The Reflection of Soul Chapter 1

Walking Dusty Trails

By Dark Pegasus

It was a cosiderably hot afternoon. The sun beat down on my back as I walked the dusty trail. All of the plants were dry looking and seemed paper thin. The wind whistled through these nearly dead plants and gave the highway a sense of emptiness.

Despite the heat, I shivered at the thought of becoming like these plants and wither away on the highway. I knew I was too young to die but death can overcome anybody. I shivered again and then decided to push these empty thoughts out of my mind. I couldn't concentrate with a mind full of inhumane images.

I stopped on the old highway and looked at how easily I could become just like one of those plants. I reached down and traced the outline of my twin knifes made out of pure Wendel Silver. My light jacket blew with the wind and I was forced to hold it closer to me to block what felt like icicles of such empty emotions. I found shade under a dead tree whos branches blew violently in the wind. I sat down and tried to figure out these hollow emotions that ran through my mind.

I remembered about all of those sayings the elders allways seemed to say: "It poisons the soul to keep things bottled up inside." "If there is a special person in your life, don't fill your mind with dark emotions, let your soul run free." I didn't understand what was being told to me but I had a general idea. I buried my head in my hands and I felt like crying.

The wind started blowing up dust and dirt so I was forced to move on. All this time I feel as if my life had no purpose. I try to have the important things in my life such as friends and family but I have been a major loner since I was young. I continued to walk along the road as if I was pulled by a strange voice. Hunger stabbed at my stomach so I picked up the pace and started a brisk run.

I felt like my soul was meant to wander the earth forever until it faded away as if it were not there. Clouds had eagarly formed around the sun, blocking it's harsh rays. I slowed down until I was at a slow walking speed. Nothing but the sound of the howling of the wind accompanied the soft pitter patter of my heart beating in tempo with my footsteps.

Hunger clawed at my stomach again. I flinched from the internal growling and pain. I couldn't continue. I felt as if a huge chain had wrapped itself around me and prevented me from even thinking. I tried to remember the last time I had seen civilization. Was it days or weeks or months maybe? I estimated that it was about 2 weeks since I had last seen another human.

I longed to be with someone to hold in my arms and to accompany me through life. I wanted someone who I could actually love and think about. But know, I only had myself to think for. I pulled out my flute and held it to my lips. Love was so complicated to me that everything else seemed impossible. I blew into the flute and out came a soft note that made me forget about everything except the love in my heart I did not have.

I played another note after another until I had made up a serene song that made me forget about hunger and the pain of walking. Soon, even the flute playing became too painful for me to continue. I dropped the flute and fell to the ground. The last thing I remembered was catching a glimpse of a shadow running down the path. Then all faded away...

Chapter 2

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