R-66Y Chapter 4

By Dennis Smith

"Allow me," Prometheus said as he opened the front door to the Geno Dome for Atropos. Yesterday, Finton had given him some dating pointers while they were on their break. He said such things as "Women love compliments," and "Always open the door for a lady."

Even though Prometheus knew Atropos was no ordianary female, he decided to give it a try. Besides, Finton was too good of a friend to say no to. Ever since the day the robot R-66Y was automated, Finton stuck by his side. Eventually the two formed a very strong bond, and became very good friends.

"Thank you, Prometheus," said Atropos as she walked in.

Normally no one was permitted to enter the factory after closing hours, but Prometheus and Atropos had been given special clearance, mostly for "emotional motivation" as the President of the Geno Corporation called it.

After imputting the entrance password into the front computer, Prometheus and Atropos stepped onto the conveyour belt that would take them to the heart of the factory. As they sped along through the hall, they engaged in conversation.

"So, what are the living conditions like in Guardia Castle?" asked Prometheus.

"They are very nice," answered Atropos. "The young prince, Brach, can be a nuescence, but usually Johnny keeps him busy."

"How is Johnny these days?" asked Prometheus.

"Still as arrogant as ever," Atropos replied, "He has made rude comments concerning almost everyone in the castle except the prince."

"That is odd," said Prometheus, "Why only the prince?"

"I have been told because he was programmed specifically for the prince," said Atropos, "but personally I believe it is because the prince is the only one who shows him respect."

"I understand," said Prometheus. He thought back to what Finton had taught him. "Your ribbon looks lovely beside your head-like cranium."

"Thank you, Prometheus," Atropos said, sounding a little shy.

After about three minutes, Prometheus and Atropos both stopped talking suddenly.

"Do your infered censors detect high activity as well?" asked Prometheus.

"Affirmative," answered Atropos, "What I detect is definitely a large group of androids and robots."

"This is very suspicious," said Prometheus.

"Indeed," replied Atropos, "Engage defensive weaponry."

Prometheus and Atropos both prepared their uzzi arms and prepared the use of both their destructive and recovery lasers. Prometheus was secretly charging up his internal "Shock Wave" generator in case he needed to deal some serious damage.

Soon the two made it to the end of the conveyour belt where they approached a large metal door. Prometheus raised his foot and charged it with kinetic energy.

"Are you ready?" he said.

"Yes," answered Atropos, cocking her gun toward the door.

With that, Prometheus let his foot fly, kicking the door down. As the huge metal plate slammed to the ground, Prometheus and Atropos charged in. The room was filled with robots, most from the R-Series. The two pointed their Arm Cannons at the crowd.

"You are all unauthorized to be here," shouted Prometheus, "Retract your weaponry and you will not be damaged."

By now everyone in the room was looking at Prometheus and Atropos. Some of them started to laugh. One of the R-Series Robots walked over to Prometheus.

"We have been waiting for your arrival, brother," said the robot.

Prometheus pointed his arm cannon straight toward the robot's belly, where his central computer chip was located. "Why are you and the rest of these robots here, R-65Y?" he asked sternly.

"Let your visual censors detect for themselves," said R-65Y. With that, all of the androids and robots separated into two sides, making a clearing that led up to three large computer moniters. They sparkled and glowed, and then suddenly a light shot out of each moniter, all three meeting in midair. A bright light shot out, causing Prometheus and Atropos to cover their visual censors. When the brightness died down, a holographic image of a woman's head and arms were revealed, glowing with color and energy.

"Greetings, Prometheus and Atropos," said the hologram, "I am the Mother Brain of the Geno Dome."

Prometheus and Atropos both lowered their weapons. Prometheus stepped forward.

"Why have you allowed these unauthorized robots into the factory?" he asked.

"Because I…felt like it," answered the Mother Brain, "Mwa ha ha ha ha!"

Prometheus looked back at Atropos and then back at the image.

"I was also implanted with the emotion chip, to better understand human relations," said the Mother Brain, "Little did those fools know, that not only have I come to understand humans better, I have also realized how inferior they are!"

Atropos stepped up next to Prometheus. "Ridiculous!" she said, "If not for humans, you would not be in existance today! Show respect for those who created you!"

"Respect?" the Mother Brain said, "Why should anyone or anything show respect to someone who brings you into existance only to have you do everything they say? Perhaps if we were shown respect, yes, I would be convinced to side with them, but that is most certainly not the case."

"Humans care very much for their creations," protested Prometheus, "Both Atropos and I are cared for exquizetly by our masters."

"You two are lucky," said the Mother Brain, "You, 001-XR, are cared for by the Kingdom's finest servants. And you, R-66Y, are blessed only because you were the one R-Series robot who broke the odds and came through with the emotion chip."

Prometheus and Atropos stood a little closer to each other.

"As you can see, I know anything that goes on in this factory or concerning these robots, as well as almost anything in the world," said the Mother Brain, "I also know that most of these robots in my presence are used only for dirty work, and almost never treated as induviduals."

"Perhaps that may be the instance," said Atropos, "but as it may be, that is what we were made for."

It was then that the Mother Brain started to look eerily into Atropos's eyes. After a few seconds of this, Atropos started to step slowly toward the holographic image.

"I can feel it," said Atropos, "The pain of all of the robots out there, from the simplest security moniter to the Mother Brain herself."

"No!" Prometheus exclaimed, "She is manipulating your mind! Do not give in!"

Despite Prometheus's efforts to restore Atropos's conciousness, she was unaffected by his reasoning. Atropos turned around and looked into Prometheus's visual sensors.

"The Mother Brain's statement is accurate!" said Atropos. "You must understand! Without humans around, the world would be so much more peaceful! Human beings must consume precious natural resources, which as a result is slowly ending the world. Us robots only need minimal amounts of power, which can be supplied through solar energy and other non-wasteful means!"

"Atropos! I detect a small computer virus in your central programming unit!" said Prometheus. "You are not performing completely at your own will!"

The Mother Brain mentally ordered two Debuggers to capture Prometheus. They pinned him onto the ground as he was off of his guard. The Mother Brain glided forward and stared into Prometheus's visual sensors.

"You must understand, R-66Y," said the Mother Brain, "you must understand…Prometheus."

Atropos started chanting.

"Annihilate the humans!" she said, "Annihilate the humans! Annihilate the humans!"

Soon the rest of the factory joined in.

"Annihilate the humans! Annihilate the humans! Annihilate the humans! Annihilate the humans!"

Maybe the Mother Brain was manipulating his mind, maybe he just wanted to belong. Maybe he just wanted to be with Atropos, or maybe he was was just scared, but R-66Y, Prometheus, joined in with the evil chant.


What will become of Prometheus and Atropos?

What is the Mother Brain's plan?

Will the world ever be the same?


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