Carr. They both hovered in the air. Carr hot an ice ball while Era shot a water ball. The two combined. Era and Carr chanted and the ice and water flew everywhere. The rats and bats were defeated.

They made it through the rest of the cave without any trouble.

When Era stepped out of the cave he was surprised to find that the sun was rising. He would have to wait all day. He looked down the all too familiar path that led to the castle. He slowly walked down it, with Jase and Carr close at hand. He saw the old mud puddle. There were two hardened footprints in the center.

He kept walking. Finally the three came to the door of the castle. It looked not as menacing in the day, but still was threatening.

Jase ran up to the door and slowly opened it. There was a little creaking sound. The trio walked in. They found themselves in the lobby. There was a big staircase right in front of them. Era was the first to walk up. He tried to remember where to go. Then he turned down the direction he had gone last time. The three were walking down the hallway when they heard footsteps.

“But you see Crain, if Janus says that we burn down a village, the village is burnt down. There is no denying that it will be hard doing it, Truce being my hometown and all, but Janus gave the orders,” said a feminine voice.

Era quickly hid in the shadows and motioned for the others to follow. He watched as the two walked by, that voice had sounded familiar. Two people walked by. The girl had long hair tied up in a ponytail. It was pure black, like that of his old friend Cadra’s. She had a black cape on that obscured the rest of her outfit. He carried a long staff with spear points on both ends and the rest of which Era could not see. In many ways the girl reminded him of Cadra. The boy, Crain, had red hair that was spiked up in all directions. He had a battler’s suit on that was nearly skin tight on top, and baggy at the bottom. He carried a huge axe.

Suddenly the girl stopped. “Do you hear that?”


“Breathing, coming from the corner.” The girl quickly turned around and thrust her spear in the direction of Era. He blocked it with his sword and stood up. He could not see the girl’s face. He arms were in the way. He noticed that Crain was coming up beside the girl. Crain wielded his axe high above his head and prepared to strike Era.

Jase, who was on the other side of the hall, came charging at Crain with his daggers. He stabbed them into Crain’s back. Crain dropped the axe and turned around. He had a look of shock on his freckled face.

The girl, suddenly aware of what was going on, dropped her staff and knelt at Crain’s side.

“CRAIN! What did they do to you?!”

“Cadra…” Era didn’t hear the rest. He was in shock. It was Cadra! His childhood friend that was abducted by Janus.

“YOU!” she turned to Jase. She got a strange glow in her eyes of darkness. A shadow formed around her hand.

Era sprang forward and grabbed her arm. “CADRA!”

She turned to him and began to chant.

“Don’t you recognize me? It’s me… ERA!”

With that the glow subsided.


“It’s me, your childhood friend. You were abducted by Janus while we were playing outside.”

“I.. I can’t believe it’s you! But please. Help me! Crain is dying. I have to help him. He is my only friend.”

“Ooo.” Era examined the wound. “It is deep. I don’t know if my healing is that strong. We have to get him back to Spekkio. He can do it.”

“Sprekkoi? Who is that? Oh well. Let’s go!”

Era motioned for Jase to grab one end of Crain. Carr quickly cast a spell to momentarily stop the bleeding.

The five mad their way out of the castle. They quickly hurried through the cave and up to the bridge. They crossed it. It was slow moving, but they did it. They made their way up to Guardia castle. Era motioned for them to go to one side. He set Crain down and felt a section of the wall. He pushed the stones. The doorway opened.

Era found the gate.

“Jase, let Cadra grab Crain’s legs.”

Jase let go and Cadra grabbed on. Era opened the gate.

“I will be back in a short time…” he called as he stepped through the gate.

Jase and Carr sat and waited. Era didn’t come back. They waited more.

Suddenly they heard guards coming down the hallway. Two of them stepped into the room, where they found Jase and Carr.

“Hey! Isn’t that Janus and his hench?”

“I think so.”

The guards cuffed Jase and Carr and brought them to the king.

“Well,” the King said, “You two come again. Where’s your little girly friend. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. It looks like Era didn’t exterminate you, so I will. Guards, throw them in prison and have them executed at dawn…”




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