SquareSoft: Generations Prologue 1


By Dawn Wilkins

A river of crimson flooded Cecil's vision as he desperately fought to remain conscious. The agony was almost unendurable. Wiping his face the paladin turned to his band.

To his right was Rosa, his beloved, lying on the ground lifeless. Edge, a ninja to the left, was tossing shirekins with a wild abandon. A young woman, Rydia, was in the process of a spell. And Kain...well, he was no where in sight. Neither of them appeared in any better shape than Cecil himself.

The gruesome mass before him was slugging toward Rosa. To think this monster might harm Rosa was more than he could bear. The paladin had purposed to the beautiful wizardess before they took flight for the moon. He had wanted her to remain, safe, on earth. She had refused. Cecil swung his weapon, the crystal sword, in a mighty blow. It scored barely a scrape against the hideous monster.

All around stars glinted off innumerable surfaces, giving everything an ominous glow. They hadn't even been able to determine what was their battle ground. A blue-black energy supported their feet and expanded beyond sight.

"Cecil, I'm outta shirekens!" screamed Edge.

As leader, Cecil knew he had to help Edge and fast. A weaponless ninja is like a tiger without teeth. Drawing another blade, he tossed the legendary Excalibur to Edge who grabbed it without a word. It was a shame the sword had to go as it was his father's sword but he knew it was necessary.

Edge flung the weapon at the beast before them. It inflicted considerable damage. The caller, Rydia, was closing in on the final requirements to the spell. But, thought the paladin, it wouldn't be soon enough. He had to do something to destroy Zeromus before the monster slayed them all.

Cecil glanced over at Rosa. Dear sweet Rosa. He loved her beyond life itself. He clenched his fist. Zeromus was going to die. Cecil would ensure that with his last dying breath. A vision of his brother flashed in his mind's eye. Cecil relived the moment he'd discovered Goblez's true identity as his brother. His unintentional evil acts coupled with Kain's treachery had made Cecil cautious. Indeed the beast must perish.

Bracing himself, Cecil launched into the air, sword held high. He landed on the creature's back and thrust his blade into its chest(or what one can assume is its chest).

Lightning blazed through the air stinging Cecil's eyes and blinding him. Pain sang in his body and he feared his insides would erupt. Screams sounded in his ears.

"Cecil, what are you doing?"

"Don't do it!"

"Are you nuts man?!"

"Cecil, I love you!"

And then only silence.


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