The Demon War Chapter 4

Courage for the Future from the Past

By Firstborn Dragon

Rudy looked around. He’d been sent to this room what seemed like hours ago. Yet he still knew not why. "How is this supposed to prove anything. Or have the guardians turned their backs on me as well? Have they brought me here to die?"

The walls did not answer. From behind him, a door opened. Ione Paula entered. "Come, it is time. Perhaps the past shall help you in the future…"

Ione Paula lead Rudy into another room. Zephyr stood their. He nodded at Ione Paula, and Ione left. Rudy looked up at Zephyr, guardian of hope. The guardian he’d summond during the last demon war. Zephyr studdied Rudy as well. "Time changes us all. Yet, it dosen’t always treat us farly. Perhaps this world is too unkind. But I belive their is something you should see. Come, follow me to the past…"

Zephyr lead Rudy down a corridor. A corridor which, moments ago, hadn’t exsisted. They stopped. Zephyr turned to face Rudy. "Look at the wall, and see the past…"

* * * * *

Elw stood their. He stood over a still form. A form Rudy knew well, for that form was he.

"It’s not fair. All my work is to be destroyed. And this one, this one will never have a chance at life. If only I knew what had gone wrong. Then I could fix it…"

"But maybe the Elders were right. Maybe it’s wrong to create life. Yet to allow this one to die without life…"

"But given the past failures, I suppose their is no choice. All the others have been turned. Their are too many demons already. With them taking my creations…my children as their own, they may gain the power to win…"

"However, they are not as strong as true demons. And I think I’ve made this one unchangeable, unlike the others. He will not be taken by the demons. I’m sure of it…"

"But what if I’m wrong. The elders are right. The risks outweigh the benefits. But I will not allow them to destroy you. I cannot allow it. For you are not like the others. True, you hold both human and demon portions, but you also hold something more…"

"The wisdom of the Elw. I will bury you, in hopes that one day, when this war is over, you will be give the chance at life you deserve. Farewell, my child…"

* * * * *

The image of the Elw vanishes. Rudy watches as he’s lowered into his rocky prison. Then, his image too vanishes.

Zephyr turns away from the wall. "Come. Their is more to see…"

Rudy follows Zephyr farther down the passage. "Look…"

As Rudy turns to look, a new image appears.

* * * * *

He still sleeps in the cavern where he was sealed. But now, a hole opens in the roof. Light pours in. And a man’s face can be seen.

"What have we here? Could this be what that map shows? The hidden treasure of the Elw?"

The man leaps down into the cavern, and picks up the still form.

"Can it be? The Elw’s experiment at creating life? Amazing. So real, yet unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is even more amazing than the Golems. But what if the histories are true? Do I dare revive this child if he will destroy the world…?

* * * * *

This new image vanishes. Rudy looks at the black wall, in shock. "Grandfather…"

Zephyr nods. "He is. But come, their is more to see."

Zephyr leads Rudy down the passage again, then turns to yet another black wall. "Look…"

* * * * *

The man has returned to his workshop. "Poor child. Never given a chance to live. I could give him that chance, but at what cost? And will that cost be worth the result?"

He picks up a book, and begins to read… "…And so to the future, one of peace I hope, I entrust this child. Of demon, man and Elw, he is my symbol of what I hope for. A world where all can co-exist. I pray the Elders never discover that I failed to destroy him. But how can I destroy a life without even knowing if their fears are to be realized. Should this child prove to be good, the benefits of his powers could help many. To whomever finds this, you must decicde what to do. To revive him, and hope he is good, or to destroy him, without ever knowing the rewards, and treasures he holds…"

The man looks down at the still figure. "I suppose I have no choice. Sometimes I hate being a scientist. But I have no choice. Awaking to this world…Rudy…"

* * * * *

Once again, the image vanish. "My grandfather belived in me… Someone belived in me…"

Zephyr shook his head. "Your creator did as well. He risked much, in hopes that you’d have a chance at life. But come, there is more to see…"

Once again, they moved down the corridor, and it flashed to life…

* * * * *

Rudy stood upstairs. He knew what he’d done to save that child was wrong. To use an ARM, a forbidin weapon. Yet, it saved many. The whole town would have been destroyed had he not…

Downstairs, a discution raged. "The fact remains that he used an ARM. By law, he must be exiled!"

The mayor stood up. "He used it, true, but in doing so, he save our lives, and our town. I cannot belive anyting other than a forbiden weapon could have stopped that beast. Yet, I shall bow to the majority."

Another man stood up. The rancher. "The mayor is right. Rudy saved us all. Besides, when has an ARM ever harmed us? It’s an old, outdated rule. I say forget it!"

The mayor stood up. "Let us take a vote. Majority rules…"

The vote is taken. Those in favor of exile will, by a slight majority. The mayor walks up, to tell Rudy of the decision…

* * * * *

"Many of them believed in me too… I always thought they all hated me."

Zephyr shook his head. "Things aren’t always as they seem. Come…"

They moved down again.

* * * * *

"It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t wandered into the cave, that monster would have never awoke. I should be the one exiled, not Rudy…"

A child stood, in the center of several others. The child Rudy had saved.

"You’re right! Why did the adults exile him? He saved you."


"That’s the truth!"

"There’re not being fair!"

* * * * *

The image vanished. Once again, they moved down, future into the corridor.

* * * * *

Zed stood by the entrance of Saint Centour. "He saved my life… Why? What am I to him? It wasn’t pity, not like Cecilia. Yet, I cannot help but believe that he can do it. Foes we may have been, but someday, maybe, we can be friends…."

The image was replaced by another.

"Why dose he seem so familiar? I’m sure I’ve met him before. But where?"

Boomerang stood their, looking at the locked gates of Kal Dingle.

"What possessed me to risk my life for them? They fight with honor, which Zeikfried no longer dose. But is that all…?"

* * * * *

Once again, the image faded, and they moved future down the passage.

* * * * *

"How can I do this to him? Rudy is my friend. Yet, because of Zeikfried, I have no choice. Either I exile him, or I wait for him to die…"

Cecilia stood in her room.

"Oh Rudy! I hope you can forgive me for what I must do. Yet it’s the best for all. Except us. I feel like I’m abandoning a friend. What am I saying? I am abandoning him. And after so much has happened…"

Cecilia stood crying. And the sun rose…

* * * * *

The image faded, and the two moved.

* * * * *

It was an image of Saint Centour. Zed and Boomerang were talking with some of the others.

Zed shook his head. "I can’t believe it. Rudy’s vanished. I hope he’s alright…"

Boomerang laughed. "A year ago I would have died before admitting that. But you’re right. I miss him. He’s the only other one who understands…"

Jack shook his head. "I’ll never figure this out. Ever time I think I have, something else I don’t understand happens. I’d say things are getting crazy."

Jane looked at the others. "Well Jack, if what you said earlier is true, I’m a little surprised he’s taking it as well as he is…"

Jack nods "I suppose so Jane, I suppose so.."

* * * * *

The image vanishes. Rudy is left in the dark. "I never thought that so many people cared about me… Perhaps I was wrong."

Zephyr said nothing. He just waited. Rudy looked up at him. "I want to go back to my friends. I understand now…"

Zephyr nodded. With a flash of light, Rudy was once again standing beside the statue of Ione Paula. "Perhaps I shouldn’t give up on my friends so easily…"

Rudy walked towards the inn. He knew that was where he’d find the others…

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