The Demon War Chapter 5

Unanswered Questions

By Firstborn Dragon

Jane, Jack, Boomerang, Lucid, Zed and some of the others were still gathered in the inn when Rudy arrived. Lucid was the first to notice him, and pointed it out to Boomerang. "Where you been?"

The others turned around at Boomerang’s words. None of them knew to whom he spoke. Rudy looked at them. "Reliving the past. Zephyr wanted to show me something. Something I needed to know…"

Jack got up, and walked over to his friend. "I was worried about you. When we arrived, the others said you’d vanished. I was afraid that you hadn’t taken Cecilia’s actions too well."

Rudy nodded. "I hadn’t. But I’ve discovered that their is a lot that happens that I know nothing of. I guess I just needed to know that someone belived in me…"

Jack put his hand on Rudy’s shoulder. "I think their are a lot of people who belive in you. But I don’t think you want to admit it…"

Rudy didn’t say anything. Zed looked up at him. "Did you hear? We’ve been elected."

Rudy looked up puzzled. "Elected? For what?"

Jack answered. "To help train some soilders… if you want to."

Rudy looked up, surprised. "They want to be trained by us?"

Jack nodded. "They see you as heroes, no matter what you were. They asked Cecilia if they could."

Rudy didn’t know what to say. "They see us as heroes…?"

Boomerang looked back at Zed. "You’re not the only one shocked by it…"

Rudy shook his head. "But…but I’ve never taught anyone anything in my life…"

Zed laughed. "Good thing one of us have."

Boomerang drew his sword, and looked into it. "It brings back memories. But I fear…"

Zed looked at Boomerang. "You fear? I’m the one who should fear. You were a student. But I was…"

The two locked eyes. "You may have been, but I wasn’t only a student. You know that. He trusted me more than any other. He gave me this, and the most important thing in his life. My life was to protect that, and I failed."

Zed shook his head. "We both did. Maybe I want to forget. Times have changed us. I wonder if he’s alive…"

"You know better than I… But I hope so as well. But if we knew not each other, would he know us…?"

Zed looked hard at Boomerang. "And if he knew us, what would he think of us now? Everything he worked for, lost in time. Can we ever gain that back…?"

Boomerang sheathed his sword, his question echoing in everyone’s mind. But only Zed and Boomerang knew the true importance of it.

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