Dark Winds Epilogue

The Calm After the Storm

By Eponine

Celebrations were well underway again, for this marked the fourth year since the destruction of Lavos. All of Guardia gathered at Leene's square, Nadia's bells ringing alongside the ancient sound of Leene's bells, restored and placed back in the square at the princess' insistence. Merriment and laughter filled the air, cloying with the scent of lemonade and the crackle of fireworks high in the skies.

Crono snaked an arm around Marle, holding her closely as they marveled at the bright lights filling the skies. And yet, he couldn't help but glance about, seeing Glenn leaning back comfortably, half resting against Robo, who had Lucca braced against his other side. All three sat in rapt attention to the sky.

Just a little further, enough to keep proper distance, Janus had reclaimed his seat this year, and another as well. Delora, a daughter he never knew existed, pointed at the fireworks, ever curious as a child ten years her junior. So much Flea had kept her in the dark about, even something as simple as fireworks. Though so normally quiet, and usually scowling at such trifling things, Crono caught Janus in a rare moment, actually acting as a father, gesturing to the sky as he explained the lightshow to Delora.

Crono chuckled quietly to himself, Janus' life had been swathed in pain and misery nearly from the start, but it seemed that whatever entity watched over them, it has seen fit to give even the brooding Magus a happy ending after all..


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