Bizarre Occurances Chapter 30

The Final Battle

By Dino Pollard

Sephiroth instinctively drew his sword, ready to face Seraph. The One-Winged Angel.

So, this is what he would’ve become if he continued on his path. An angelic demon. It sounded odd, but it was the truth. The face of an angel with the soul of a devil. If this was to be his original fate, he would’ve much rather chosen death.

How naive he had been to think that he could achieve godhood.

“Now you face my true form, mortals,” Seraph bellowed. “Now I have truly lived up to my name!! I am now a true seraph!!”

“It’s impossible!!” Aeris exclaimed. “You’re not a god!!”

“Correct,” Seraph replied, grinning from ear to ear. “I am THE God!!”

“If he’s truly reached godhood, then it’s over,” Ray said. “How can a group of men and women kill a god?”

“He’s lying,” Sephiroth said. “His power isn’t infinite. Part of him is still flesh and blood. If he truly were a god, no physical form could hold him.”

“So that means we DON’T stand a snowball’s chance in hell?” Yuffie asked.

“Not exactly,” Deadpool replied. “It just means we might get a few hits in before he decides to drop a rock on us.”

“That ain’t gonna happen,” Barret said.

“A big rock,” Deadpool replied. Some of them shot him angry looks. “A REALLY big rock!!”

“That’s enough,” Knolan ordered. “Awright, rust-bucket, let’s see if those weapons systems I programmed into you are still efficient.”

“Hmmzzt,” Calibretto replied. “Affirmitive. Charging pulsar cannon.”

The panels on the war golem’s chest began to shift open, revealing a large orb, glowing bright green, with various wires connected to it. The panels then began to merge together, creating a large cannon. His arms shifted into cannons as well, dual cannons emerged from the shoulder panels,and the grating over his mouth slid open, revealing his eyes glowing.

“Pulsar cannon charged,” Calibretto said. “Locked on target. Preparing to fire in 7.003 seconds.”

The various cannons and his eyes glowed brightly, energy beginning to collect. With that, they fired, all at once, several powerful beams of energy.

They struck Seraph, causing an extremely bright light, blinding everyone. Slowly, it began to die down. Then, the world’s heroes looked, prepared to see a pile of ash being all that remained of Seraph. They were extremely disappointed.

“This is illogical,” Calibretto said. “No man could have survived a blast such as that. It does not compute!!”

“That is because I am beyond your logic, beyond your weapons,” Seraph replied. “I am God!! And as such, I can never be destroyed!! Now, to prove you mortals not to rely on the force of one meager invention!! A man-made creation cannot hope to defeat me!!”

Seraph extended a single, accusing finger, pointed at Calibretto.

“God shall smite you down!!” he exclaimed. “Feel His divine wrath!!”

A beam of light began to gather at the end of the finger, slowly extending downward, reaching Calibretto, shining on him. The golem began to spasm, cannons firing blasts everywhere.

“Warning! Warning! System failure! Power reserves running down! Targetting system malfunctioning!”

“‘BRETTO!!!” Knolan exclaimed. “C’mon big guy, pull it together!!”

“Get down!!” Garrison shouted.

Then, as quickly as it began, it ends. Calibretto, perhaps the planet’s one hope, crushes that hope with a few simple words.

“Self-destruct sequence initiated.”

The explosion is enough to deafen their ears.

“Wall!!” Red shouted as barriers began to surround the team. The shrapnel harmlessly deflected off the invisible barriers.

“Thanks for the save, mutt,” Reno said. Red shot him a cold glare.

“If you continue making comments like that, my next spell will be DeBarrier.”

“‘Bretto...?” Knolan asked, running over to the power source which he created. “Can ya hear me, rust-bucket?”

“Hmmzzt... barely. I apologize, Knolan. I failed.”

“Ya won’t be like this for long, kid,” Knolan said. “I’ll rebuild ya.”

“How touching,” Seraph said. “I wish I had a camera. But playtime’s over. SUPER NOVA!!!”


A large comet launched itself into the solar system. Passing through several planets, it passed harmlessly by Earth, instead heading straight into the center of the sun!! The sun began to explode, creating a large supernova, appearing behind Seraph!!

It engulfed him, but caused him no harm, instead beginning to engulf the team!!

The heat was incredible. Unbearable.

Once the Super Nova passed, Seraph grinned.

“You fought bravely, but you have failed,” he said.

Once the dust cleared, Seraph’s eyes were wide with shock.

The entire team was standing there, in perfect condition, prepared to do battle.

“It--can’t be!!” he exclaimed.

“Knolan casted a shell around us at the last minute, freezing the air around it,” Shen said.

“And now, you’re MINE, ya sonnuva bitch!!!” Knolan exclaimed, energy surrounding his staff. “I’ve held back long enough!! BUT THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!! IT’S TIME FOR THE ULTIMATE SUMMON!!!!”

The energy shot out in various directions, illuminating Knolan’s form. He let out a cry as he was shot heavenward.

A few moments later, the clouds parted as a large man with wings slowly came down, glaring at Seraph.

“I am Asmodeus, the Angel of Death,” he bellowed. “I have been summoned by the most powerful sorceror on the planet. His cry for vengence for the death of his creation, as well as the cries from the Planet and the pureness of his soul have summoned me.”

“What’s going on?” Zack asked.

“The Ultimate Summon,” Aeris replied. “Knolan did it.”

“Demon, thou haft misused the great power in thee’s possesion!” Asmodeus exclaimed. “For this, thou must perish!!”

A flaming sword appeared in the angel’s hand. He drove it deep into Seraph, causing the One-Winged Angel to cry out in incredible pain. Bringing the sword out, Asmodeus gave him one last look.

“Thou art unworthy.”

With that, the Angel of Death retreated back to the heavens from which he came, and Knolan slowly lowered back down to the ground.

“That was the Ultimate Summon?” Cloud asked.

“Yep,” Knolan replied. “The Angel of Death, Asmodeus. But he can only be summoned in the most extreme of situations. This was one of them.”

“He has bought us the time we needed,” Sephiroth said. “Now, it’s time to finish off Seraph!!”

“You *koff* are welcome to... to try...” Seraph said, obviously in pain. “But you... cannot defeat me!! NONE CAN!!!”

“Go to hell!!” Sara exclaimed. The Witchblade exploded, covering her from head to toe in full body armor, with energy blades emitting from the two gemstomes on her wrists.

“Feel my wrath,” the Witchblade said, diving at Seraph, slashing frantically while tendrils shot out at him.

“The final blow...” Knolan said. “Go on, boys!!”

Garrison nodded as his sword began to glow brightly. Shen, Sephiroth, Cloud, Zack, Kurosawa, and Ray drew their individual swords.

“Attack as one.”

“Who...?” Cloud asked.

Garrison and Sephiroth both grinned.

“Who is that?” Ray asked.

“Maestro,” Garrison replied. “This is our chance!!”

All of them lept at Seraph, bringing their swords down, deep into the demon. Then, they slowly stepped back as Seraph began to glow brightly. Beams of light extended from his every part.

“Is this some sort of ultimate attack?” Kuro asked.

“He’s dying,” Knolan replied.


As the light grew brighter, he slowly began to disintigrate.


The Crater returned to normal. The clouds and the sky were gone. Now there were only rock ledges and darkness.

“We did it...” Cloud said. “It’s over.”

“Waitaminute, what’s supposed to happen now?” Deadpool asked.

“What about Holy?” Barret asked.

“Isn’t that up to the Planet?” Red asked.

“Yes,” Aeris replied.

“All right everyone, there’s no sense in staying here anymore,” Cloud said. “Let’s head home. We’ll leave our worries here.”

The team walked back towards the exit of the Crater, but Sephiroth stayed behind, looking down at the Crater.

“Sephiroth?” Aeris asked, walking over to him. “What’s wrong.”

“This isn’t over, Aeris...” he said. “I still feel the presence of Jenova. Of Seraph.”

“But that’s impossible,” she replied. “We just defeated them both.”

“He’s still... here...” Sephiroth said, falling to his knees.

“Sephiroth!!” Aeris exclaimed.

“He’s... laughing...”


Sephiroth felt himself being pulled out of his body, travelling through the Lifestream. At his destination, he saw a man waiting. Shirtless. A long sword in his hand. Long, silver hair flowing behind him. Emerald eyes which showed an imistakeable evil. And a sinister grin from ear to ear.

Sephiroth’s eyes narrowed as he landed in front of his brother.

“This is the end, brother,” Seraph said. “You and your accursed allies may have destroyed my body, but my spirit remains. All that is left is to defeat you. Then, I can inhabit your body, and continue my quest!! All that is left for you is battle!!”

“No,” Sephiroth replied, dropping the Masamune.

“What are you doing?” Seraph asked.

“I’m not going to fight you,” Sephiroth said. “Instead, you’re going to learn the truth. The truth about our mother.”

“I know the truth.”

“No, you don’t. Hojo and Lucrecia are our parents. Before we were born, Hojo injected Jenova cells into the womb. However, you were only made as a back-up. Raised in complete isolation. But we shared a mental bond.”

“I know about being raised in isolation, and the mental link. It was how I knew of your plans. But the link works both ways. That is how you were able to act in time to save Aeris’ life. Jenova sensed that you would turn away from her. Therefore, I intervened. Trying to confuse you about your identity. It failed, though.”

“I won’t let you win. You can try to kill me, but you won’t get far. If we truly do share a mental link, then you would know about seeing Lucrecia.”

“It was all faked by Valentine. None of it happened.”

“Feel the truth, then!!”

An image flashed across Seraph’s mind. A woman. In white. With long, brown hair.

“Seraph. You are my son.”

“What was that?” Seraph asked.

“The truth.”


“Sephiroth!!” Aeris shouted.

Suddenly, Sephiroth’s eyes instantly opened.

“You’re all right!!” Aeris exclaimed, wrapping her arms around him.

“Aeris?” he asked. “My brother... he...”

“Is right here.”

Aeris and Sephiroth looked up to see Seraph walking towards them, the Masamune in his hand.

“Oh God...” Aeris said. “Not now...”

“It’s all right, Aeris,” Sephiroth said. “Seraph has learned the truth. He’s changed, just as I did.”


“What is that?” Aeris asked.

From the depths of the Planet, Jenova emerged.

“Seraph, destroy them now!!!” Jenova commanded.

“No...” Seraph said. “I have killed many people in my life. But I will not kill my own brother!!”

“He is unworthy of us, my son!!” Jenova shouted.

“You are NOT my mother!!!” Seraph exclaimed. “The time has come to meet your doom, creature!!”

Seraph lept at Jenova, jamming his sword into it. It slowly began to fall back into the abyss.

Seraph reached out to grab a ledge when a gloved hand grabbed his arm.

“I have you,” Sephiroth said.

A tentacle wrapped around Seraph’s ankle.

“Sephiroth, let go,” Seraph ordered. “No sense in both of us dying.”

“What do you mean?” Sephiroth asked.

“Jenova,” Seraph replied. “It has my ankle. I can’t pull loose. Let go so it doesn’t take us both.”

“I won’t,” Sephiroth protested.

The whole Crater began to shake.

“Sephiroth, you don’t have much time!!” Seraph exclaimed. “Let GO!!”

The tentacle pulled harder. Seraph grabbed a loose rock and slammed it on Sephiroth’s hand, causing his brother to let go.

“Seraph!!” Sephiroth shouted to his brother as he was pulled down by Jenova.

“Sephiroth...” Aeris said. “Are you...”

“Fine,” Sephiroth said. “I’m fine. Where are the others?”

“They started going ahead, but I waited behind,” Aeris said.

“Up here!!” Cid shouted.

Aeris and Sephiroth looked up. The entire team was waiting.

“Are you guys okay?” Tifa asked.

“We’re fine,” Aeris replied.


“They seem to be safe,” Cloud said.

“But what are we gonna do now?” Ray asked.

“Holy should be moving soon,” Red said. “And that means this place will be...”

“Oh Lady Luck, don’t fail me now,” Cid said, looking up. As he watched, his eyes grew wide with shock and his cigarette fell from his mouth.

The others looked up as well to see the Highwind come crashing down. Finally, it stopped, suspended by the narrow space.

“Everyone all right?” Shen asked.

“Yeah,” Deadpool replied. “It only hurts when I... ow.”

“Let’s get in the Highwind, quickly!!” Cloud ordered.


“Shit,” Cid cursed. “We’re stuck.”

“This isn’t good...” Cait said. “That green stuff coming towards us doesn’t look very friendly...”

“Fuck me!!” Cid shouted. “Everyone brace yourselves!! This is gonna get rough!!”


The Lifestream exploded, forcing itself, and the Highwind, out of the Crater. It caused massive damage to most of the ship’s hull.

Inside, people were flying everywhere.

“Sh---it!!!” Cid exclaimed, grabbing onto a rail as the Highwind tilted sideways. He pulled his free hand up, reaching for the lever which read “Emergency Use ONLY.” As he pulled it, the Highwind fired its thrusters, pushing itself out of the path of the Lifestream. Its outer shell collapsed, leaving a sleak, missile-like object. Side wings folded out, and the thrusters propelled the former airship.


Bugenhagen sat in his chair for hours now, constantly looking through the massive telescope at Meteor. He quickly programmed the new coordinates he calculated for Meteor’s collision area. The telescope zoomed out and moved down.

“I hadn’t realized the exact match of the coordinates when I calculated them...” he said. “But if this is true, then Meteor’s destination is Midgar.”


Reeve assembled the remaining police force which didn’t evacuate.

“Come on, people!!” he exclaimed. “We need to get into the slums!! Meteor’s coming!!”

However, he couldn’t help think if this would even work. Would the plate be able to protect them all from Meteor?


Meteor slowly descended upon Midgar, causing violent tornados and lightning to ravage the city.

Just then, a span of blue light blocked Meteor’s path. However, Meteor seemed to go through Holy.


“Wait a damn minute!!” Barret said. “We can’t let that happen to Midgar!”

“I had everyone take refuge in the slums,” Caid said. “But now, I’m not too sure it was worth it...”

“It’s too late for Holy,” Red said. “Meteor has already reached the Planet. Holy is having the opposite effect. Forget about Midgar. We’ve gotta worry about the Planet!!”

“This is the darkness,” Vincent muttered. “It won’t last much longer, though.”

“How can you be sure?” Tseng asked.

“Win or lose, Meteor will be over soon,” Vincent replied. “Whether it is stopped, or whether the Planet is destroyed.”

“I’m settin’ a course for Midgar,” Cid said.


Near the Mythril Mines, Frost looked towards Midgar, where Meteor ravaged the city. He lowered his head and slowly shook it.

“Agent Frost,” a Seido Agent said.

“Yes?” Frost asked, turning to the masked agent.

“It would be safer for you inside.”

Frost nodded and followed the agent into Seido HQ.


The Highwind hovered over Midgar, keeping safe distance away.

Inside, Sephiroth was standing in a corner, his arms folded across his chest.

Tifa suddenly turned to Cloud.

“What’s that?” she asked.

The entire team gathered around to see green energy emitting from every crack in the Planet.

“Lifestream...” Sephiroth said.

The Lifestream began to gather around Midgar, covering Meteor from every square inch. Then, there was a bright light.


The Highwind landed outside of Midgar. As the team made their way out, they were greeted with cheers and applause from the public.

“We did it,” Cloud said.

“Yeah,” Barret said.

A man and woman walked through the crowd, making their way to the team.

“Reeve!!” Aeris exclaimed.”Mom!!”

“Marlene!!” Barret shouted.

“Papa!!” Marlene said. Elmyra placed her on the ground and she ran over to her father.

Aeris walked over to her foster mother and gave her a hug.

“Thank you, Mom,” she said.

“I’m so proud of you,” Elmyra said, looking at Aeris. “Everything you’ve done, your unselfish acts. You always put others before yourself.”

“Congratulations Cloud,” Reeve said, extending his hand. “You’ve saved the Planet.”

“Well boys,” Cid said. “Are we just gonna stand here all day? Or are we gonna have a celebration party!!”

“Where?” Ray asked.

“Cosmo Canyon,” Barret said. “It’s what Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie would’ve wanted.”

“Who?” Shen asked.

“I’ll tell ya all about ‘em,” Barret replied with a grin.

The entire team then piled into the Highwind, then rocketed off to Cosmo Canyon.


Bugen greeted the team once they entered Cosmo Canyon. Just like Midgar, people were cheering and applauding them.

“Ho ho ho!!” Bugen said. “Please, come on in!!”

“Awright boys,” Deadpool said. “LET’S ALL GET DRUNK AND PLAY PING-PONG!!!”


AUTHOR’S NOTES: Chapter 30, the final chapter, is finished. All that’s left is an epilogue which explains what happens after this. And be on the lookout for Hel & Back, the sequel to Bizarre Occurances!! And yes, that is the correct spelling of the title. You'll understand once you read the Prologue.


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