Bizarre Occurances Chapter 2

One Man's Dream

By Dino Pollard

After climbing across Mt Nibel for several hours, the team finally reached the bridge leading to the reactor.

“This brings back painful memories,” Sephiroth said.

“Shut up,” Cloud snapped. Aeris put a hand on his shoulder.

“Cloud, please.” she said, thoughtfully. Cloud shook his head. It was hard to say no to someone as caring as Aeris. He couldn’t believe that she actually was willing to give Sephiroth a second chance.

“Let’s just cross this bridge,” Red said. “I believe Rocket Town is just past the mountains.”

“You’re right, Red,” Cloud said, instantly stepping back into the role as leader. “Let’s get moving.”


Vincent and Sephiroth were the last to begin crossing the bridge. Vincent looked at his companion.

“Sephiroth,” he began, Sephiroth’s eyes mearly shifted to his direction, then back to the bridge. “I’m not lying when I say I knew your mother.”

“Then prove it,” Sephiroth replied.

“I give you my word that I WILL prove to you that Lucrecia is your mother.” Vincent said. He meant every word he said. He just didn’t know HOW he was going to pull it off.


Once the team arrived inside, the began to study the place.

“Right there,” Tifa said. “There’s the exit.”

“Den let’s get a move-on!” Barret replied.

“Umm, how DO we get down there?” Yuffie asked.

“Obviously, through these,” Red answered, motioning to the five chutes.

“No way!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “They’re probably all rusty and full of cobwebs!!”

“Well, you could always jump,” Cait said. Yuffie looked down by the exit, then proceeded to one of the chutes.

“So, which one do we take?” she asked.

“The first one,” Vincent replied. Cloud nodded and slid down, followed by the rest of the team, with Sephiroth taking up the rear.

“All right, let’s go,” Cloud said.

“Wait.” Sephiroth stated.

“Huh?” Barret asked. “What’ya mean ‘wait’?”

“There’s a creature here,” Sephiroth answered. He pointed to a giant scorpion-like monster on a ledge. It caught notice of Avalanche and jumped down.

“SHIT!!!!” Barret yelled. He aimed his gun-arm at the creature and let off several rounds.

Red concentrated on the creature, as a Command Materia orb began to glow. “It’s resistant to Fire and Gravity spells!!”

“Huh?” Yuffie asked. “Oops.” She quickly put away the Fire Materia.

The Materia Keeper used a Trine attack on the team. An orb on Cloud’s sword flashed yellow. He smiled.

“Thanks for the Enemy Skill,” he said.

Tifa concentrated and green energy surrounded her as she cast Bolt2 on the creature.

Sephiroth ran forward and slashed the creature several times with the Masamune. Then, he pulled his hand back and green energy surrounded him as he cast Bolt3, Ice3, and Quake3 on the creature.

Cloud took the initiative by leaping forward and slashing down on the creature. The Materia Keeper slowly began to vanish.

“Whew, that was tough,” Aeris said. Sephiroth immediatly casted Cure3 on the whole team.

“Hey!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “Why didn’t you do that during the fight?!?”

“Yuffie, shut up” Cloud said. “We need to get moving if we’re going to make it to Rocket Town before nightfall.”


A few hours later, the team entered Rocket Town.

“I see why it’s called Rocket Town,” Tifa said, pointing to the huge rocket.

“Let’s just see if we can find the mayor.” Cloud said. “Hopefully, he can tell us if Bizarro-Sephiroth came through here.”

Barret walked up to a man who was staring at the rocket. “Yo, where’s da mayor?”

“The mayor?” the man asked. “Oh, you must mean the Captain. I think you had better check his house.” The man pointed them to the direction of the Captain’s house.

“Thanks” Barret said, as he followed the team.


Cloud knocked on the door a few times.

“No one’s home, you spikey-headed jerk!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “So let’s just go in and see what kinda Materia they’ve got.” She used a hairpin as a lock-pick and opened the door. “C’mon.”

After looking around the house, Cloud noticed a backdoor and walked through it. The rest of the team followed.

“Wouldja lookit dat,” Barret said.

“There’s a Shin-Ra logo on it,” Cloud said. “’Tiny Bronco’ this is cool.”

“Shin-Ra?” Yuffie asked. “LET’S TAKE IT!!”

“Umm, can I help you?” a female voice asked.

“Can we borrow it?” Cloud asked, pointing to the Bronco

“You’d better ask the Captain about that. I believe he’s in the rocket.” she replied. “I’m Shera, the Captain’s assitant. What are all your names?”

“I’m Cloud.”




“Cait Sith.”



“And that’s Red XIII.” Aeris said, pointing to Red. “He’s our... pet.”

“So you’re not from the Shin-Ra?” Shera asked.

“Hell no!!” Barret exclaimed. “We hate the Shin-Ra!!”

“I wonder when President Rufus is coming?” Shera said. “The Captain’s been tense all day.
Rufus may be thinking of restarting the Space Program. If you want to know more, you should talk with the Captain.”


The team made their way to the rocket, where they found a man with dusty blonde hair, an aviator’s jacket and goggles, with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

“What the fuck do you want?” he asked.

“You the Captain?” Cloud asked.

“Damn straight!!” He replied. “The name’s Cid Highwind, but everyone calls me Captain. So
what the fuck do ya want?”

“Is Rufus coming?”

“Hell yeah!!” Cid said. “A young president!! That’s what we needed!! He’s till got his dreams!!”

“Can we borrow the Tiny Bronco?” Aeris asked.

“You outta your Goddamn mind!?” Cid exclaimed. “That’s my most cherised possesion, I can’t let ya take it!!”

“What’s the deal with this rocket?” Barret asked.

“Back during the pointless war, Shin-Ra created a lot of weapons to help them win,” Cid began. “They were really interested in space exploration. After lots of prototypes and testing, they finally completed the Shin-Ra No. 26. Then they picked the best pilot in Shin-Ra--no, in the world--me. But because of that dumbass Shera, the launch was cancelled!! Then they just forgot about it when they found out Mako was profitable!! Money, moola, dinero--my dreams were nothing more than a financial number to them!!”

“Hey gang,” Cait Sith said. “Sorry to interupt, Rufus is here with Tseng, Palmer and two MPs.”

“That’s my cue ta get outta here!!” Cid said as he ran to the ladder.


“You Cid Highwind?” Rufus asked.

“Hey-Hey, that’s him alright!” Palmer said.

“Well, well,” Cid said. “If it ain’t fat ass Palmer.”

“Hey-Hey, don’t say fat!” Palmer replied. He then sees Shera making tea through a window. “Hey-Hey, can I have some?” Palmers walks away, into Cid’s house.

“Let’s get down to buisness,” Rufus says as Palmer walks away.

“What are your plans for restarting the space program?” Cid asks.

“Nothing.” Rufus replied.

“NOTHING?!?!?!?” Cid exclaimed. “Then why the fuck are you here?!?”

“We need to borrow the Tiny Bronco.” Rufus replied. “We’re after Sephiroth, but apparently we’ve been headed in the wrong direction. We now have reason to believe he’s headed for the Temple of the Ancients.”

“WHAT?!?” Cid exclaimed. “First the airship, then the rocket, now my plane? Shin-Ra took space away from me, now they wanna take the sky too?”

“Oh,” Rufus said. “Apparently you’ve forgotten that it’s BECAUSE of Shin-Ra that you learned to fly in the first place.”

“That plane is goin NOWHERE!!!” Cid replied. “Some kids about your age were just askin the same thing.”

Tseng reached for his gun in his coat, but Rufus put up a hand to stop him. “What kids?” he asked.

“Don’t know.” Cid said. “There was this other guy with a black cape and long sword. Looked really freaky.”

“That’s Sephiroth.” Rufus said.

“You’ve seen him?” Tseng asked.

Cid nodded. “He was with a group o’ kids.”

“This may not sound like the best phrase but which way did they go?” Rufus asked.

“Last I saw, they were up in the rocket.” Cid answered.

Rufus turned to one of the MPs. “Search the rocket. If you find Sephiroth or Avalanche, report back immediatly.”

“Yes sir,” The MP replied as he ran off, machine gun ready.


Avalanche slowly made their way past the Shin-Ra without being seen and went back into Cid’s house.

“Excuse me... Cloud was it?” Shera said. “You wanted to borrow the Bronco, right?” Cloud
nodded. “I think Palmer’s going to take it. You should probably talk to him.”

“Thanks, Shera.” Cloud replied. Avalanche walked through the back door leading to the Tiny Bronco.


Palmer looked around the Bronco trying to find the starter. “I’m head of the Space Program” he said. “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“We’ll be taking that Bronco, Palmer.” Cloud said. Palmer turned around.

“Hey-Hey, I remember you!!” he said. “From the Shin-Ra HQ when the President was killed. And you’re with SE-SE-SE...”

“I believe the word your searching for is ‘Sephiroth’” Sephiroth said. “Now, you’ve got two seconds to tell me why I shouldn’t impale you on my sword.”

Palmer swallowed hard. “Se-security!! SECURITY!! SECURI***”

Sephiroth removed the blood-stained sword from Palmer’s gut and sheathed it. “Perhaps I should have killed you back in Midgar.”

“Oh geez!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “I didn’t hafta see that after we at--URK!!!”

“Shit Yuffie!!” Barret cursed. “Keep that shit on the INSIDE!!”

“Cloud,” Aeris said. “The plane’s already started and I don’t know what to do!”

“SHIT!!” Cloud said. “Everyone get on, now!!”


“Sir,” the MP said. “I searched the rocket. There’s no one there.”

“They probably already left.” Rufus replied. “Now Cid, about the plane...”
Cid heard the sound of propellers. “Sorry Rufus, no dice!” The Tiny Bronco swooped low, and Cid grabbed onto the tail.

“SHOOT IT DOWN!!” Rufus ordered. Tseng and the MPs took out their guns and began to shoot at the Bronco. They landed a few good hits. The Bronco glided over the ocean, before crashing.

“Perfect.” Rufus said. “Just perfect. Let’s go. The plane is worthless now, anyway.”

“Where’s Palmer?” Tseng asked.

“I don’t know.” Rufus replied. He turned to the MP who ran in the back to find Palmer.

The MP ran back. “Sir,” he began. “Palmer’s dead. He was impaled on a sword.”

“Cloud...” Rufus said.

“I’m not so sure, sir.”

“What do you mean?” Rufus asked.

“Well, it was a thin sword wound.” He replied. “From what we know, Cloud Strife carries a wide sword.”

“Then who the hell killed him?” Rufus asked.

“I could have sword I saw... no, nevermind.” Tseng said.

“Who did you see, Tseng?” Rufus asked.

“Well, when the Bronco flew past us, I could have sworn I saw Sephiroth.” Tseng replied.

“And Cid said that Sephiroth was with a bunch of kids asking about the Bronco.” Rufus said. “OK, first thing’s first. We’ll get the Keystone and then go to the Temple of the Ancients. Then we’ll find out what the truth is.”


Cloud slowly got up. “Everyone all right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Barret said. “GODDAMN SHIN-RA!!!”

The rest of the team mumbled terms of agreement.

“She won’t fly again,” Cid said, shaking his head.
“Can we use it as a boat?” Cloud asked.

“Do whatever the fuck you like,” Cid replied.

“Cid, are you OK?” Cloud asked. “I know this was your plane.”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” he replied.

“What are you going to do now?” Aeris asked.

“Well, I’m history with the Shin-Ra, and I couldn’t care less about Rocket Town.” Cid replied.

“What about your wife?” Tifa asked.

“Shera?” Cid answered. “Don’t make me laugh. Just thinkin ‘bout marryin her gives me the chills.”

“Why don’t you join us?” Cloud asked. “We’re after Sephiroth’s imposter, the Bizarro-Sephiroth. We’re also going to have to face Rufus of Shin-Ra some day too.”

“We’ll, I don’t know anything about that,” Cid said. “But what the hell, sign me up.”

“Well, what do you say everyone?” Cloud asked. There only came mumbles of agreement.

“Glad to be aboard numbskulls!” Cid exclaimed.
“Numbskulls?” Cloud asked.

“Yeah, anyone dumb enough to go up against the Shin-Ra now has GOTTA be a numbskull!” Cid replied. “I like it!!”

“So, does anyone know where we are?” Cloud asked.

“I DO!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “I know this area really well! We gotta go west to Wutai!!”

“Wutai...” Sephiroth said. Vincent looked at him curiously.

“It seems like the most logical course of action.” Red said. “We could rest and buy supplies.”

“Good idea,” Cloud said.
“We’ll need ta leave the Bronco at a beach, otherwise we can’t get it on land.” Cid said.

“The nearest beach is quite a hike to Wutai.” Sephiroth broke in. “That beach right there should suit us nicely.”

“Yeah, let’s go!!” Yuffie exclaimed, jumping up and down. “Time to go to Wutai!!”


After leaving the Tiny Bronco at a nearby beach, and covering it up with bushes, Avalanche began the long hike to Wutai. Barely fifteen minutes after walking, Yuffie came running up and screaming at the top of her lungs.


“What’s your problem?” Cid asked.

“I know this area really well, it gets kinda tough from here.” Yuffie replied.

“What are you up to?” Vincent asked.

“N-nothing,” She said. “Really, I’m telling the truth, just follow me.”

“HEY!! THERE THEY ARE!!!” a voice said.

“Shin-Ra MPs!” Tifa said.

“It’s an ambush!” Sephiroth exclaimed.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: That’s the end of Chapter 2. This chapter didn’t put a lot of emphasis on Sephiroth. But like I’ve told people before, it’s not a fanfiction strictly about Sephiroth. It’s to see how ALL of Avalanche reacts to this situation and the changes that occur. The only really big differences were Tseng’s appearence (I just felt it was a good idea to have him there) and Palmer’s death. To me, Palmer was always a pretty useless character who served no purpose besides annoying you. So I felt he just annoyed Sephiroth, and Sephiroth killed him. A perfect example of how unstable Sephiroth really is. Also, it’s called “One Man’s Dream” because it deals more with Cid’s dream of flying in space than anything else.


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