The New Generation Part 8

Saving the Past

By Dark Magus

"I think I have some information that you might like to know," spoke Gaspar after countless hours of quietness, "There is a way to bring Jase back."

Kaira ran over to him, "What? How do we do it?"

"One of his ancestors was killed…"

"Gaspar," spoke Carr, "I think it might have been me. I killed a guy named Gaselta back in 60,000,000 BC. Then we came here and found that Jase disappeared."

"Carr," Gaspar reassured, "It is not your fault. His ancestor was killed in 800 AD. If you can go and stop that, you might be able to save him."

"Then let's go!" Kaira persuaded, "No sense in wasting time."

"You may go, but first let me fill you in on what to do. A young night, just promoted from the ranking of squire, is after Janus IV. He is on a mission for the king."

"But this sounds normal," Carr said, "If that was supposed to happen then Jase would have never existed in the first place."

"He was sent because of your break in to the castle at the beginning of the quest. The king got fed up with Janus because he thought that Jase was him."

"Then it was our fault…" Kaira said softly, then louder, "Let's go stop this young knight before he destroys Janus." The three of them assembled. They walked up to the pillars of light and stepped in one of them. They disappeared.


***800 AD

"So Era," the king went on, "It is your job to break into Janus's lair and slay him. You must do it stealthily, and do not tell anyone of your mission. You will be commended by me when you bring me his amulet. If you fail you will be banished from this castle. Is this clear?"

"Yes your highness. I will kill Janus and get the hero's medal, the greatest honor in the land. I will set out tomorrow." Era went to his quarters. The king wanted a knight that no one really knew yet. He chose him because he had just been promoted from a squire. This was his big chance to get a break…


Kaira walked out of the gate and found herself in a familiar castle. She knew she was an outlaw here, so she had better be careful. Carr and Nomi set out behind her. "Nomi," she said, "We are outlaws in this place. Make eye contact with no one. Just act like you belong here. Then walk by."

"I have a better idea," Nomi whispered. She shot out a laser at the wall. She followed it along the line of the bricks. She cut a hole about three feet high and two feet wide. It was along the most remote wall of the room. They would probably not find it for quite some time.

The three of them walked out. They were met by the hot sun of the day. No matter, they charged on and on. Then Kaira realized the fatal flaw in her plan, "Guys, where are we going to find Janus's lair? We have no idea where to look."

"Oh yes we do!" Carr shouted, "It is an island that can be reached only by a cave. Now as for the cave, that is a problem. It can only be opened by a magical sword made of something called… dreamrock? Yeah, that sounds right. It is called the Massmun I think."

"Actually," Nomi said after he was done, "It is called dreamstone and the sword is the Masamune. It was part of a legend I heard when I was a kid. Some legendary hero named Crono destroyed a monster that was going to destroy the world. I never believed it until now. I guess this proves that the story is right."

"Well, do you have any idea as to where the Masamune IS?" questioned Kaira.

"No," Nomi replied abruptly, "But I'm sure the townsfolk have heard of it."

"Let's go and ask them then," offered Kaira. The team agreed and they set out for the nearest town…


Era woke up refreshed. Today was the day that he would go after Janus. He walked up to a mirror and fumbled for a comb. He combed his green hair to the front. It was still in about a dozen spikes, but he wanted to blend in today. Normally he would have let it go in every which way. He tied on a headband. Then he slipped on some tight black clothes that were sleeveless and went all the way down to his ankles. Then he went to the closet. He threw the door open in search of his armor. The chest plate was gold and silver. It was passed down from his grandpa, who had crafted it himself. He slipped it over the black clothes. Then he slipped on the shin guards, which matched the plate, and strapped on his sheath. In it he put the legendary Masamune. No one knew that he had it. He kept it a well guarded secret. It had been handed down to him from generations. On his back he strapped a round shield, with the Guardia crest on it.

Era looked back to the mirror. He looked good. He looked like a knight. He was ready to go.

Era stepped out the door to his room and walked down the hall. He waved to his friends which were still squires. They stared back with jealousy. He walked out the gates to the castle. He set out on foot to the magic cave that linked the southern continent to the island where Janus had his hideout…


Kaira knocked on the door to the nearest house. A man answered, "Yeah, whadda ya want?"

"Do you know anything about the Masamune?"

"The what?"

"Never mind." Kaira walked up to the next house and got the same response. This went on for quite a while, when they came upon a house by the ocean.

Kaira knocked on the door. A clean cut young man opened, "Can I help you?" He was surprised to see two beautiful girls at his door.

"Yes, have you ever heard of the sword called the Masamune?"

"No sorry." Kaira began to walk away. The boy, not wanting her to leave quite yet yelled out, "Wait! What do you need it for? I know a couple of sword smiths."

Kaira explained how they needed to open the cave. She did not tell him why they were actually in this time though. "Oh," the boy answered, "Well, my name is Jono, my dad is trying to start a ferry company. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I took you there in one of the boats."

"Thank you," Kaira said, and she meant it, "When can we leave?"

"Right now is OK, let's go."

The four of them headed for a boat yard. They crowded into the biggest boat they could find. Jono started up the engine. They set out for the island.


Era looked up at the cave. He healed up the Masamune. It glowed with a certain kind of energy. A beam of light shot from it. He concentrated the power even more. Then he jumped up with a great leap and brought the sword down at the base of a crevice that went into the wall. The wall split apart to reveal a cave. He walked into it.

He was met with the sound of many bats. He sliced his way through. Many a times a bat got stuck in his hair. He shook it out. He reached the other end of the cave. He stepped out into the sunlight, glad that there were no more bats.

Then he looked around. He saw a forest towering over the flat land. In it he saw a path going through an archway. He started in the direction of the forest. He got to the edge. He looked down the pathway. At the end he saw a castle. He ran through the forest, eager to kill Janus. He splashed in a puddle of mud and stopped. Yuck! Then he kept running. He got to the gate and looked up. There was a mist that blocked out the sun. There was a dragon perched on top of one of the towers. Then there was the gate. He pushed it open and walked inside…


Kaira, Carr, Nomi, and Jono pulled the boat to the shore. They looked across a flat plain to a misty forest, with dark trees. They saw an opening in the forest. It was a pathway covered by an arch of trees. They walked towards it. It looked threatening.

"You guys go ahead," Jono said, "This looks dangerous and I forgot my weapon."

The rest of them crept through the forest, weapons ready. Kaira stepped into a puddle of mud. Gross. She looked down. She had only put one foot in, but there was another footprint beside hers. It looked like it came from boots. Could the knight already be here? "Guys!" she screamed, "We need to hurry! Someone is already here!"

The three ran down the forest. They came to a gate. It was already open. They ran inside. Now where to go? Kaira ran down a passage to the left, following her instinct.

The three ran down countless halls, corridors, and rooms. They were met with many goblins, vampires, and other monsters. The fights didn't phase them. They kept running, oblivious to pain and weariness. This was their friend's life here.

They came to the last corridor, and saw a sight they were hoping not to see…


Era came to the last corridor. He walked in to a dimly lit room. Inside he saw paintings on the wall of mass destruction. At the end he saw a statue of a monster with four arms and horns on its head. Underneath it was a throne, where Janus sat. He was talking to a yellow monster with a tail and a big head. He saw Era and dismissed him quickly.

Era had never seen Janus before, but he recognized him instantly. About five years back, when he was thirteen years old, a man with the same bluish-black hair and armor had appeared in town. He was hanging around with his friend Cadra. The two of them were considered weird because boys and girls weren't supposed to be such good friends. Janus had stormed into the place, taken one look at Cadra, muttered something about strong potential, grabbed her, and teleported out of there. Now he saw the pale skinned devil before him, the same blue-black hair, gold armor, and amulet. He was filled with personal rage.

Era attacked. He wielded the Masamune above his head and brought it down upon Janus. Janus blocked it with his amulet and let out a cry.

"You, whoever you are. What is that sword? It can break through the barrier of my amulet." Janus said in great fear.

"Shut up and fight!" Era screamed. Janus took the cue. He formed a ball of fire in his hand and shot it out at Era. Era immediately regretted the remark. It hit him with full force. He fell back. His armor had absorbed most of the blast, but it still hurt.

Then Era swung the Masamune over his head again. He brought it down on Janus. It sliced through his armor and pierced the skin on his chest. One more hit would probably kill him.

Janus then attacked with full force. The ground opened up beneath Era and shot out a shadow. It pierced through his skin without leaving a mark. It had done nothing but send a shooting pain all throughout his body. He felt as if he were going to faint. He had one last chance to kill him with the Masamune.

He wearily picked it up and raised it above his head. He was about to bring it down when he heard a scream behind him.


He spun around to see a girl with spiky black hair in the door. Behind her was a guy with brown hair and big glasses. Last was a girl with long hair and strange armor he had never seen before. Then Era felt a foot drive in to his spine. He fell over. He was now struggling for consciousness. Then Janus spoke.

"I am Janus the fourth. You can call me Janus like everyone else. Four generations have survived against everyone else, who banished us from society. You can not defeat me! You are fools to try. As for now, you have won the battle, but not the war."

Kaira watched as Janus teleported. They had done it. They had saved Jase. She ran out the door, eager to get back to the end of time. She was knocked over from behind.

"Just who are you?"

"I'm Kaira. Who are you?"

"I am Era. Now explain why you are here."

Kaira told him the story, up to the point where she stopped him from killing Janus.

"I understand why you stopped me from killing Janus. I'm sorry I got so steamed. I can't go back though. Can I come with you?"

"Sure," answered Kaira. "Come on."

The four of them headed back to the castle. Nomi opened up the side of the castle where she had cut out the bricks. When everyone had passed through she slid it back into place. Kaira, Carr, and Era went through the gate first, then Kaira came back for her.

The four were in the end of time. Kaira ran down the steps and saw Jase re-materialize where he had been. She ran up and gave him a big hug and kissed him. He was back…




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