The Return Chapter 21


By Firstborn Dragon

Jack had cryed himself to sleep by the time Cecilia returned to him. She shook her head. In many ways, Jack was like Zed and Boomerang.

Yet, to tell him this risked an argument. The Cecilia laughed. "He’d never belive it anyway."

She took out some of the spare covers from her closet, and placed them over the sleeping warrior. Then, she turned and looked at Emilia, and shook her head. Had Zeikfried betrayed them, releasing the spell so that she would be freed from the spell, yet never awaken? Zed and Boomerang both admited they knew little of the more complicated spells, or that there was even a spell that could turn a human into a demon.

Cecilia shook her head again. So much to worry about. Her friends, and the two demons, not too mention the rebuilding of the castle, the building and traning of the army, and trying to find a way to get the townspeople to acept the demons. Though some, like the chancellor had proven they could, most were still terrified of the idea.

Before she left, Cecilia checked on Emilia. But there was no obvious change. Cecilia shook her head again. She knew there may be one who could help, but that would take an awful lot of explaining. And Cecilia wasn’t sure she was up to that. Cecilia shook her head again, then turned to leave. But as soon as she left the room, she knew something was wrong. There, in front of her were three men. Two carried swords, and the third a bow. All three had evil grins on their faces.

She turned to look at them. "Who are you, and what do you want?"

The leader, the tallest of the three, laughed. "We’re just a couple of concerned citizens. You see, we don’t appreciate killers in our city. And since it seems you’re unwilling, or unable to deal with the situation, I guess we’ll just need to find us a new leader…"

The two swordsmen advanced, and the archer drew his bow, aiming to fire. Cecilia knew she was in trouble. There was no way she could cast a spell before the three were on her. At the same time, there was no way she could fight the three of them off. She looked around desperately for another escape. The only thing was her room. Cecilia turned, and ran back into the room, and shut the door. The two swordsmen began hacking away at the door with their swords.

They finally broke through. But it wasn’t Cecilia or Jack on the other side of the door. Emilia stood there, Jack’s sword in her hands. Jack was laying across the bed, asleep, and Cecilia stood behind Emilia. Lost deep within her thoughts, Cecilia seemed unaware of the approach of the three.

The first swordsman dove at Emilia. She easily blocked his attack, and countered it with one of her own. "Not so brave fighting a warrior, are you?"

The archer had no way to attack, as the two swordsmen were talking up the room in the hall. Cecilia just watched the battle. She knew there was little her magic could do. At least, not in the confined space the three were fighting in. There was a good chance that she’d accidentally harm her ally. Cecilia didn’t know how, but the spell had finally broken.

However, Emilia’s strength hadn’t returned yet. Although she had skill on her side, the swordsmen had strength. They had been ready for this battle. And Emilia’s strength was fading fast. Cecilia shook her head. Without a miracle, she, Emilia, and Jack would soon be dead…

"Looks like I gota get ya outa trouble again!"

Cecilia turned around, and was amazed by who stood in the open window. "Jane! What are you doing here?"

Jane laughed. "At the moment, getting you two outa trouble."

Jane ran forwards, her ARM loaded. Just as Emilia ducked to avoid a blow, Jane fired. The bullet struck the first swordsman in the chest, and exploded. A strangely colored gas was released, and the two men dropped to the ground, fast asleep. Jane walked out into the hall, and carefully turned the corner. But someone had already beaten her to the archer. Lucid lay on his back, asleep. However, one of her eyes opened as Jane turned the corner. The archer was surprisingly quiet. Jane took one look at the wolf laying on the archer’s back, and turned back. "Err, there’s a wolf in the hall."

Cecilia looked at Jane. "That would be Lucid. If we’re lucky, she’s in a good mood."

Emilia looked over at her. "And if she’s not?"

Cecilia looked over at Emilia. "We could be here a while."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Great!"

Cecilia went into the hall. Lucid saw her, then turned around and left. The archer never even moved. "She’s in a good mood."

Jane came out behind Cecilia. "That’s nice to know."

Emilia came out third. "Very nice. Now what?"

Cecilia turned to the other two. "I’m going to find out how these three got up here. And I should check on the others. Maybe you two should wait here. Emilia, you’re still weak, and Jane, they may need help if anyone else come up here with the same idea."

Jane and Emilia nodded. Cecilia turned, and left, shaking her head. "Luck." She thought to herself. "It was just luck that Emilia awoke then, right? I suppose it doesn’t matter. Still… Jack’s in for a surprise."

Cecilia went down to the main floor. As soon as the guardsmen saw her, they saluted. "My queen."

She turned to them. "Did you just allow three men up here?"

The nearest guard nodded. "We did. They said they had a surprise for you. Why…?"

"They just tried to kill me."

The guards appeared shocked. "I’m sorry my lady. We had no idea…"

Cecilia nodded. "It’s all right. They’re upstairs. I suggest you get someone to deal with them."

"Yes my lady" One of the guardsmen vanished. Cecilia turned, and almost ran into Mariel.

"Oh Cecilia! Am I ever glad to find you! Marcus need to speak to you at once!"

Cecilia nodded. "Ok Mariel, I’m coming."

Cecilia followed Mariel into the room where the Elw lived. On the opposite side of the castle from the demons. Although the two groups were on the same side, neither was comfortable around the other.

Neither Cecilia nor Mariel noticed the figure trailing them.

"Cecilia, thank you for coming. I fear Rudy’s situation is worse then I originally thought."

Cecilia looked at Marcus, puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Marcus shook his head, then looked around. "Neither of them followed, did they?"

Cecilia knew whom he meant. Like most of the people in the castle, the Elw would rather forget the demons existed. "No they didn’t. Why?"

Marcus shook his head again. "This may sound crazy, but I don’t want them doing anything stupid. And after I tell you what I’ve found out, you’ll understand why. It seems that my initial assessment of you’re friend’s situation was wrong. Whatever the Forsaken did to him was a lot worse then I originally thought. Every time Rudy uses up strength, it slowly kills him."

Cecilia looked shocked. "What? But how? And more importantly, can anything be done about it?"

Marcus looked at her. "I don’t know how. But as to what can be done, I can only think of one option. You must ask the Guardians for help. Only they may be able to save his life. That’s why I wanted to make sure they didn’t hear. I may not like them much, but they are the only ones who may be able to stop the Forsaken…"

Cecilia nodded. "I understand. But I don’t know who’ll go." She looked outside, and saw the sun setting. "I’ll get together a group of volentires at first light. We’ll go speak to one of the Guardians then.

Marcus nodded, and Cecilia turned, and left. Neither of them saw the dark shape detach it’self from the wall, and go running up to Laura’s room…


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