The Return Chapter 7


By Firstborn Dragon

"I guess we don’t have any choice. We’ll have to try and get the airship. If what Zed’s saying is true, then it will reduce the hold Zeikfried has over Rudy anyways. But how are we going to…."

Zed cut Jack off. "By going through the temples. There is one near Adlehyde, isn’t there?"

"That’s true. And since we don’t have another choice. But," Cecilia gave Zed a puzzled look. "how could you travel through the temples?"

Zed shook his head. "I said the Elw were the demon’s enemies. I never said anything about their technology. Otherwise, how could Zeikfried affect Rudy?"

The others thought about, then Jack figured it out. "So technology isn’t good or bad. Makes sense. It’s a little like my sword techs. I can learn them from demons as well as I can anyone else. It just matters how I use them."

Cecilia was getting tired of listing to Jack. "Sorry to interrupt Jack, but shouldn’t we get going? The sooner we get to Adlehyde, the sooner we can find Mariel, and help Rudy."

The three set off, back towards Adlehyde. Just as they finished exiting the last pyramid, Jack started to complain. "I hate those pyramids. They always give me a headache. Why couldn’t the Elw have found a less painful way to travel. Why did they have to pick a method that involves hitting one’s head on…"

Cecilia cut him off. "Give it a rest Jack. No one made you come."

"Cecilia, if you expected me not to come when Rudy needs help, you’re wrong. Besides, how could I trust you alone with Zed."

Zed turned to look at him. "You’ve seen so much, seen how I’ve changed, yet you still don’t believe that I’m speaking the truth. I may never understand you. But then again, I’ve never understood humans."

The three soon passed the mountains, and were nearing the castle. It was at this point that Rudy began to revive. Jack, who was the one caring Rudy at this point, first noticed. "I think we should stop for a minute."

Cecilia turned and looked at him. "Why? We’re almost at Adelaide."

It was then that Rudy began to move. Cecilia noticed this. Zed had disappeared from sight, but Jack’s attention was focused on Rudy. "I guess that’s a good reason. But who is it? Rudy or Zeikfried?"

"I don’t know. Zed do you….Damm!" Jack finally realized that Zed had given him the slip. "Where did that lousy demon get off to?"

Cecilia barely kept him from rushing off into the woods. "Jack relax. He’ll be back. For some reason he’s very interested in Rudy."

It was just then that Rudy began to moan. And then he got up, and asked the one question that neither of them expected. "What happened?"

It was then that Zed made his reappearance. And he didn’t look happy. In fact he looked very worried. "I don’t think it’s a good idea to get too close to town. I think that’s where Zeikfried has his new power base. And if he has the city he also has the army. And I don’t think that we could take it ourselves."

Jack looked up. "The army wouldn’t dare attack their queen, and we took Zeikfried before without a problem. Why shouldn’t we be able to take him on?"

"Because someone’s changing the rules." Boomerang appeared behind them. Zed turned to face him. "Someone is trying to entrap all of the returning demons. No one has ever tried to trap us before, and succeeded that is. Yet this new group is doing it."

Zed shook his head in disbelief. "The only beings with that kind of power are the Forgotten." Boomerang didn’t look happy about that comment. "Indeed. It seem that the legends are true. This bodes ill for all of us."

Rudy got up at this point, and shook his head. Then turned to face the others. "What do you mean by legends?"

Zed looked at Boomerang. The two almost seemed to consider something. Then, Zed threw up his hands in defeat. Boomerang turned to look at the four. "That is a very long story. But given the situation, one I believe that should be told. For this danger is greater than the one that your world faced before. Comparing the danger from the demons, to those of the Forgotten, is like comparing a demon to a human. Only the Forgotten would gladly kill every thing, human, demon, or otherwise."


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