The Return Chapter 31

On That Day, I Wish You Luck, My Son

By Firstborn Dragon

Zed was being pressed hard. The Forsaken knew that of the three warriors, Zed was the most dangerous. Deep within himself, Zed felt his strength fading. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep up the fight.

Rudy and Boomerang were trying to, but failing, to attract the creature’s attention. No matter where, how hard, or when they struck, they were unable to distract it from it’s target. Zed…

Suddenly, Zed fell. The Forsaken closed in for the kill. Zed watched, in fear as the Forsaken brought his sword down towards Zed’s neck. His strength was gone, and with it any chance of escape. Rudy and Jack both watched in fear, as the end of the planet drew closer, and closer.

Suddenly, Zed felt something. A surge of strength from within.

Then, a voice spoke to him. "On this day, I grant you my strength. Use it to defend your world. On this day, I wish you luck, my son.." With that, his father’s voice was gone.

"Thank you, father…"

Zed rolled to the side, just as the sword dove into the ground, where Zed’s head had been moment’s before. However, the Forsaken was unable to halt the sword’s moment, and it was driven deep within the ground, trapping him. Both axe and spear were used, in a desperate attempt to stop Zed, but the creature was too close. Zed looked up, then over at the others. "Get ready to attack. Now is the chance to end this!" With that, Zed leaped up, aiming for the head. Just as he was about to drive Strike through the creature’s skull, Boomerang, and Rudy attacked. The Forsaken exploded. Zed, Boomerang, and Rudy were thrown back.

Zed looked at the crater which now lay where the Forsaken had stood. "I guess we did it. Somehow."

Rudy nodded. "We sure did."

Boomerang laughed. "I guess, I should see about giving Jack his sword back."

Zed nodded, or tried to. "Yeah. I guess… I don’t fell so good."

Zed blacked out. Boomerang noticed this. "Zed, are you okay..?"

But soon, though they fought it hard, Rudy and Boomerang also passed out.

* * * * *

Lucid ran to the clearing. Although she had both heard, and felt the explosion, and she knew where it had emerged from, she kept hoping to find the three alive. As she rushed into the area where the battle had been fought, the first thing she saw was the crater. "No… He can be…"

Jack and Emilia rushed in, just behind her. "What happened?"

Lucid turned to Jack. "Boomerang, Zed and Rudy fought the Forsaken here, and won."

Jack was confused. "So, where are they?"

Lucid shook her head. "I don’t know. They may have gotten caught in that explosion, and if so…"

"No… NO! I can’t believe it! I won’t believe it! Rudy has to be alive." Jack knew Lucid could be right, but he wasn’t about to show it.

Emilia was the first to see the figures on the other side of the crater. "Is that them? Over there?"

Jack and Lucid ran over. Lucid pulled ahead of Jack, and rushed to Boomerang’s side. She nuzzled him. "Boomerang, can you hear me? Wake up, please!"

Boomerang, like the other two, just laid there. Jack ran over next. "I think they’re exhausted. Maybe someone should get help."

Lucid looked at Jack. "I’m not leaving him. I don’t trust you."

Jack laughed. "I was going to say the same thing."

Emilia came over to the two, before a fight broke out. "Fine. You two stay here, I’ll go."

Lucid shook her head. "If you shall remain, then you I trust. I can get there faster than either of you anyway."

Emilia nodded. "Very well. I promise to look after them for you."

Lucid was a little surprised. "Thank you." With that, she turned and ran towards the docks.

Jack looked at Emilia. "I’m a little surprised she agreed to trust you…"

Emilia paid no attention. "Somehow, they seem familiar. But I’m not sure why…"

Jack shook his head. "Trust me, you don’t want to know…"


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