The Return Chapter 20

The Confusion of a Warrior

By Firstborn Dragon

Rudy awoke, but the pain was still there. However, it was seriously lessened from before.

"So our dragon slayer has finally decided to awaken."

"Hu, what?" Rudy wasn’t sure what was going on.

The Zed walked up to the side of the bed. "Remember what happened?"

Rudy laid there. And slowly the memory came back. "Yeah, a giant lizard stepped on me. Guess I owe you and Boomerang my life. Thanks."

But Zed shook his head. "No, this makes us even. As I recall, it’s been you who’s saved our lives more than once. Especially from Jack."

Rudy took a moment to try and get his thoughts together. "How’s Emilia?"

Again, Zed shook his head. "Don’t know. She still hasn’t awoken. I figured she’d wake up before you. Then again, so did everyone else."

"How long have I been out?"

Zed stopped to think for a minute. "About 4 days. You were down pretty bad. I don’t think a human could have survived. And to have been able to take that shot. Quite impressive."

Then Zed’s first comment came back to him. "Dragon slayer? Dose that mean…?"

But again, Zed shook his head. "No, we don’t think so. The creature flew off. It was bleeding, but it didn’t seem dead." Zed looked over to ask him another question. But Rudy was once again sleeping.

Cecilia came in a few minutes latter. "How is he?"

"He just woke up for a few minutes. I guess the strain was too much for him."

Cecilia turned to look at the sleeping figure, then back to Zed again. "Let me take over. You’ve been in here over a day. And I don’t think you’ve eaten, or rested since that fight. You’re not going to be able to do much if you don’t look after yourself."

Zed looked back down on the sleeping figure of Rudy. Although demons were different from humans, there were some similarities. "I guess your right."

Zed slowly turned to leave the room. But it was obvious from the way he was walking, that he was reluctant to. Cecilia looked over her shoulder. "If he wakes up, I’ll be sure to send someone immediately. Now go look after yourself."

Cecilia shook her head in amazement. Never before had she heard of a demon caring for anyone, yet here were Zed and Boomerang, both concerned over Rudy. And Zed was also concerned over Laura. It was unnatural, yet it was happening. Cecilia knew that as soon as Boomerang knew Zed had left, he’d be in here. Or Lucied. She shook her head in amazement.

Just then, Jack walked in. "How is he?"

Cecilia looked up at Jack. "Zed said that he woke up for a few minutes before I came in. I hope that’s a good sign. I’m just worried that in his current condition, someone might find out the truth."

Jack laughed at that. "There are rumors already. Do you know how unusual it is for someone to survive having a dragon step on them?"

Cecilia looked up in concern. "What will we do if someone finds out?"

Jack laughed. "They already know about Zed. What’s two more?"

Cecilia didn’t look convinced. "And what if they think he’s done something to me? There are already problems with Zed. He will not admit it, but someone’s already tried to kill him."

Jack was shocked. "How do you know that?"

Cecilia looked ready to cry. "Because the one that tried to kill him was caught. And he admitted it. He thinks that I’m a failure because I’m allowing a demon loose after what’s happened. I don’t even know why I’m telling you, because you don’t care about them. But if anyone finds out that there is more then one demon loose…"

Jack could imagine what would happen. And he didn’t like it. Then he realized something else. "I wonder if that’s why they’re avoiding me?"

Cecilia was puzzled by this. "What do you mean?"

Jack looked out the window as he spoke. "Well, it used to be that I could accidentally run into one of those two. But ever since the attack, they’ve been avoiding me. I used to think I hated them, but after what they’ve done for Rudy…"

Cecilia nodded. She understood. "You know, when you’re not here, one of them always is. I just had to chase Zed out of here. He’s been here for the last day and a half or so. Actually, I’m expecting Boomerang to show up any time now. Or Lucied. One of those three are always here, unless you are."

Jack was shocked by this. "They’re here? Watching Rudy?"

Cecilia nodded.

Jack shook his head. "I don’t believe it. They’re concerned for him?" Cecilia nodded again, and Jack shook his head in disbelief. He turned to walk out the door…and ran strain into Boomerang. Boomerang saw what had happened, and quickly backed up from Jack. Jack looked up.

Cecilia tensed, fearing a fight was about to emerge between the two.

But Jack just walked past Boomerang, and headed up to Cecilia’s room.

Boomerang looked in disbelief. "What’s gotten into him? When ever he normally sees me, or Zed, he tries to kill us. Now he just passed, as if he didn’t believe what just happened…"

Cecilia looked at him. "I’m a little surprised too. But then again, I wasn’t sure how he’d react when I told him that you and Zed have been watching Rudy since the accident."

Boomerang was at a loss for words. "Well, err, it’s just that…"

Cecilia laughed. "Now don’t over do it again. I’m sick of having to come up here, and chase one of you out of here."

Cecilia left the room, and Boomerang was left shaking his head. "Why is the more I try to understand humans, the less I succeed in doing so."

Boomerang sat there, waiting for Rudy to awaken.

Cecilia left the room, and began searching for Jack. She went up to her room, figuring he’d be there waiting for Emilia to awaken. What she didn’t expect, is what she heard.

"…don’t know what to do. Everything I know, my training, my father, even my experience, tells me I should kill them. Yet they saved Rudy’s life, and they’re concerned over him. It’s just so wrong. Why did this have to happen? I thought I could handle anything. But too much is happening too fast. I’m just a treasure hunter."

There was silence from the room, then a crash, like a hand hitting a wall. Then, Jack’s voice could be heard again. "Oh Emilia, I wish you were awake. I need advice, but I don’t know who to turn to. Cecilia has her own problems, and she’s just as confused over the two as I. I guess I’m lucky that I don’t need to worry about anyone other than myself. Cecilia has a whole country counting on her. They don’t even want to fight me! Or anyone else! It’s crazy. Yet, Zed is concerned over Laura as well as Rudy. And Boomerang is worried about Lucid as well as Rudy. It doesn’t seem right. Just doesn’t seem…"

Jack began to cry.

"I don’t know anymore! I was always a follower, not a leader. You know that. As do I. But they never realized it. And now, I’m lost. Please, I need you…"

Cecilia had no idea what to do. She turned, and left. Jack never even heard her.


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