Chrono Trigger: The Lost Force Chapter 1

A Strange Predicament

By Dragoon Taryn

1001 A.D.

"Watch out Crono! You almost hit me!" Marle cried out as Crono almost hit her with his sword, the Rainbow, while attempting to cut down a tree.

"Sorry Marle, it’s just that Lucca said she needed some wood for this new project she’s working on," Crono told Marle.

Marle sighed. "That Lucca, she’s always working on something."

After gathering enough wood, Marle and Crono hauled it back to Lucca’s house. "Here Lucca, is this enough?" Crono asked as Lucca began inspecting the wood.

"Yeah, I think this amount will be alright," Lucca replied.

"It better be," Marle groaned, "I don’t think I could stand dragging more trees around."

Lucca smiled. "Don’t worry Marle, if I need more, I can always get more myself."

"So, what are you doing exactly, anyway?" Crono wondered.

Lucca stood up and scratched her head. "Well, I’m trying to build more seats for the Epoch. It would be nice if it could carry more people."

"Yeah, that’s a good idea," Marle agreed, "But why did you decide to do this now?"

Lucca sighed. "I just had this very strange feeling that we will be needing them very soon."

* * * * *

1999 A.D.

Kill or be killed.

That was the only thing that ran through 15-year-old Taryn’s mind as she hid behind a bush, ready to take out anyone who opposed her. She scanned the area, then took out her pendant for a moment to give her luck. Then, hearing a soft rustle in the bushes, she turned around sharply, taking aim with her gun. She locked onto her target, then BANG!

"Oh man. I can’t believe you got me AGAIN!" Paul moaned, as he touched the red goop that covered his chest.

Taryn jumped from behind the bush. "Well, if you weren’t so slow, maybe you could win!" Taryn laughed as she gave him a friendly slap on the back.

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I’ll see you in school. ‘Bye," Paul said as he started towards home.

Taryn was busy emptying the goop capsules out of her rifle when she noticed a strangle, blue light coming from behind a tree. She approached the tree, then saw that the blue light was something that looked like a portal. "What the, oh no!" Taryn yelled as the portal sucked her into the unknown.

* * * * *

601 A.D.

Magus was reading an old scripture in his practically deserted castle when he sensed that someone was there. Reaching for his scythe, he walked silently over to his chamber door, then, threw open his door and held the scythe up to his assailant’s throat. "Who are you? And how dare you invade my castle?" Magus demanded.

"Magus! ‘Tis only I, Glenn!" a voice croaked.

Magus loosened his grip. "Glenn? I could have killed you!"

"I’m sorry, Magus, ‘twas a fault of mine, but ye didn’t answer thy knock," Glenn replied.

Magus sighed. "Speak quicky Glenn. What do you want?"

"I hath felt an eerie energy wave, ‘twas very powerful," Glenn told Magus.

"So you have felt it also. I have a feeling that this could be very bad."

Suddenly, a huge gate came out of nowhere and blasted a mysterious figure into the wall.

"Ouch, lousy son of a....," the stranger muttered.

Magus drew his scythe once again and pointed it at the stranger. "Who are you?"

She stood up. It was a young woman, who appeared to be no older than the age of fifteen. "I’m Taryn, who the hell are you?"

"I am Magus, a powerful sorcerer," Magus told her, "And I shall exterminate you unless you explain how you got here, and why you are here."

"Well," Taryn began, "I was just inspecting this blue light, when it sucked me in, and I ended up here."

"Tis a very odd predicament," remarked Glenn.

"You’re telling me," the young woman agreed.

Magus put away his scythe. "I think that we should consult the others on this new turn of events."

"Agreed," Glenn croaked, "To the End of Time." He pulled out the Gate Key and they headed for Truce Canyon.

* * * * *

The End of Time

"Well, this a pleasant surprise," Gaspar remarked as the three came through the Gate, "But it seems you have a new guest. And who might you be?"

"I am Taryn, from the year 1999," Taryn replied.

"1999 A.D. eh? That is very interesting."

"Why?" Taryn wondered, confused.

"Forget it," Magus told her, "Gaspar, please keep an eye on her, we have to go get the others."

"Of course Janus," Gaspar said, "Shall I have Spekkio teach her a magical element?"

"If he has the time," Magus answered, as he and Glenn went through a portal to 1,001 A.D.

"Why am I here, anyway?" Taryn asked Gaspar after Magus and Glenn had disappeared.

Gaspar sighed. "Perhaps I can tell you while Spekkio helps you with some training. Come along."


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