Bizarre Occurances Chapter 29

The Birth of a God

By Dino Pollard

Rufus slowly made his way out of Shin-Ra Headquarters. He didn’t want anyone to see him. At least not now. Not when he was at his weakest moment. He just wanted to get home. To his mansion.

Once he found his car parked, he took off the MP uniform, leaving it in a corner. Shin-Ra was in shambles. He knew that somewhere in the pits of Hell, his father was looking up at him. Laughing.”

“Bastard...” Rufus muttered, getting into his car. “You always said that I could never run the company as well as you. Damn you, you were right.”

As he pulled out, he took one last look at Shin-Ra HQ, the 70th Floor still gone. He saw the end of a dynasty. He would never return to Shin-Ra HQ again. He was through playing God.


The bodies of First Class SOLDIER Officers littered the Crater. This told Sephiroth that the monsters guarding his brother were blood-thirsty and extremely powerful. If they were powerful enough to take down Shin-Ra’s finest, then the four teams would be in for quite a battle.


That’s all he could think of. It was driving him insane. He couldn’t be with Aeris. It would never work out. They were just too different.

But she had been able to see the good in him. If it wasn’t for her, he would’ve let all those people in Mideel die instead of saving as many as he could.

God, this was tearing him apart inside.


Deadpool looked around the Crater as they walked, ready to draw his weapons at a moment’s notice. For the first time in his life, he was actually being serious. But it was really hard to do. He kept feeling the urge to crack a joke or play a prank or something.

“Ol’ Seraph needs a new decorator,” he finally said. “I think the one he has now is a satanist.”

“Not now, bloke,” Lara snapped. “This is serious.”

“Lay off him, Lara,” Kristi broke in. “’Pool’s just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Yeah,” Reno said. “Why are you people acting like somebody died?”

“Somebody did die,” Kuro replied.

“More than one person, too,” Shen said. “We lost both Striker and Rudy.”

“And we lost Barek,” Tetsuo noted.

“We’ve all got some personal feud in this,” Garrison said. “We’ve all got some anger. The key is to master our rage…”

“…or our rage will be our master,” Sephiroth finished. “Maestro’s teachings.”

Garrison nodded.

“You remembered as well, I see.”

Sephiroth didn’t reply, just continued on.

“Keep your eyes open, people,” Cloud said. “We don’t know what to expect in here.”

“Talk about deja vu,” Sara muttered.

“Why do you say that?” Knolan asked.

“We were around this area once before,” Sara replied. “Tsunami, Avalanche, and the Turks. That was when we tried to stop Seraph from summoning Meteor. Now we’re back, this time trying to stop Meteor from destroying us. We failed the last time. I wonder if we’ll fail this time….”

“Ssstop talking like that,” Bleu commented. “You’re making me nervousss.”

Sara grinned slightly.

“Sorry Bleu.”


Zack didn’t know why he came here. It was suicide. But after what Tsunami told him about Meteor and Bizarro-Sephiroth, he knew he had to come. There was no other option.

He looked down at the Crater. This one’s for you, Striker.

With that, Zack Trimmer began the journey inside the Crater, prepared to face the worst.


A fork in the road. Cloud sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was split up the team. They would probably need the added strength.

“Okay people,” Cloud said. “We’ve got a little problem here. Two paths, a left and right one. We need to split up.”

“I’ll take Tsunami, Strike Force, Garrison and Knolan on the left path,” Shen said.

“Then Avalanche, the Turks, and Calibretto will come with me on the right,” Cloud said. “It’s a good plan.”


Shen was more cautious than usual as he led his team through the Crater. It was because of the Tribunal.

Why didn’t they want Tsunami involved? Were they that confident in Avalanche, or was it something else? And why did Frost help them? Shen always saw him as the Tribunal’s lapdog.

But now. Now things have changed. He looked back briefly at his team. The only ones he knew were those who were with Tsunami. Strike Force, Garrison, and Knolan were all strangers to him.

“Keep your weapons drawn,” he ordered. “We don’t know what we’ll encounter down here.


Cloud didn’t have any idea why he allowed this. The Turks and Calibretto, working with his team. Again, he found himself forced into an alliance with his enemies in order to fight for a common goal.

The fact that Tseng and Vincent were brothers didn’t help much, either. Neither did Aeris’ claims that the Turks weren’t evil, they just worked for an evil corporation. Now, he had to fight alongside seven of his enemies in order to defeat one.

Not to mention the fact that the one enemy is on the verge of becoming a god.

Cloud had to have been insane to do this, to entrust his life in the hands of those who have tried to kill him many times in the past.


Aeris walked briskly, her Princess Guard present in her hands. She was prepared for anything. She was determined to win in order to save the planet.

Vincent stopped suddenly in front of her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

He said nothing, just looked around.

“Did you hear that?” he asked.

“Hear what?” Reno asked, spinning around. He brought his nightstick up, ready to face whatever it was that was following them.

“Hmmmzzt,” Calibretto said. “Allow me to see what my scanners can find.”

“Anything?” Tseng asked, drawing his Mako Gun.

“Yes,” Calibretto replied. “One man. With a large sword.”

“Seraph?” Tifa asked.

“Hmmmzzt, possibly,” Calibretto replied.

“Show yourself now,” Cloud ordered, bringing up his Ultima Weapon.

A figure stepped out of the shadows, a large sword in his hands. Cloud leapt at him, bringing his own sword down. The man blocked it with his own.



The two lowered their weapons. The others looked at Cloud and Zack stunned.

“Shen told us about you,” Cloud said.

“Yeah, I thought he might,” Zack said. “Where is he, anyhow?”

“They’re off on another path,” Cloud replied. “So, they filled you in on everything?”

“Yep,” Zack replied. “They told me about how Sephiroth was now a good guy, and about Meteor and Bizarro-Sephiroth.”

“Seraph,” Cloud said.

“What?” Zack asked.

“Turns out his name is Seraph, not Bizarro-Sephiroth,” Cloud replied. “We thought he was—“

“A clone,” Zack finished. “That’s what Shen said.”

“He’s actually my brother,” Sephiroth broke in.

“You’ve got a brother?” Zack asked.

“It’s a really long story,” Cloud replied.

“And right now, we don’t have time,” Zack said. He was about to open his mouth to speak again when he caught someone standing near Sephiroth. Emerald, caring eyes. Chestnut hair. A pink dress.

“Aeris…” he said.

“Hello Zack,” Aeris said, slowly stepping up to him. Once she did, he immediately pulled her into an embrace.

“I missed you so much,” he said, glad to have his arms around her again.

Sephiroth turned away from the group.

“I missed you too, Zack,” she said, slowly getting out of his embrace. “But things have changed. A lot.”

“Yo, lovebirds,” Barret said. “We’d best get a move on.”

“For once, the moron’s right,” Yuffie said. “We’ve got this little thing called a planet that needs to be saved.”


The two teams met at the center. They were deep inside the Crater now. There were stone steps leading furthur down.

“This is it…” Cloud said, looking down. He turned back to the team. “All right everyone. Let’s mosey.”

“Damn, again?” Cid asked. “Stop sayin’ it like a wimp!! Can’t ya say ‘move out’ or somethin’?”

Cloud looked down, then back up at the team.

“Move out!!” he ordered, his voice more commanding this time.

Suddenly, there was a deep roar.

“What the fuck was that?!?” Cid asked, pulling out his Venus Gospel.

“Look,” Red said. “Look at the number.”

“Clones…” Sephiroth said.

“Hundreds of them,” Shen added. “Cloud, take a small team with you.”

“I’m fighting here, too,” Cloud protested.

“It won’t do us any good if everyone’s stuck up here,” Garrison said. “We’re going to need someone to go down there and take the fight to Seraph.”

“Garrison’s right,” Knolan said. “So hurry up and make your choice!!”

Cloud looked over his choices. So many people, their lives depending on him. His life depending on them. And the life of the Planet depending on all of them.

“They’re already on the level next to us!!” Zack exclaimed. “Cloud, we’re running out of time!!”

“OK,” Cloud said. “Sephiroth, Shen, Calibretto, Knolan, Aeris, Red, Cid, Reno, Rude, Barret, Vincent, and Deadpool come with me. Everyone else.... later.”

“Yeah,” Ray said. “Later.”

“If we survive that long,” Elena muttered, drawing her gun.


Cloud led his team deeper into the Crater. How were they ever going to find Seraph in here? They were already well into the Planet’s core. If they kept moving like this, the chance of being absorbed by the Lifestream became more apparent. True, he and Sephiroth could survive, and possibly Calibretto and Deadpool. But what about the others? Aeris, Red, Cid, Barret, Vincent, Knolan, Shen, Reno, Rude. They wouldn’t last long at all.

“How big is this blasted thing?” Knolan asked, jumping from level to level. “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

“It shouldn’t be much longer,” Aeris said. She turned to Cloud. “Right?”

Cloud shook his head.

“I honestly have no idea.”

“We’re getting closer,” Sephiroth said. “I can feel it. Don’t you feel it? As if something were pulling at you?”

Cloud didn’t quite understand what Sephiroth was saying.

“What do you mean?” Deadpool asked. “You mean like a calling?”

Sephiroth nodded.

“Yeah,” Deadpool said. “I feel it. Only thing is, I don’t know how to hang up on the person. Or at least put them on hold.”

Cloud tried hard not to smile at his brother’s joke. No matter how grim the situation, ‘Pool would always be able to find humor in it.

“Look,” Vincent said, pointing a clawed finger down. There was a large stone platform there. It looked as if they had reached their destination.

Cloud moved faster, jumping over platforms to reach the center.

“Shi…. Shi…. Shit….” Cid cursed, panting. “The next time the fucking Planet is about to be destroyed, let me stay in bed.” He took a drag on his cigarette.

“Maybe if you quit smoking,” Red said.

Cid flicked him off.

“Nothing’s wrong with smoking,” Reno said. “We’ve all gotta go sometime.”

“Fuckin’ A,” Cid said, motioning at Reno.

“Hmmmzzt,” Calibretto said, landing on the large platform. “My sensors detect a being of immense power. The level of Jenova cells in the being is 100%.”

“But—but that’s not possible,” Shen said.

“Unless…” Aeris began.

Suddenly, a large creature flew towards them, tentacles for arms.

“Jenova!!” Cloud exclaimed, drawing his sword.

“It’s coming!” Sephiroth shouted, bringing the Masamune up.


Garrison slashed at the clones, one by one.

“We should be thankful they don’t have replicas of the Masamune,” he said. “Otherwise we’d be in it deep.”

“Just be glad I’m with you,” Sara gloated, the Witchblade gauntlet firing blasts of mystical flames at the clones. “The Witchblade is pretty effective.”

“People!” Tseng shouted. “We’re on a clock here! Just kill them!”

“Yes sir!” Mercedes exclaimed with a mock salute.

“Watch your mouth,” Elena snapped.

“Maybe you should watch yours,” Kuro warned.

“That’s enough of that,” Zack said. “We’re a team now. Why don’t we start acting like it?”

“Zack’s right,” Tifa added. “Remember that for once, we’re not fighting each other. Without each other, we probably don’t stand a chance. So we might as well get used to working together.”

“One more thing,” Garrison said, his eyes beginning to glow. “It’s time I show these clones my trump card!!”

His sword began to crackle as energy gathered into it, changing metal into solidified energy. As he drove it into a clone, his opponent cried out in pain and agony as it died.

“Now, let’s show these second-rate Sephiroths what REAL warriors are made of!!”

“Or as Striker would say,” Zack began. “It’s time to kick some ass!!”


Jenova-SYNTHESIS launched the opening attack against the heroes, whipping its tendrils at them.

“Watch out for those tentacles!!” Shen warned, dodging one of Jenova’s attacks.

“We all know the risks, Shen,” Sephiroth said. “Now it’s time to see if we’re really ready for this!!”

Sephiroth lept into the air, bringing his blade down across Jenova’s chest.

First blood. Jenova screeched in pain.

Cloud followed up with a thrust into Jenova’s abdomen.

The creature fell back, green energy circling it.

“This isn’t good...” Reno muttered.

Jenova let out a battle cry, releasing a powerful Ultima spell at the group. Everyone was nearly blown off the ledge!!

“Spells would kinda help right about now!!” Deadpool exclaimed.

“Right, sorry,” Knolan said. He began speaking in an odd tongue as the entire team was encircled with yellow energy.

“Haste spell,” Knolan said.

Aeris knelt down on her knees, bringing her hands into a position of prayer as she shut her eyes. Her lips began moving, but no sound came forth. Once again, energy encircled everyone as they all felt a sudden rush of power.

“What did you do?” Red asked.

“An Ancient spell,” Aeris replied. “It’ll make us invulnerable for awhile, and it restored our strength.”

“Good,” Reno said. “We need all the help we can get.”

“I suppose that’s my cue,” Cloud said. “MEGA FLARE!!!”

The Master Summon Materia orb on Cloud’s armlet flared up, causing a red aura to appear around Cloud.

A large, winged dragon appeared, high above the planet. His wings spread open as an orb of energy is gather at his mouth. He then releases it, sending it straight down to his target: Jenova-SYNTHESIS.

“Locked on target,” Calibretto said, his arms shifting into cannons. “Weapons activated. Deploying.”

Dozens of rockets erupted from the war golem’s cannons, striking Jenova. The creature continued to roar in pain.

“You have not won yet, mortals!!” it shouted.

“No...” Vincent said, his voice becoming low. “We have!!”

Vincent’s body began to expand, tearing at the fabric of his clothes as purple wings sprouted from his back. His face became contorted, changing to that of a demon. Once the transformation was complete, Vincent was gone. Now there was only Chaos.

“Die!!” Chaos spat, slashing at Jenova with the Chaos Saber that appeared in his hand.

“You are embracing your true origins,” Jenova said as it began to fade. “Because of that, my son and I shall succeed!! Prepare for your death!!”

There was an electronic hum. Jenova looked over to see Reno and Rude pointing Mako Guns at it, as well as Barret taking aim with his Missing Score.

“Shut up,” Reno said, as he, Rude, and Barret fired their weapons, which pushed Jenova back, off the ledge, and deep into the planet’s core.

“Bitch,” Reno said, looking over the edge.

“What next?” Cid asked.

As if on cue, the ledge began to crumble from underneath the team, causing them to fall as well.


Zack performed a series of powerful sword attacks on the clones, cutting through them one by one.

He could only think about avenging Striker’s death. He wouldn’t let his friend have died to save him, just so that Zack could live a few more days.

Then, everything went white.


Aeris found herself falling for what felt like an eternity. Time seemed to slow down. Then, a bright, white light appeared below her, however it wouldn’t illuminate the darkness. She couldn’t see any of her teammates. Just her and the light.

“Holy...” she muttered to herself. “Is that... Holy? This means there’s still help for the Planet. We can still stop Meteor if we defeat Seraph!!”

There was bright flashes of light. Then, Aeris found herself on a small ledge. She could now see her surroundings. They were in the Planet’s core. The Lifestream was all around them. There were various rock ledges which held each member of the team, including the ones who weren’t in the battle with Jenova-SYNTHESIS.

“Oww...” Barret grunted. “Damn man.”

“Barret?” Cloud asked.

“Yeah,” Barret replied. He slowly got to his feet and looked around. “So, looks like everyone’s together again, huh?”

“But where are we?” Tseng asked, looking around.

“The Planet’s core,” Red replied. “This is where it all begins and ends.”

Suddently, the team was suspended in the air, unable to move. Then, in the center, blocking the light of Holy, a figure appeared.

“Seraph!!” Cloud shouted.

“Is this... Seraph’s true power?” Shen asked.

“This and much more,” Sephiroth replied.

“This isn’t good!!” Cait shouted. “He’s way outta our league!!”

“My body!!” Cid shouted. “I can’t move my fucking body!!”

“Oh man... I can’t die yet!!” Yuffie said. “I want more!! I want this and that and everything!! All mine!!”

“Cloud....” Tifa said, looking over to the man she loved.

“Ugh... ugh...” was all Cloud could say. “Hol--”

“Cloud...?” Tifa asked.

“Holy...” Cloud said. “The Holy is shining!! Aeris, your prayer is shining!!”

“Holy...” Tifa said.

“We need to keep on fighting!!” Cloud ordered. “We can’t stop now!!”

“Shin-Ra may be gone,” Tseng said. “But the Turks will stand by you until the end!!”

“So will Calibretto and myself,” Garrison added.

“Tsunami started off as part of Avalanche, and we will continue that tradition!!” Shen exclaimed.

“Not just Aeris,” Barret said. “Holy is the prayer of Marlene and Dyne. And everyone in the slums!!”

“Materia Hunter Yuffie sounds like the last chapter of Materia Forever,” Yuffie said. “But I’m not gonna give up!! I’ll still fight!! That Materia is MINE!!!”

“Striker gave his life so I could live,” Zack said. “I won’t let his sacrifice have been in vain!! Memories of him will help me in this battle!!”

“We lost Barek,” Deadpool said. “But we’ve found a family!! And this sounds pretty damn corny, so now it’s time to kick some ass!!”

“Mother.... thank you for helping me see the error of my ways,” Sephiroth said. “Now, as I go into this battle, I realize that I have finally gained the redemption I have been searching for. For the planet, for its people, I would gladly give my life!!”

“Deep inside the planet’s core...” Red began. “I see now, grandfather. I now understand why you wanted me to stay with Avalanche. I now know what my true mission is!! I know who I am!! I am Nanaki!! Son of Seto, defender of Cosmo Canyon!!”

“Memories of Barek, memories of Striker,” Cloud said. “We came to tell you our memories. Come Planet, show us your answer!! And Seraph!!! To the settling of everything!!”

Seraph began to draw the team in, then pushed them back, repeating it a few times. Then, everything swirled into nothing.

When the image came back into view, the team was on the ledges, this time with full control over their movements. There was no sign of Seraph, though.

“What’s going on here?” Knolan asked. “What happened?”

“He’s here...” Sephiroth said. “I can feel him.”

“Correct you are, brother-mine,” a booming voice said. It belonged to Seraph, however, it was different... it carried a sense of power with it, beyond anything the others had ever experianced.

“You are now witnessing the birth of a god!!” Serpah said, slowly rising up from beneath. However, he was different. A large, bulky creature, whose facial features resembled Seraph’s. His arms were now wings. His legs seemed to merge together. And there was a human-esque figure on his head. Possibly the true Seraph?

“This isn’t his final transformation!!” Sephiroth shouted. “He’s only begun!! He’s in mid transformation!! You can see that from the humanoid figure on his head!! We must stop him now, before he reaches omnipotence!!”

“No problem there,” Cloud said, the Master Summon beginning to glow. “Ready Knolan?”

Knolan nodded.

“Red?” Cloud asked, turning to his fire-furred teammate. The son of Seto nodded.

“ULTIMATE END!!!” Cloud shouted.


A void appeared underneath Seraph, transporting him to what appeared to be another dimension. It was empty and black.

Then, a light at the end. It was a figure. A knight--very large. It immediately slashed at Seraph.

11 other similar Knights followed, each perfoming similar attacks, weakening Seraph one by one.

Then, the final one. The largest of all, came above Seraph, a red cape covering its white armor. The cape suddenly blew open as the knight brought its massive white sword up, then brought it down across Seraph.

Then, the void and the knights vanished. Seraph was back in the Crater, with his opponents surrounding him.

Knolan and Red summoned the Knights of the Round as well.

After the third summon, Seraph slowly felt himself getting weaker, but also felt a feeling of omnipotence.

“HA HA HA!!!!” he exclaimed. “YOU FOOLS ARE TOO LATE!!!”

Slowly, Seraph sunk down, until he vanished.

“Did--did we win?” Yuffie asked.

“I think we did,” Ray said.

“No...” Aeris said. “Can’t you feel it? The Planet. It’s still in pain. Seraph is still alive.”

“Very perceptive of you, Ms. Gast.”

“Seraph!!” Sephiroth exclaimed. “Show yourself!!”

“As you wish, dear brother.”

The darkness of the crater slowly became lighter. The rocks shifted into clouds. They were in the sky. And slowly lowering down before them, very majestically, was a set of four wings. Attached to a naked torso. The man’s right arm was a wing, his left normal. His silver hair was flowing up above his head, with numerous golden rings covering it.

“You are too late!!” Seraph exclaimed. “Now, feel the wrath of the One-Winged Angel!!!”


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Took me awhile, but I finally finished. Only one more chapter to go!! Bet you’re all excited that this is almost finished. I mean, this has been a year-long project. Well, I’m sure you can all imagine what’s in the next chapter, but there WILL be a surprising climax!!


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