Chrono Trigger: The Lost Force Prologue

By Dragoon Taryn

A lone stranger stood atop a high mountain during a terrible storm. He could feel frightful waves of magical energy coming from somewhere: past, present, future? He didn’t know, but he planned to find out. He pulled a staff, encrusted with a crystal on the tip, out from under his belt and shouted a spell out into the wind. The storm became even more terrible, and bolts of lighting flew from the staff. Then he stared into the crystal, waiting for the keeper of the strong magical energy to appear. After a few moments, he looked away in disgust. Failed again. He needed more energy, only more energy would show him what he wanted to know. I must find more energy, he thought, I must find the ultimate energy source. He bowed his head. He would succeed. He would find the keeper of this energy, and claim it for his own.


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