The Demon War Chapter 11

Ending the Fight...

By Firstborn Dragon

Once again, it was Rudy’s opponent who sought to strike first. Rudy blocked it. But his opponent had learned his lesson well. No longer did he allow Rudy the chance to reach his demon half. Rudy fought with desperation. He knew that allowing his opponent to defeat him would ruin the moral of the army he fought for, and the world he sought to save.

At the same time he fought the holmcross, he also fought his memories. Memories of being controlled. Memories of being forced into a battle he didn’t want. Memories of the helplessness he felt. And memories of the pain and fear when he though he would destroy someone he cared about.

"Why do you fight me?" It was the first time Rudy had attempted to speak with his foe in battle. From experience, he also knew it was the point during which Zeikfried’s control was the weakest.

The homocross halted for a moment, puzzled. "Why…? Because….because…" He stood there puzzled, then charged. "Because you challenge my leadership!"

Rudy blocked. "I never challenged your leadership. I never wanted it."

The words echoed back, reaching both sides. The Homocrosses watched one another in shock, unable to believe that the one they would follow, as leader would choose not to lead them. The Homocross who was challenging Rudy looked back, and yelled something out. Something that only those who had at least some demon in could understand.

Now Zeikfried was totally surprised. "You may have changed this battle, but I swear I will see you dead. The quartette knights live, AND WE WILL WIN!!!!"

Zeikfried and the others vanished. Rudy took a deep breath and backed up towards the others. "It looks like we’ve been given some breathing space. Now the only question is, what should we do?"

The soldiers said nothing. They had no ideas. All except one. "We should head for the Elw forest. That’s where the people who were evacuated from headed. And it’s also where we were told to retreat to…"

Jack nodded. "I guess that’s the best thing to do. What do you thing Rudy? Rudy…?"

Rudy wasn’t apparently paying attention. Then, as if suddenly noticing that he was being spoken to, he turned to look at Jack. "What?"

Zed looked at Rudy puzzled. "What do you hear?"

Rudy shook his head. "I don’t know… But it’s calling to me. Something is calling to me, from the east…"

Jack looked at his friend in concern. "Are you feeling alright?"

Rudy nodded. "I just want to know what’s calling me. Can’t you hear it?"

Jack looked around at those gathered. Yet none seemed to hear anything. "I don’t think anyone else dose…" Jack looked questioningly at Zed.

Zed tried to hide his surprise. "I don’t hear anything. But maybe the others…"

Rudy answered that. "No, they wouldn’t. It’s calling to me. I can’t explain it. But I know it’s meant for me."

"Rudy, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but…"

Rudy nodded. "I know Jack. We’re in the middle of a war. I can’t go chasing ghosts. So, any suggestions?"

Jack nodded, relived that the discussion had changed from Rudy’s voice. "The solider we rescued from Adelaide said that they were told to retreat back towards Rosseta. It seems the Elw told them to. If anyone survives…"

Rudy nodded. "True. Well, let’s go then. But…"

Jack cast a questioning look at Rudy. "But?"

"How are we going to get everyone there? I can’t even figure out how you got everyone here in the first place."

Jack laughed. "Oh yeah, I suppose you don’t know."

Rudy was really confused now. "Know what?"

Jack shrugged. "That the good doctor Emma made a second Gull wing. Only it’s bigger. We brought them both. After what happened though, I kinda wish we’d left one behind…"

Rudy shook his head. "I don’t think it would have helped. I think it would have only given them a new weapon. And that’s something we can’t afford…"

Jack nodded, reluctantly. "I know you’re right. It’s just that…"

Rudy nodded. "I know. I know… I feel the same way. If only we’d been a little faster, then…"

The two warriors looked at each other. Both saw the same helpless look reflected in the other’s face.

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