The New Generation Part 13

The Amulet (2)

By Dark Magus

Era and Cadra stepped out of the gate, still carrying Scoar. They made their way down the cobblestone steps very quickly. They burst through the gate, to find Nomi and Kaira. Nomi now had a nice haircut of shoulder length brown hair. It looked pretty on her. Era took no time to notice though. He ran past the two and into Spekkio's room.

"Hey Era!" Kaira shouted. Era slammed the door behind him. "Where are Jase and Carr?" she asked, the question going unheard.

"Spekkio!" Era shouted. "This man has a very deep wound from Jase's daggers. It is too much for the little healing that both Carr and I know right now. Can you heal it?"

"Now just slow down Era. Who is this man that was hurt, who is she, and why is he hurt?"

Era explained the story of Cadra and his friendship earlier in life. Then he explained how they came across the two and the fight, and how they brought Scoar in."

"Well," said Spekkio, "I know this will sound bad, but I must measure his inner soul. If he has good in it at all I will save him, but if he is pure evil I will not put my power to work for him." Spekkio closed his eyes and Scoar started to glow. After a minute he spoke.

"Well, he is mostly evil, but he has some good. I will save him, but I will not give him magic. He could turn to full evil at any time. As for her…" he closed his eyes again. "This girl is half evil and half good. She was brought to evil against her will. She has the inner balance necessary for shadow."

Cadra's eyes turned black. They glowed with death. Then they subsided.

Spekkio explained to her, "You already knew shadow magic, but it was limited. I have opened it all up to you. Now I think that you guys should go out to see Gaspar."

Era, Cadra, and Scoar walked out of the room. There they were met by Gaspar.

"Ah, I see we have two new members on our team."

"Wait a second!" shouted Cadra. "What TEAM? I just came here because Scoar was wounded mortally. I never agreed to be on a TEAM!"

"I see," said Gaspar. He explained to the two what the mission of the team was. "…and that is what is the mission of the team is."

"Magmos…" Cadra said, "Isn't he the creature that Janus is trying to summon Scoar?"

"I think so," muttered Scoar.

"And you way that this creature is going to destroy the world in the future?" asked Cadra.

"He already has. It is the job of the team to go in time and stop him."

"I helped get the info for Janus to summon him…" trailed Cadra. "I will probably be directly responsible for his summoning."

"No, he summoned himself. You will be partly responsible for his summoning in 800 AD."

"Then I am going to go back to my time and stop his summoning. Then I quit the team."

"If Cadra is joining," said Scoar, "Then I will too. But I quit when she does."

"That is OK," said Gaspar, "Then on with what is going on. All of you need to get to 800 AD. Janus is about to summon Magmos. He was waiting for when his Henches were gone. That is why he sent them to attack truce. He thinks they are there. Go in groups of three through the gate. Carr and Jase are already there. The first group will consist of Kaira, Era, and Scoar. Then Kaira come back and get the other two."

Kaira, Era, and Scoar got up and headed for the pillars. They found the one that led them to 800 AD. They walked in and were absorbed into the white light.

In about a minute Kaira was back for Cadra and Nomi.

"Let's go," she shouted.

The three girls got up and walked through the indicated pillar. They saw white all around them.

When they arrived Era was the first to talk, "Kaira, Jase and Carr are not here. I left them sitting right there and now they are nowhere to be found."

"Then we have to find them!" shouted Kaira frantically. She had already lost Jase once. She ran out of the room towards the throne room.


Too late. Era took after her. The others, not knowing what was going on followed him. They found Kaira being restrained by guards.

"How many times will Janus and his Henches attack me in on day? I recognize this one," his eyes scanned the new arrivals, "and those two also." He pointed at Cadra and Scoar. Then his mouth dropped open, "Wha… Era?! You are with them? I send you on a mission and you join the enemy? GUARDS! Throw them in prison to be executed with the other two at dawn!"

Cadra stood there, something hit her on the back of the head. She blacked out.


Carr sat in his cell. He heard many footsteps outside. He looked out and saw something to his horror. There Kaira, Nomi, and Era, and two others were being led to other cells. "KAIRA! NOMI!"

They turned their heads and saw Carr.

"HEY! Shut up!" a guard went over to his cell and punched him out through the bars.

"You… you…" Kaira began. The guard punched her in the stomach she doubled over.


Cadra woke up, she was in a cell. So this was what following Janus had led her to. She was going to be put to death at dawn. The sun was already set. She didn't know what time it was, but it felt like late evening. Cadra shivered. There was a draft. Wait a second, she had no windows.

Cadra walked over to a wall. The draft was coming from a crack in the bricks. She pushed the bricks slightly and found they moved easily. She backed up. Then she took a running start and kicked the wall. A hole about two feet wide and three feet high was formed.

A guard heard the sound and came rushing over, "HEY! You get back here!" The guard opened up the doors to come after Cadra. He was too late. Cadra scrambled out of the hole. The guard ran up to the opening. He looked down. He could see no sign of Cadra.

Suddenly a hand from his side grabbed him. He was shoved from his perch into thin air. He was falling… falling… the ground got closer up…


Cadra heard a thump. It wasn't the first person she had killed, but how come she felt so bad about it this time. She found footholds and slowly worked her way down the building. She reached the bottom after a long climb and prepared to run away. Something tugged at her emotionally. She didn't know what, she wasn't used to emotions.

Cadra looked up at the sky. The sun was about to break. It was nearly dawn. She couldn't just leave her friends to die like that. But if she went it might mean her death. She thought about what to do. The sun broke the clouds. She quickly grabbed hold of the tower and started climbing. She made it up with surprising speed.

She reached the hole that she had made. She climbed back in. There she saw the door still open. She ran through it. She looked in the cell next to hers. The door was empty and the person inside was gone.

Cadra ran down the hall with incredible speed. She came to an intersection of four staircases. Which way did she go?

A yell was heard from one of the hallways. It sounded like Era.


Like he could wait, but the guards did. Cadra came running around the corner. She was met by the guards and Era in chains. She reached for the staff under her cape and found it wasn't there. She was weaponless. The guards drew swords.

As if on instinct, Cadra formed a shadow in her hands. She waited. 'If they can come closer I can hit them and not Era,' she thought. The guards advanced in unison and then… Cadra let the shadow fly. It engulfed both of them and missed Era by a hair. She ran to her friend.

"Era, which way is the execution room?" she asked while undoing his binds.

"I will lead you to it. Ah, thanks." he said as his chains were undone.

Era led Cadra through hallway after hallway. Finally they came upon a room. Era smashed open the door and led Cadra in. There they found a sight.

Nomi was set up on a guillotine. A guard was standing ready to pull the lever. Nomi was crying. Carr was the next in line. He started chanting.

As if in slow motion, the guard pulled the lever and the blade came down and down. And then it hit. It hit with a sick sound.

Then Era opened his eyes. The blade had hit… a block of ice.

Then everything was quick again. A fire formed around the first guard. Era looked at Jase. It was he who had done that. Rocks falling from the ceiling overtook the second guard. Kaira had done that.

Era and Cadra set to work to unbind the chains restricting the rest of them. In a couple of minutes they were all free.

"Come on!" shouted Cadra, "We have to go stop the real Janus!"

Era led the way for the others. They finally made their way to the throne room.

"HEY STOP!" shouted the king. "GUARDS!"

Kaira turned as she ran. She formed a wall of plants that was nearly impenetrable.

The team made their way to the Guardia forest. They ran through the thick trees until they were out on the other side. There they took a rest.

"So what is going on?" Carr asked. Nomi explained it to him. "…and by the way Carr, thanks for saving my life back there," she walked over and gave him a rewarding kiss.

"All worth it for that," he replied with a smile, "So I suppose we should get going."

The team set out for Janus's castle, not knowing whether they would see the light again…




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