The Demon War Chapter 9

The Challenge of War

By Firstborn Dragon

It didn’t take Zed long to find Rudy. He was over at the statue of Ione Paula. "Rudy, we have a problem. Zeikfried’s on his way here…"

Rudy ignored him.

"Rudy, we need your help. There aren’t enough of us, even with the soldiers. Do you want the people here to suffer as well?"

"I failed her. I should have…" Rudy’s back was still to Zed.

"You should have what? Had you been there, you’d have been taken, killed, or forced to retreat like the others. One warrior couldn’t help there, but you can help here…" For the first time, Zed began to discover how simple his life had been. He always thought it was difficult to live with the other demons. But there he only had to worry about himself. But now, he had to worry about others.

Rudy turned to face him. Rudy’s face was stained with tears. "You’re right. I can, and I will help now. Maybe, just maybe I can find someway to help Cecilia. If not, I will avenge the deaths that Zeikfried has caused…"

The two headed towards the gates of the town. Jack was already there, next to Emilia. Every warrior in the town was there. The demons stood as a group to one side, but just as ready to fight as any of the others. Rudy looked over them all. Friends, ex-foes, warriors, and allies, all ready to fight. Then Rudy looked out the gate. He could see them approaching. Though the demons said nothing, he knew they saw them as well…

Rudy turned to face the ones he would fight beside. They all watched him expectantly. At that moment he knew. For better or worse, Rudy had been elected leader. And there was nothing he could do about it.

Rudy took another deep breath. "Here’s what we know. Any one demon is more than a match for any human. I don’t know about the Holmcross. Their strength varies. But they too will be more than a match for any human…"

Rudy looked over at Zed. "I don’t know much about them. However the oldest ones are the weaker. But I think the strongest of the Holmcross will seek you out Rudy. If the battle at Adelaide is any indication…"

"He may challenge me again. I don’t know." Rudy shook his head in concern. "But we must make sure they’re all there if anything strange is going on. At least one can shape shift…"

Boomerang added another factor some of them knew nothing of. "And some of the Holmcross look very human like. But they are stronger. Even the first one was several times stronger than most humans. Don’t be fooled by their appearance…"

Rudy, like Zed and Boomerang, expected trouble about the appearance of three more demons. No one said anything. Rudy took one last look over ‘his’ army. "Any questions?"

No one raised their hand. "Then, for our freedom, and the freedom of the world, we must fight. Under no conditions allow yourselves to enter a duel with any of the attackers. You’d loose. There are only six of us who have a chance. Stay together at all costs. This is not a fight to be taken lightly…"

The Boomerang did something very unexpected. He drew Slayer, and walked over to Jack. "You refused this once before. But this fight you need it more than I. Please, take it."

Jack reached out, and placed his hand on the hilt. "Thank you…"

It was harder to say who was most surprised by this exchange. Zed, Boomerang, Rudy, or Jack. Boomerang drew his other sword in one hand, and his boomerang in the other.

It was then that his forgotten comrade made her move. "Forgetting someone?"

Boomerang turned around, and looked at Lucid. "Never, partner. Let us hunt together again…"

Although no one suggested it, the six demons moved out among the soldiers. A few appeared a little uncomfortable, but no one complained. Rudy stood in the center of the gate, Jack on one side, Emilina on the other.

The demon army was now only a short distance away. They halted. Across the field, Zeikfried and Rudy each watched the other. Both knew where the danger, and leadership, lay.

Zeikfried began to laugh. "So, this is what the last army on this world is like. Pitiful remains of a once proud army, and a few rouge demons. Surrender! You cannot survive this battle!"

The challenge was unmistakable. Jack went to reply, but Rudy halted him. "We shall not surrender! We shall battle for our freedom, something you cannot understand!"

"Freedom? What need is there for freedom. Wars, violence, hate. All are the results of freedom…" The challenge was stronger.

But Rudy’s determination, and will, was stronger. "We shall never give in to you, What you see is a lie. I shall strive for the truth, no matter what you think! Either halt this pointless taunting, or leave. You have nothing to say that we wish to hear."

"So be it." Zeikfried was tense. Rudy knew the battle would soon begin. "We shall destroy you, if that is your wish, traitor!"

With that, the demon army advanced upon the small group, determined to destroy them…

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