R-66Y Chapter 1

By Dennis Smith

The following is a prequil sort of short story about Robo's life before he encountered Crono and his friends...some memories that might have been shaken loose from the Day of Lavos and the great disaster on that day in A.D. 1999.


"Power generators running at optimum efficeincy. Visual and sound sensors adapting to environment".

These and other mechanical messages flashed across a young robot's eye-like moniters as he slowly gained conciousness in a room filled with many others of his kind.

"You are a synthetic humanoid robot programmed to learn as you experience," the robot heard from his inner-self. "You are one of 100 prototypes of the R-Series. Your serial number is R-66Y, and you are the 67th off of the assembly line. You are currently in the cargo room of the Geno Dome, a robotics and android factory. You will await instructions from a human being. This has been a recorded message from the Mother Brain."

The eerie voice stopped as all of R-66Y's normal functions came into effect. He stood still for a few minutes until he started to become curious and began to look around at his surroundings. He noticed many robotic beings among himself, all colored a light metallic blue shade. As he looked over them, a small number in the corner of his moniter read '99'. His scanners detected that they were all operating correctly, but he found himself the only one looking around.

He glared down at his right arm and saw an appendage resembling that of a human being's, according to his information banks. He quickly discovered that he could send an electronic message to this extension and order it to clench, twist, and perform in a countless number of ways.

Intreged by this discovery, R-66Y soon glanced over at his left arm and found that it was unlike the other. After glimpsing through his information banks, he found that it resembled a weapon called an uzzi, and could be used to inflict serious damage on both man and machine.

After scanning the rest of his body, he found many other special functions in him, including a special laser capable of healing both himself and others, as well as a special generator capible of producing deadly electrical surges.

Shortly, a door off to the side of the room opened and two men walked in, one wearing a tie and both wearing hard hats. They closed the door behind them and looked around.

"It looks like they came out just fine," said the one with the tie.

"Should we start examining them now?" said the other man.

"Yes," replied the tied man, "You start down here and I'll start at the other end.

"Alright, sir." With that, the man with the tie started his way down the seeminly endless rows of robots as the other approached the one closest to the door. "Greetings. My name is Yance. What is your name?"

The robot replied in a metallic voice, "My serial number is R-00Y. I am instructed to obey you."

"How do you feel today, R-00Y?" Yance asked the android.

"All functions are running at optimum efficiency," replied R-00Y.

"Hmm, well, I'm going to run some tests on you, R-00Y, okay?" said Yance.

"As you wish, Mr. Yance," answered R-00Y.

Yance pushed a small button located near R-00Y's neck which as a result caused the robot's chestplates to separate. As all this happened, R-66Y watched carefully using his periphrical vision. A glimmering green gem sat in the center of the robot's belly. Yance pried at it a few times with a strange looking instrument and it clicked open, revealing R-00Y's central computer chip, or the 'brain' of him.

"So, how does it feel to be running for the first time ever?" Yance asked R-00Y.

"My pressure censors indicate a steady electrical flow and proper fluid transition," answered the robot.

As he said this, a series of small lights flickered from within the now exposed inner sanctums of R-00Y. Yance observed and wrote something on a small clipboard.

R-66Y was now curious as ever. He thought to himself 'What is he recording?' by now, the other man, who R-66Y had overheard possesed the name 'Finton,' was performing the same procedure on the last android at the other end of the storeroom. Before long, R-66Y found himself overcome by curiosity. He took his first step out of the cluster of his brothers and turned left toward the Finton, who was closer. He gingerly strided over in his direction, until he was about 20 feet away when Finton suddenly turned around.

"Wh--what do you want?" said Finton.

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Finton," said R-66Y, "If you do not mind my implying, may I be so inquizitive as to ask you what you and Mr. Yance are observing on R-00Y and R-99Y?"

Finton's eyes seemed to light up as he took slow steps toward R-66Y.

"Are you…curious?" asked Finton with delight.

"I believe so, " answered R-66Y.

Finton then cracked an enormus smile. "Yance!" he yelled down to the other end of the storehouse, "I think I found the one we're looking for!"

Yance looked up from his work. "You're kidding?" he holored back, "Already?"

"He's curious!" yelled Finton.

Yance was also engulfed in delight as he dropped his tools and dashed to Finton and R-66Y.

All this time R-66Y was very confused. He thought to himself, "Why is it such a big deal that I am curious? Is not it only natural?" Then Finton and Yance turned toward him in excitement.

"You're the one, 66!" Finton said with joy. "You're going to change the history of robots forever!"

With this, R-66Y recieved a sudden feeling of pride.

"We'll explain on the way," said Yance, "As for you, it's off to the Guardia Dome!"

"Finton and Yance then led R-66Y out of the storehouse, explaining to him how special he really was.


What ever became of R-66Y?

Why is he so special?

What will he do in Guardia Dome?


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