Magus' Child Chapter 1

By FlashFyre5

“It’s cold,” thought Magus as he trudged through the knee deep snow , “Damnably cold.” In fact, it was the coldest winter that had come across the land since the fall of the kingdom of Zeal. “At least I’ll have a warm bed and a roof over my head tonight” he said as he neared the guardian forest that surrounded his new keep, a spiraling tower built in the place of the old, dark, evil place that he used to call home.

He had demolished that damned place when he had realized that he needed to temper his evil animosity with good, sterling power. This, he had concluded, was the only way to gain true ultimate power. His instinct had proven correct. In the three years since he had built the new tower and changed his ways, if ever so slightly, his power had increased five times over. He was now revered as the greatest wizard that had ever lived. He well deserved the title, though he still sneered at the pitiful creatures that had given him the name.

As he walked the only path to the keep, Magus’s keen eyes picked up movement. Drawing his scythe, he crept forward, as quietly as possible. There, again, that streak if silver, just around the bend. Magus, the greatest mage of all time, leapt around the bend with the words of a lightning spell on his lips, ready to face whatever fearsome enemy that the forest could throw at him, ready to do battle with.....the small boy, playing quietly in the snow. He had long silver hair, silver eyes, and he wore nothing but a tunic and a pair of pants, seemingly oblivious to the cold.

The complete ridiculousness of his situation made Magus dissolve into laughter for the first time since he lost Schala. The boy, not understanding, walked over to him and hugged Magus’s leg, which only made the mage laugh harder. Eventually, though, he stopped and ,picking up the boy, said “I wonder who you are, and where you came from.”

“I’m Lectral,” said the boy.

“I’m called Magus ,” replied the mage harshly, “and where did you come from?”

“I dunno. I’m hungry.”

And, in his first act of pure kindness in years, said “Well then, we can’t have that now. Let’s go to my home and get you fed, okay?,” a statement which surprised him most of all.

The small boy that had brought such an incredible statement from the man, though he did not know it, answered simply “Okay.” He looked to be about three years old, but the intelligence behind those deep silver eyes made the mage wonder. Either this boy was not human, which Magus discounted, or he had the makings of a great mage within his body. There would be time enough to figure that out later, thought Magus, as he carried the boy the rest of the way through the forest to his castle. Hours later, he put Lectral to bed, fed, clothed, and with a grand room in Magus’s great keep.

Though he searched, Magus was never able to find out where Lectral came from, or who his parents were. After the boy turned five, Magus adopted him and began to teach him the art of magic, for he told himself that a new mage would be needed when he died, though he knew that he now needed this strange little boy for reasons that he could not understand. The boy absorbed every spell he was taught with remarkable ease, and the years passed swiftly for them both. As the boy grew, Magus began to notice that his animosity toward others was dwindling, and he did nothing to stop it. One day, as he watched Lectral show him that he had mastered a simple fire spell, Magus realized that Lectral was becoming what Magus would have been, had Lavos not come. Time continued it’s unending march, and more months and years passed for them both. When he realized that he had nothing more to teach Lectral, Magus researched new spells, while he encouraged Lectral to develop keen skills as a warrior and a weaponsmith. Lectral eventually produced a massive two handed sword that he wielded with ease, though Magus, in all of his immense strength, could not even lift it without the aid of a strength or levitation spell.

On Lectral’s 20th birthday, Magus invited him to assist in the research of a new spell that had him dumbfounded. This pleased the young man a great deal, because he had always wanted to invent a spell of his own. Magus ignored the normal safety bylaws, for he felt that his own magical skill, as well as Lectral’s natural talent would counterbalance any possible dangers. He was more correct than he could have possibly hoped, and in the span of five years, they created eight new spells, nearly double that of anything that Magus had ever done before. In their daily swordfighting practices, the two constantly fighting to a standstill, before the two had to give up in favor of more important matters. Lectrals 25th birthday, his coming of age, was celebrated with a huge party, King Guardia, and even Frog showing up, among others. There were many gifts and dances, and especialy, drink. It is still suspected to this very day that Lectral got a “very special” birthday gift from a local maid that was quite taken with him. Two months after Lectral’s 25th birthday, however, this tale becomes far more important.

It was a cold winter morning, noted Lectral, but it was beautiful, as he looked out upon the world from atop the highest balcony in Magus’s keep. He now thought of Magus as his father, though he knew it wasn’t true. It was today that Father had promised to surprise him with something, telling him only to pack a supply of clothing and food for traveling. Though Magus did not age as swiftly as most humans, they both knew that this would be the last time that Magus would be able to leave the great keep and be able to easily defend himself.

“It’s a beautiful morning for traveling, isn’t it my friend”

“Yes it is, Magus,” replied Lectral.

“How’d you know that I was there?” asked Magus, upset at not startling the man.

“You breathe too loudly,” replied Lectral, making them both laugh.

“Get our supplies and your sword, Lectral, there is much to do,” said Magus.

“Where are we going to? Gardua castle? The sun keep? We’ve already been to both.” queried Lectral.

“I’ll explain later, now move!” ordered the old wizard. Lectral, hearing the urgency in his voice, did as he was told. The two were soon walking through the forest, defeating a few minor monsters along the way.

Leaving the guardian forest, they came across an oddly shaped contraption with wings, on one of which an old man with graying red hair and a large, brightly colored katana sat.

“My friend, it is so good to see you!” said the old man, embracing Magus.

“It is good to see you too,” and to Lectral “My boy, I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine. His name is Crono.”

“Hello, sir, it’s an honor to meet you!” Lectral stammered, well aware that this man had saved the world.

“Oh, shove it, we have way more important things to take care of. Hop in!” He said, swinging into the cockpit and bringing the Epoch on line. Magus and Lectral swiftly followed suit.

“Where are we going?” asked Lectral, as the Epoch lifted off fo the ground.

“Not where, but when.” corrected Magus.

“Alright, then, when are we going?” said Lectral, irritated.

“To the end of time,” replied Crono solemnly as the Epoch transferred through time and space.


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