150G Epilogue

By Ersatz Sobriquet

After CHAOS' defeat, the Light Warriors returned back to their own time, with the world around them oblivious to the all the happenings and adventures the Light Warriors encountered. The world and it's natural balance was put back into it's respective order. All traces of CHAOS ever existing were completely gone.

The Light Warriors tried to resume living a normal life, but it was harder for some of them to do so. Rilla and Terimy grew a certain fondness for one another over the course of their journey and neither one wanted to settle down back at Coneria. Rilla had found a purpose in life and didn't want to lose that. Terimy needed the thrill of knowing his life was in peril, as was such the case while fighting such beast like T-Rex's and the like. Adventures were more thrilling for the two of them, so they left Weturo and Sein to look for more adventure.

Weturo, who had kept the romance that was between Mai and himself a complete secret up to that point, confided in Sein, a trusted friend he had gained over the course of their journey, and told him everything and why he truly obtained the orb originally. He told him that since no one knows about them leaving, his going back to Master Kenryo would be only a few months and not the years that they had traveled. He was going to try to rekindle the love that he felt was there before. Sein wished him the best and knew that Master Kenryo would be surprised to see his pupil to have turned into a Master.

When Weturo did return, he related his whole adventure to Master Kenryo and told him that the one thing that motivated him was knowing that he couldn't let Mai down. Mai overheard this and rejoiced to know that he really did care about her. After a few months past, the two were married and unfortunately the only one who could show up for it from the Light Warriors was Sein, for no one knew where Terimy and Rilla had gone off to.

Five months later, there was a knock on Master Kenryo's door. Weturo lived with Master Kenryo after he and Mai were married, particularly because there was no real need for them to leave. Answering the door, Weturo saw an out stretch hand. Looking up, he saw it was Terimy.

Hugging him, forgetting that his hand was stretched out, Weturo exclaimed, "You missed my wedding, friend! How are you? I haven't seen you in quite some time. Please come in!" Terimy couldn't believe Weturo was capable of showing such affection. "Marriage must've gotten him good," Terimy thought.

Coming out of his tight hug, Weturo pulled him inside. After looking around in awe, the simplicity yet sheer beauty of it all, Weturo asked all smiles, "So, where have you been, my friend?"

Smiling? I never remembered Weturo smiling... Terimy thought.

"Just come to say hello, and congratulation. I see you finally settled down, huh?" Terimy asked.

"Yes, yes. Mai, my wife, is wonderful. I couldn't have found a better woman." Weturo answered, a bit to jovial for Terimy's taste.

"I see. Well, anyway, I won't keep you long. I just came by to say hi and collect my money." Terimy casually said.

"Money... What money?" Weturo asked.

Walking closer to him, Terimy replied, "Oh come now. You haven't forgotten all ready, have you?"

Weturo just stood there, a bit dumbfounded.

Smiling, Terimy reminded him, "You said that you would never get married. Never!" Stretching out his hand, and lowering his voice, he finished, "I think you owe me 150G."




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