The Return Chapter 29

To Fight For a Planet That is Not Your Own

By Firstborn Dragon

The three were tense as they watched the shadowy figures approach. The giant dragon-like one was in the lead, while the walking weapon was the third. Zed had been studding them, and Striker, remembering what he’d been told…

"One day, you shall use this sword to aid in defending a world that isn’t yours. But, this sword, and it’s companion weapons shan’t be enough. You must accept, and be accepted by the ones who hate you most.

On that day, the final battle shall be fought. And then, you shall live, or die by the sword. If three become one, you may live. But should they not, you shall fail…

All shall become clear in time. When the battle is to be fought, you shall know. And, as the battle rages, you shall know all. To lead is a challenge. But to follow a leader can be even more so.

On that day, I wish you luck, my son…"

"I understand now, Father. May your spirit aid me in this battle. In your memory, I find strength…" A single tear rolled, unnoticed down Zed’s eye. Then, an inner fire grew, and the sorrow was replaced by battle rage. The rage that engulfed all demons, just before a battle.

* * * * *

The dragon-like forsaken landed in front of the three. "I shall destroy you with my own claws! For the scar you gave me, little man!" The beast looked right at Rudy, then the head struck. But this time, Rudy wasn’t disorientated by a fall to the ground. This time, he was fully healed, and awaiting the attack. The jaws clamped down on thin air. However, both Zed, and Boomerang took advantage of the creature’s attack. They struck it’s neck with their swords. And this time, the swords cut through with no trouble.

The beast screamed, loudly, and inhumanely. It rapidly withdrew it’s neck from the striking range of the two demons…. Leaving it’s chest exposed. Which was just the shot Rudy had been waiting for. He took aim, and fired. The bullet glowed with color as it approached the creature. It slammed into the old wound created by Rudy’s first shot at the beast.

The Forsaken screamed once, then fell.

Zed looked at the fallen beast. "One down, and two to go. I hope."

Neither Rudy, nor Boomerang heard that final comment. They were too busy watching the next monster approach. The scaled ape.

As soon as the Forsaken saw it’s fallen companion, it screamed. A scream that was echoed by the third Forsaken, still distant. Then, it attacked. "For my fallen brother, I shall destroy you!"

The Forsaken leaped towards Rudy. He had no time to react, as the creature grabbed him in it’s four arms, and began to crush the life out of him. Zed rushed forwards, and stuck the nearest arm with his sword. The beast screamed, but didn’t release it’s hold. Rudy began to black out. "I can’t hold on much longer…"

Boomerang rushed up behind the creature, and struck the creature through the back. The creature screamed again, then fell. Boomerang and Zed quickly shoved the creature off Rudy. "Why do they like falling on me?"

Zed laughed. "Who knows. Two down."

Boomerang nodded. "But the last one will be the hardest."

Zed took a deep breath. "My kill."

The others nodded, and watched the continuing advance of the Forsaken. An advance that could only be halted in death.

* * * * *

The creature halted as soon as it saw it’s dead companions. "So, it seems you know how to wield those weapons. But, can you stop me? I’m not weakened, nor do I allow anger to blind me."

Zed looked up at the final Forsaken. The one that Striker called out for him to kill. "We shall see…"

The creature shot it’s tail out, aiming to impale Zed on it. But Zed moved faster. Rudy aimed his ARM at the creature, and fired. The bullet hit the creature strait in the chest. "You call that an attack? Try this…" It fired it’s ARM at Rudy, who had just enough time to avoid the bullet. The explosion, however, knocked Rudy of his feet, and sent him flying. Zed and Boomerang had no choice but to ignore Rudy. They were engaged with the creature, one on either side. However, they were fighting a loosing battle. The creature was able to block any attack the two had time to send. But the attacks were few and far between, as the creature was attacking faster than either could block. Suddenly, Boomerang was sent flying by an attack from the creature’s tail. Zed never even noticed this, until he too was sent flying. The two landed next to Rudy. The Forsaken stood there, and laughed…


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