The Return Chapter 26

And The Future.

By Firstborn Dragon

Zed awoke for the third time. But this time, he knew where he was. "Why here? Of all the places? Why here?" Zed was in his room, in the Photosphere.

Rudy entered the room. "Are you coming? You know he’s been waiting."

Zed was confused. "What, err, yeah. I’m coming."

Zed followed Rudy deeper and deeper into the Photoshphere. Finally, they came to the center. The center where Mother once lived. They entered. No one was there.

Rudy turned to Zed. "Now, I shall destroy you!"

"What? Rudy, I don’t understand."

Rudy shook his head. "Like me, you don’t belong. Neither of us shall live to the end of this day. Lord Zeikfried has ordered it to be so!" Zed shook his head. "What about Jack and Cecilia? Aren’t they your friends?"

"Now Zed, I know you must know who’s in control. For the treachery you used on me, for the betrayal of our race, and for trying to keep me from taking what is mine, you must die!"

Suddenly, Zed understood. "Zeikfried, let him go! You’re the one that doesn’t belong!"

Rudy just laughed. "There’s only one way to save him! And I know you’ll never do it. I shall destroy you, then rule this world!"

Zed knew what Zeikfried meant. He drew his sword. "Laura, Jack, Cecilia, Rudy, forgive me!"

And Striker descended towards Rudy’s neck…

Boomerang knew where he was. "Why here? Must I be constantly reminded of my past?" He looked around the cave where he’d destroyed Belselk.

"I’m glad to see you remember."

"Lucid?" Boomerang turned around. Lucid stood there looking at him.

"You forgot your other promise! To never kill a Guardian!"

"What!?" Boomerang was shocked. He remembered that vow well. He made it, when he decided to let Lucid join him. A vow he’d kept. "How can you say that?"

"Because of this!" Lucid withdrew a skull from behind her. A skull that could only be of one creature. A Guardian. "Zephyr showed this to me. In your room, shown like a trophy! You’re proud of the fact you killed Duras Drum, the Guardian I once loved! And you dare say I speak lies. To think I’d ever trust you."

"Lucid, please. I promise that I never killed him. I don’t know who did, but it wasn’t me! What will it take to convince you?"

"Nothing you can do will convince me. Farewell, traitor…"

Lucid leaped at him, and Boomerang ducked. She flew over his head, and into the pools of lava…

Lucid awoke. "Of all the places, why here?" She was standing in the middle of the room where she’d first met Boomerang. And where her life had changed for ever.

"So you remember. This is where you chose to betray your duty, and follow him." Lucid turned around. Raftina stood behind her. "It was for love, wasn’t it?"

Lucid nodded. "He came out of nowhere. At first, he believed I was a demon as well. He’d never met a Guardian before. By the time he learned the truth, we’d become good friends, and allies."

"And now you must choose, between me, and them…"

Lucid turned around. Boomerang stood their.

Raftina became angered. "So, you’d defile this place again monster?"

Boomerang looked at the Guardian. "I came for my partner."

Raftina laughed. "You’ll need to get through me first!" She drew her sword.

"So be it…" Boomerang drew Slayer. Lucid stepped out of the way, and the two warrior advanced.

Lucid shook her head. "No! Please, don’t!" Neither warrior listened. Their battle continued. Lucid could only watch as the two fought. Boomerang’s skill and strength was equaled by Raftina’s speed and agility. Neither could gain the upper hand, till Boomerang fell. Slayer when flying across the room. Boomerang looked up at Raftina. Acceptance was on his face, triumph on her’s.

Lucid screamed, and threw herself between the two. "Please, don’t…"

Rudy stood in the room, waiting. He didn’t know why he’d been told to wait here. He only knew that Ione Paua had told him to wait here. Suddenly, Zed appeared. He was unconscious. Rudy rushed over to him. "Zed, Zed are you alright?"

Zed groaned, then looked up. "Who what…Rudy!"

Rudy shook his head. "What happened? Ione Paua came to me in another room, and brought me here. He said that someone would arrive shortly. I never thought…"

Zed laughed. "A few weeks ago, neither would I." He suddenly looked around. "They’re not here!"

Rudy was puzzled. "Who?"

Zed shook his head. "Boomerang and Lucid. They came too. I’d hoped…"

Zephyr suddenly entered the room. "They are fine. But, I needed to apologize to them. I gave them a test which may not have been fair. But I needed to know how they would react. I must admit, I was incredibly surprised by what I discovered. Boomerang and Lucid would give their life for each other."

Rudy looked up at Zephyr, somewhat angered. "I can’t believe you’d never guess that. In the war I saw them do crazy things for each other. They care for each other, just like I care for my friends, or Zed for Laura…"

Zephyr laughed. "I needed to know whether or not they could be trusted. I must admit, I never believed the fate of a planet would rest on the shoulders of a pair of demons, and a cross breed. It’s strange really."

Rudy nodded. "That I know."

Zephyr looked at the two. "You should wait here. Your friends will join you shortly. But I think they need time to recover from the test.

Rudy looked up at Zephyr. "Very well."

Zephyr left the two, and they sat down to wait.


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