The Demon War Chapter 8

A Father's Gift

By Firstborn Dragon

Whether it was fear for the others, or anger at what had happened, Rudy though that the journey back to Saint Centour took too long. When they finally arrived, Rudy was relieved to see that all seemed normal. However it wasn’t until he’d reached the city and seen Jack, Jane, and many of the others that he relaxed.

A fact that didn’t escape Jack’s notice. "Rudy, what’s wrong? You’re awful tense…"

Rudy looked up at his friend. Hanpan was sitting on Jack’s shoulder as well. "Zeikfried took Adelaide. He destroyed it, and most of the people left there. The Elw warned Cecilia in time to order an evacuation…"

Jack looked at hid friend. "What else? You’re leaving something out. What is it?"

But Rudy couldn’t tell. He walked off, leaving a very confused Jack. Jane came over to him. "What ever it is, it’s really serious. I’ve never seen Rudy act like that before…"

"Zeikfried has Cecilia."

Jack turned, just in time to see Zed come towards the group. "WHAT??"

Zed shook his head. "I don’t know the full details. But I do know that. The Holmcross attacked. The army didn’t have a chance. Cecilia ordered a retreat, but was captured."

Jack looked at him in disbelief. "But…how? Her magic…"

"Was no match for twelve Holmcross. True none were as powerful as Rudy, but still…"

Jack raised his hand, as if to strike Zed. Zed just stood there. Then Jack turned around, and marched off. Zed made no attempt to follow. Although he’d never lived through the capture of a good friend, he’d lived though the pain of loosing one. With time the two would come to accept. Zed only hoped it would be before Zeikfried launched a new assault.

Boomerang walked up to him. "There’s another issue here too. You know what Zeikfried’s done before. He may not be above doing it again…"

Zed looked over at him. "You’re right. And if he dose turn her into a new demon…"

Jane was still standing with the two demons, though no one was quite sure why. "How can you be sure he’ll try to turn Cecilia into a demon?"

Zed shook his head. "We don’t know. But he’s done it before. I don’t know why he would be afraid to try it again. Unless he intends to use her to get at Rudy…"

Jane didn’t understand. "What do you mean ‘get at Rudy?’ Why would Rudy be any more important?"

Even Boomerang didn’t quite understand, until Zed reminded him of a fact. "The twelfth Holmcross said ‘some question my right to lead. I was leader until you were made…’ Right?"

Boomerang shook his head in disbelief "But how dose he intend to control Rudy? Obviously the joining worked because there’s been no sign of an attack since you and he joined."

Zed looked back at him. "How dose a demon change a human into a demon? Apparently they know of things we don’t. But this also worries me. If that’s what he wants Cecilia for, then I fear what may happen when he lets them know this…"

Jane looked at the two, shrugged, then walked off. The two demons went to join Slash and the others. Mid way there, Boomerang halted. "Zed…"

Zed turned to look at Boomerang, uncertain of what was going on. "What?"

Boomerang reached for something. "This is for you. Your father gave it to me the day he knew I was the one who would take you. I don’t know what it is though…"

Boomerang withdrew a chain. It was large enough to fix around Zed’s neck. Zed took it, and looked at it, puzzled. Like most demons, he’d never seen jewelry before. It wasn’t something that demons did. The chain held a medallion. Zed looked at it for several minutes. Then, he placed his finger upon it. The locket opened. But nether was ready for what happened next…

The medallion slowly opened. As it reached it’s full height, a beam shot out, flying towards the sky, Zed was so shocked that he almost dropped the medallion. Then a figure appeared. A figure both warriors knew well.

It began to speak. "My son. If you’re hearing this, it means the one I entrusted your safety to has succeeded. For this, I thank him. Fate chose him. On the day of the choosing, I knew this. Being the best trained there, your guardian had first choice. Fate held him back."

"This proves I was right in trusting him with your life, even though he took you into the most dangerous path of all. Envy dose strange things to a warrior. Even as I refused Zeikfried I knew this. I knew he would resent me, and all I trained because of it."

"But I also knew he could never accept our training. I saw it in his eyes. He desired power, and authority. Something that is very dangerous for a warrior of our kind. I wish I could have been there to finish your training. But I fear I cannot. Should I follow you, your life would be forfeit. But if your guardian has chosen to give this medallion to you, it means it is safe for me to come. And come I will. Somehow. Until I arrive, remember. Though we are apart, you are my son. I will love you, no matter what happens."

The image vanishes, but Zed continues to stair at the point where it had appeared. "All this time, I never knew…"

Boomerang shook his head as well. "I never knew what that was. I never knew why he chose me. Now, I do. These last centuries shame me even more…"

A familiar feeling overcame the two. And both looked at each other, worried. Zed placed the medallion around his neck. "For safe keeping. I don’t want to loose it. I’ll go try to find Rudy, you should warn Slash and his group. We can’t afford to loose this battle."

Boomerang nodded. Both rushed off, hoping they could keep Zeikfried from overcoming what may be the last resistance on the planet…

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