The Return Chapter 25

The Present...

By Firstborn Dragon

Zed awoke. He looked around, but once again his surroundings had changed. But this time, he knew them. "Laura’s house…"

"So, you’re awake."

Zed sat up. "Laura! What are you doing here? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?"

Laura walked towards Zed, then stopped. "I’m surprised you care, demon!"

Zed sat back in shock at the hatred and distaste with which Laura said that. "Laura, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean? WHAT DO I MEAN!!! You never told me you were a murder! A demon! Demons care about nothing but themselves! I don’t know what you want, but you will not get away with it!"

"Laura… I, I know I’m a demon. But I love you. Aren’t I allowed to?"

"Demons aren’t supposed to care! Or love! I don’t know what you want, but you’ll get nothing from me!"

"Laura, why don’t you trust me?"

"Why don’t I trust you? You’re a demon." She looked up at Zed. Her eyes, or what were her eyes, were glowing. "Die monster! Or will you kill me?"

Zed shook his head. "I’d never do anything to harm you. Laura, please…"

"Too bad… For you!"

A giant fireball raced towards Zed. One he couldn’t hope to survive…

Boomerang awoke. "Where am I?" He looked around. But he couldn’t see far because of the people. They surrounded him on all sides. He was tied to a post in the middle of a courtyard. Then, a familiar face came out from the crowd. "Cecilia?"

Cecilia ignored Boomerang. "This creature has been the cause of much death and destruction in out world. For this, there is only one acceptable course of action. Death."

The crowd cheered. Zed looked around for an escape. Any escape. "I’m sorry! I’ve changed! Isn’t a person allowed to change?"

One of the people in the crowd heard. "People? Yes! But not your kind! You’re monsters, who need to be destroyed!"

Others in the crowd began to yell as well.

"Destroy the monster."

"Kill him!"

Stones, sticks, mud, and other garbage was thrown at Boomerang. "Why are you doing this to me? I came to help you!"

But the mocking of the crowd drowned him out. Then a clearing through the crowd formed, and Jack walked down it. Cecilia saw this. "Executioner, do your duty!"

"With pleasure." Jack was caring Slayer.

Boomerang became desperate. "No please! Anything! I’ll do anything. Just please, don’t kill me!"

But Jack just smiled. And the sword descended…

Lucid awoke. She knew where she was. "This used to be my room. Why am I here?"

"To see what you’ve caused!"

Lucid turned around. Ge Ramtos stood there. "What do you mean?"

Ge Ramtos laughed. "You left much behind. Including your duty. Look at what happened because you failed."

Ge Ramtos began to show Lucid images. Of war, death, destruction, and chaos. "You being on the planet, even in beast form, caused an imbalance in the powers. So many dead! Because of you!"

Lucid shook her head. "No! No, that can’t be true. I couldn’t have caused all this, could I have?"

"You could, and you did. What is your duty?"

"I…I…I don’t know. What is it?"

Ge Ramtos laughed. "You must kill the one who corrupted you! The one who removed you from your duty. Or would you have me do it?"

"Would you kill me then?" Lucid looked up at her tormentor. "I did it to my self. I loved Boomerang, and chose to follow him. He had no say over my actions!"

"So be it! You’ve named your destroyer. He shall die!"

"No! Kill me! Leave him out of this! He has nothing to do with this! I chose it all."

Boomerang suddenly appeared in the room. Ge Ramtos began to chant. Boomerang was incapable of moving. A dark mist began to advance on Boomerang.

"Nooooo!" Lucid threw herself in front of Boomerang. And the mist engulfed her…


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