The Return Chapter 27


By Firstborn Dragon

Boomerang awoke, and looked around. Lucid lay there, once again in her wolf form. She was still unconscious. Boomerang remembered what had happened. "The test… Was that the test? Or dose she believe I killed a Guardian? How can I tell? Is this still the test?"

Suddenly a figure entered the room, and Boomerang passed out…

Lucid awoke, and looker around. Once again, she was in her wolf form. Boomerang lay there, unconscious. She remembered what happened. "The test… Is this still the test? Dose he believe I betrayed him? Was it really him?"

Suddenly, a figure entered the room, and Lucid passed out…

The two awoke, at the same time, and looked at the other from across the room. Both wondering if the other trusted them. At the same instant, the two spoke. "I never betrayed your trust. I swear."

Just then, Zephyr entered the room. "Neither of you betrayed the other. It was all part of the test."

Both Lucid, and Boomerang looked up at him. Both were puzzled. Lucid spoke first. "Why would you test us like that? The others, I can understand. But not that test… Not the one where he…he…" Lucid couldn’t finish.

Boomerang looked at Lucid in shock. "I’d never harm you. But I cannot understand why you’d test me like that either. She killed herself! Lucid would never kill herself!"

Zephyr nodded. "I know. But we wanted to know how much you trusted each other. And what you’d do if that trust was betrayed. We Guardians are fearful of demons loose on the world. But, you’ve proven to be different. I must admit, I never expected you to pass."

Lucid was puzzled. "So everything that happened in there, was a lie?"

Zephyr nodded. "We needed to know what would happen. Especially with the demons. What would happen if the humans sought to destroy them, or if they were betrayed by one they trusted."

Boomerang noticed Zed’s absence. "Zed… Is he, I mean, did he make it…?"

Zephyr nodded. "He did. But I wished to speak to you two alone. He’s awaiting you with Rudy."

Boomerang nodded. "I’m glad he’s alright."

Zephyr looked at the two. Two he should hate, one for stealing a Guardian, the other for betraying her duty. But, he’d gained respect for them. And he had the feeling he wasn’t the only Guardian to have done so. "I wish you to know, everything in the testes was made up. Boomerang never betrayed you, nor Lucid you. I just wished to see what you’d do should it happen. But after what I’ve seen, I doubt it shall ever occur. Come, I shall take you to the others. I fear the Forsake will strike soon, and you are the only ones who can stop them."

Lucid and Boomerang look at each other, shrug, then follow Zephyr to the room where Rudy and Zed waited. As soon as they entered, there was relief on the faces of Zed, Boomerang, and Lucid. Rudy stood there, a little surprised by the presence of the three, and Zephyr just stood there, his face unreadable.

Soon, Ione Paua entered the room. "The Forsaken are approaching Adelaide. They must leave now."

Zephyr nodded. "You are right. Summon the others. The time has come."

Ione Paua looked up in surprise. "You know, some may object."

Zephyr shook his head. "Not after the test. If they do, remind them of what shall occur if we do not do this."

Ione Paua nodded. "Very well." He left the room.

Zephyr turned to the other four. "The weapons you carry are strong. But, they themselves shall not be enough to end the Forsake. We Guardians must now do, what we never thought would come to pass. We must lend out powers to the demons. Lucid, you must decided now what you wish to do."

Lucid looked up at Zephyr. "I have been doing that for longer than any. I shall not stop now."

Zephyr nodded. "Very well. But you know, you shall be unable to injure the Forsaken."

Lucid nodded. "I know. I’m willing to accept that. I have always done so. And I shall continue to do so."

Boomerang looked down at Lucid. "Could you warn Cecilia? In this battle, as you’ve said, you cannot help. But perhaps you can aid the people at the castle, should Zeikfried decided to break our deal. His honor would allow him to do such a thing. To think, I would follow such a leader…"

Lucid nodded. "I will do it, for you."

Boomerang nodded. "Thank you."

Lucid looked up at Zephyr. "Will I still be able to speak this time?"

Zephyr nodded. "You have proven yourself. Go, and I hope you shall succeed."

Lucid nodded, then exited out of the portal that Zephyr had opened. As the portal was closing, Ione Paua returned. "They are awaiting us."

Zephyr nodded. "Then, let us go."

Zephyr and Ione Paua lead, Rudy came next, and finally Zed and Boomerang. The entered into a large, circular room. The other Guardians had already arrived, and had taken up positions along the outside of the room. Zephyr lead the three to the center of the circle, while Ione Paua took his potion in the circle. Zephyr had the three stand in a triangle, facing inwards. He then took his position. "These three have proven themselves. One in battle, two in trial. Now, on the darkest eve of our world, I call upon you, my fellow Guardians, to lend your power to them, so that they may, once and for all, end the threat of the Forsaken. Are you with me?"

Every Guardian in the room cheered.

Zephyr looked around. A small smile touched his face. "So be it. By my life, and death, I grant my aid to these warrior, to save the world!"

And one by one, each Guardian repeated this. As each one did so, the three warriors began to glow. By the time the final Guardian had spoken, it was impossible to look at the three for the light. Then, with a violent flash, it was over. The three vanished.

Zephyr looked at the place where they’d stood. "Now, the fate of the world is in their hands…"


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