The Return Chapter 30

When Three Become One

By Firstborn Dragon

The creature stood their and laughed. Then, it approached it’s fallen companions, and stood between them. The two fallen Forsaken began to move towards their leader. Then, they merged. The three warrior watched, as the fallen Forsaken were absorbed into the third one. Once again, Zed remembered the words his father had said. "If three become one, you may live. But should they not, you shall fail. I understand now."

Rudy turned to Zed. "What are you talking about?"

Zed looked up at the merging figures. "In order for us to finally stop these creatures, we must destroy them, when they are one."

Boomerang looked at Zed. "You sure? How do you know this?"

Zed sighed. "A very important demon in my life told me so. He’s been right so far. I hope the rest of his words come true…"

The others said nothing, just nodded. Then Rudy put everything together. "Then, this is the deciding battle. We can’t lose!"

The other two nodded, and the three stood up, to face the challenge ahead of them.

* * * * *

The creature had changed. It now towered over the three warriors. It’s back was like a dragon’s back. But a scaled ape body extended from where the neck should be. That area held three sets of arms. Two sets held weapons, an axe, a sword, a spear, and an ARM. The other two were bare. The creature had a long tail, which extended into a scythe. Two huge reptilian wings emerged from it’s back. Three heads were visible. One from each of the original Forsaken. The serpent, the ape, and the demon.

The demon head appeared to be the leader. "Now, witness the full power of the Forsaken! We shall crush you, and everything that exists on this pitiful planet!"

But what the creature had gained in size, and strength, it had lost in speed and agility. This time, when it struck at the three, they were able to dodge out of the way. Boomerang went left, Rudy right, and Zed stood in the center. Just like the order that their heads were in. Rudy took aim, and fired. But nothing happened. "Foolish human! Do you really believe that you can stop us?"

Zed and Boomerang were having the same luck. Their weapons were no longer even capable of scratching the scales of the creature. Things looked bad.

* * * * *

Back at the castle, the boats could be seen on the horizon. Lucid was torn, between her knowledge she should go, and her desire to remain waiting for Boomerang. Suddenly, a figure could be seen in the distance. Lucid looked up. "Though it may be wrong, I cannot leave him. Not now." She took off, running towards the battle.

Jack saw her leave. "Now where’s that wolf going?"

Emilia looked at Lucid. "I don’t know. But she sure seems to be in a hurry."

Jack shook his head. "I bet this has something to do with Rudy. It was that stupid wolf who brought us the warming about the Forsaken. I bet she’s gonna tell them where we’re off to. I’m following."

Emilia looked at the reaming guards. "Wait Jack, I’m coming too."

The two rushed off to follow Lucid, towards the battle that would decide the fate of a planet…

* * * * *

Rudy, Zed and Boomerang were becoming exhausted. The three had been fighting for fifteen minutes, and had not even been able to make a dent in the creature. Once again, Rudy fired his ARM, trying to find a weak point. But, just as the bullet was going to hit the Forsaken, Zed and Boomerang struck as well. The creature screamed, as the three weapons hit it as one.

Rudy, who was searching for another opening, noticed this. "Boomerang, Zed, we’ve got to try and strike at it together! It’s the only way we can damage this beast…" The two nodded. "On the count of three. One, two, three!"

Rudy fired at the nearest head, and Boomerang and Zed struck at the nearest part of the beast they could reach. Little damage was done to the body, but the head was nearly destroyed. The nearest head had been that of the dragon-like forsaken.

The other two heads screamed in pain, as the first head fell lifeless. Once again, the three attempted to strike the beast, but this time, Rudy’s ARM had little effect on the head. Zed put it all together. "We each have to kill our own head! Look for an opening!"

But the Forsaken now knew they were vulnerable. And an opening, where all three had the ability to strike simultaneously was rare. However, both sides were beginning to show the strain from the battle. Suddenly, the ape head struck to far down. Boomerang managed to strike, just as Zed and Rudy did. The second head fell lifeless. Now the creature was very angry. However, it was also tiring. A foolish error on either side’s part would spell doom. If the Forsaken became careless, he would be destroyed, and the world would be saved. But if one warrior fell, the Forsaken would be indestructible, and the world would be doomed…


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