R-66Y Chapter 2

By Dennis Smith

R-66Y and Finton rode aboard a Hover-Limo on the way across the sea to the Guardia Continent. Finton had told R-66Y that the R-Series were all similar in structure, but each induvidual one was given a special experimental computer chip that was to cause a machine to experience human emotions. Each chip was different, though, and the factory had been given orders to check each of the 100 R-Series Robots for the one in which the experiment worked, and it just so happened that R-66Y was the victorious variable.

King Guardia LXVI was at first very skeptical about the idea of such a concept, but was eventually persuaded to grant the money neccessary to pay for the project, and ordered that if it worked, he wanted to be the first to see it in action. It was on this order that Finton was taking R-66Y to the Royal Guardia Dome, where the Guardia Castle was located.

Soon, they arrived, where Finton barged his way into the Throne Room with R-66Y shortly behind him.

"Your majesty!" Finton belowed proudly, forgetting to bow, "Here it is!"

The King glared down on him with an unknowing look. "Do I…know you, sir?"

"Your majesty, it is I, Finton, Sr. Head Manager of the Geno Dome!"

The King still looked puzzled.

"You granted me money for the R-Series Project, my leige," Finton said, trying despritally to recapture the King's memory."

"Ah, yes, well, if I granted you money I am sure you must be important, Mr. Finter," said the King.

Finton ignored the King's mistake and moved on. "Majesty, you granted the Geno Corporation 2,000,000G for a project that concerned creating a special microchip capable of allowing machines to experience human emotion."

"Yes…," said the King in a deep thought, "Yes, now I believe I remember."

"Anyway, I know it's been a year or so…but it worked!" Finton said. He turned 90 degrees to left and did a 'ta-dah' towards R-66Y. "This robot right here has emotions!"

"You're kidding?" said the King in disbelief.

"No, sir, majesty!" said Finton. "I've talked to it in the hovercraft and it also seems to have a self-oriented opinion!"

"That's a little too hard to swallow," said the King.

"Mr. Finton speaks only the truth, your majesty," said R-66Y.

"Well then, droid, if you have an opinion, " said the King, "What do you think of this carpeting?"

R-66Y looked down below his feet.

"Ah, it is my belief that this carpet does not correspond with the walls of the castle, and should be blue," said R-66Y, "And while we are on the subject of opinion, I believe that a light green tunic would enhance the highlight of your eyes, sire."

"Interesting," said the King with intriege, "but does he still have the super-intelligence of a normal droid?"

Finton opened his mouth, but R-66Y beat him to the answer.

"Please do not insult me, sire," said the robot, "Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter who's value is approximately 3.14159265. Whenever any anti-particle comes into contact with it's counterpart particle, the two conbine to form pure energy. The first King of Guardia was originally named Prometheus, he built the first settlement out of stones and mud with a party of 10 men, he reigned for 32 years, he died of pnemonea when he was 64 years of age, and his sandal size was 12½."

"Astonishing!" the King beamed, while a huge smile claimed Finton's face. "This is a breakthrough! This will change robotics forever!" The King pressed the button on his intercom. "Gean, contact all of the newspapers, radio stations, and television studios, on the double!"

The "Gean" on the other end of the line responded, "Sire, is everything alright?"

"Better than fine, just do it!" bellowed the King. With that, he stood up from his throne and walked toward R-66Y with a gleam in his eye.

"Pretty impressive, huh, majesty?" said Finton.

"Remarkable!" the King said, still engulfed in awe.

R-66Y tried to be polite as the King ran his hands all over him, inspecting every gadget on him.

"I am a Humanoid R-Series Robot, if that is what you are trying to deduce, sire," said R-66Y.

"No, no, that's not it," the King said, "It's just that you are so special, I am in shock!"

"I would be blushing if I could, sire," said R-66Y.

"Ha ha!" the King laughed, "Even humor! What is your name, droid?"

"My serial number is R-66Y," he said.

"Oh, dear," said the King. "That is certainly no name for someone as special as you, my boy. What shall we name him, Mr. Finter?"

"Well, majesty," said Finton, once again ignoring the King's error, "I was thinking of a name that says 'breakthrough', and 'new', and 'the very first'."

"Why, you're absolutly right, sir," the King said, "We'll name him after Prometheus, founder of the long-lived Kingdom of Guardia!" The King looked into the robot's 'eyes'. "Prometheus…yes, PERFECT!"

"Actually," Finton said, words trailing off to a mumble as he realized the King was no longer paying any attention to him, "I was thinking more along the lines of…'Finton'."

"Oh, my oh my!" the King said quickly, acting very excited. "Oh, I know! We simply must show my son and my daughter! There're both in the back for their private tutoring lessons. Come, Prometheus and Finter!"

The King dashed off toward the back of the castle. Prometheus looked over at Finton.

"This will be a good oppurtunity for me to personnally experience children," said Prometheus, "Let us go."

With that, the two followed the King back toward the tutoring room to meet the Prince and Princess of Guardia.


What is in store for Prometheus?

How will the children react?

How will the WORLD react?


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