The Demon War Chapter 10

when Holmcross Fights Holmcross...

By Firstborn Dragon

The defenders stood, and watched. If what Zeikfried had clamed was true; they were the last hope of their planet. Each fought for freedom, their own, and others.

For the demons, this was also a personal battle. A past that none but themselves knew of. An old feud, which had begun centuries ago.

For one solider, it was a chance to redeem himself.

For two others, it was a battle to avenge a fallen comrade. Though neither Rudy nor Jack had seen Cecilia’s body, they both knew if she still lived, it was not as herself. Their worst fear was that on this day, they would be forced to battle their friend. A battle that would only end when one side was dead…

The attackers advanced, but again halted. This time, they were nearly in the gates of the city. One figure moved. The twelfth Holmcross. The one who had fooled Rudy in Aydelhide. The one who wanted him dead…

Rudy knew what was going to be asked. What he didn’t know was his reply.

The Holmcross halted halfway between the two armies. And waited. The tension in the air grew as the waiting continued. Rudy knew what they expected him to do. But he wasn’t ready to submit. Some warriors looked around in confusion, uncertain of what they should do. At the sight of Rudy and Jack waiting, the warriors continued to wait as well. Each side was waiting for the other to make the next move.

Neither side was willing to do so.

For the first time, Rudy was uncertain of what to do. His mind was torn in three, between the demon, human, and Elw part. The demon said attack, the human retreat, and the Elw said to seek another solution. Rudy knew he could not allow the confusion to show. To do so would destroy any hope the defenders had of winning.

The Holmcross drew his sword, throwing the sheath towards Rudy. Rudy knew the challenge when he saw it. He looked back at Jack. "This is my fight. If something happens, you’ll need to lead. But I believe there is more resting on the outcome of this battle. More than personal satisfaction. Much more…"

"But, I’m…" Jack looked up, uncertain of how to tell Rudy the truth.

"Jack, please. The soldiers trust you, as dose Zed and Boomerang. I can’t leave anyone else."

Jack slowly nodded. "Alright. But you’d best come back. The demons need you. This army needs you."

Rudy nodded. "I know. I don’t intend to lose this fight…"

Rudy drew his sword, and advanced toward the other Holmcross. Rudy only hoped that Jack would watch the demon army for any sign of treachery. His mind would be all on this battle. "Guardians be with me…" Rudy said it so quietly, that no one else heard him.

The holmcross watched him. "Shall I end this quickly?"

Rudy laughed. "Remember who retreated last time. This time, you will not escape."

"So be it. To the death!"

And the Holmcross launched himself at Rudy.

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