R-66Y Chapter 3

By Dennis Smith

One month had passed since King Guardia LXVI had encountered R-66Y, now known as Prometheus. The entire world was in an uproar, many people excited, some protesting, claiming that only human beings and Mystics should have the right to emotions, since they were born with them. All of the newspapers in the world had Prometheus's picture on the front page, with headlines such as "Emotional Robot Shocks World," and "Prometheus--The Human Robot." Even tabloids made such headlines as, "Geno Inc. Puts Human Brain in Robot Shell."

The stock market soared, over 500,000 stocks in Geno Inc. sold the first day that the idea was introduced to the world. People all over the world were ordering their own R-Robot for thier homes and businesses.

The minute that the King and Finton showed Prometheus to his children, they immediately wanted one of their own. The King's daughter, Elinie, wanted one just like Prometheus, except a "girl" version. The King's son, Brach, who was only five, wanted a robot that was "cool" and "in." Brach asked for a robot that could automatically change itself into a car, and had "awesome hair."

The production of these two specific robots had just arrived at the Guardia Dome. The two children were out on the front lawn as thier new "friends" were being unloaded from the Hover-Rig.

"Wow!" exclaimed Brach, looking at his robot. It had snazzy modern clothing and slick metallic "hair" and shades for eyes. "This is awesome! Turn it on!," he said to the driver.

The driver of the vehicle opened a hatch on the robot's back and flipped a couple of switches. A few computer noises were heard as it rose to its feet.

"Whoa," said the robot, looking around. He eventually looked down at Brach. "And you would be?"

"BRACH!!!" said the prince. "THIS IS SO COOL!!!"

"Well, nice to meet ya, little dude," said the robot. "What's my name?"

"Ummm…" Brach thought, "Your name will be Johnny!"

"Okay," the robot replied, "I am Johnny."

Meanwhile, Elinie had just turned her new robot on. It was designed just like Prometheus, bulky and large, only this one was spraypainted a hot pink color.

"Greetings," said the robot. "What are your commands, madam?"

"Oh, don't bother with that formal mumbo jumbo," said Elinie. "Just call me Elinie. What's you name?"

"I have no name, Elinie. But my serial number is 001-XR," said the robot. "You may give me a new name if you wish."

"Well," said Elinie, "I think I'll name you Atropos, after my grandmother."

"I am…Atropos XR," said the robot. "Data storage complete."

"Hmm," Elinie said as she looked Atropos over. "It seems like you need something more…feminine." After thinking for a few more seconds, Elinie took the ribbon from her hair and put it on the top of Atropos's.

"Thank you, Elinie," said Atropos.

By this time, Brach was zooming all over the place on Johnny, who had turned himself into a jet vehicle. Screaming and enjoying himself, he sped off toward the town of Truce to show him off to his friends.


Meanwhile, Prometheus was back at the Geno Factory, where for a while he had to be thouroughly examined so that the proper mechanical formula could be determined for the emotion chip. Also, Prometheus was spraypainted a coat of lusterous gold to separate him from his blue brothers, who also were eventually implanted with the special chip.

Finton was constantly on the run, from here to there and there to here, making sure everything was going according to plan. Dispite the mere creator-product bond, Finton and Prometheus had started to become good friends. They often ran experiments with each other and had a good time together. In one experiment, they found that a certain type of Tonic that helped to recover human wounds also seemed to refresh the internal functions of a robot.

One job that Prometheus had was consulting with the newly-implanted robots and explaining to them about human nature, so that they could have a better relationship with their masters. The first two robots that Prometheus talked to were the ones now known as Johnny and Atropos.

Prometheus found out quickly that Johnny was programmed to have a cocky attitude and a liking for children. Atropos, however, had a very feminine and soft attitude. After talking to Finton about his feelings, Prometheus came to the conclusion that he had a crush on her. Eager to find out what love felt like, Prometheus asked Atropos for "a specifically planned time and place in which to exchange thoughts and ideas about the opposing party," or in human words, a date. Atropos accepted, which made Prometheus very happy.

They decided that since human food would not please them, and since the strobing of movie theaters distrupted their visual sensors, they would just meet in the Geno Dome. At exactly 8:00 p.m. on December 1, 1998, they met at the front gates. Little did they know what fate had in store for them inside.


How will Prometheus and Atropos get along?

What is in store for them in the Geno Dome?

Is it any coincidence that we are drawing ever so close to the Day of Lavos?


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