Magus' Child Chapter 2

By FlashFyre5

When the trio arrived, Lectral was taken aback by what he saw. It was a series of platforms surrounded by a sturdy iron railing. On it, there were several people wandering about, an old man leaning on a lamppost’ a small well, a sturdy oaken door, and off in the distance, a series of pillars of light. Lectral recognized Frog, and greeted him, still looking around. He was introduced to the rest of the people. The only oddity occurring when he was introduced to Ayla. She gave his lean, thin frame a once-over, and immediately said ”This guy gonna help us save world? We all gonna die!” This made everyone laugh, while Ayla just stood there, not understanding. Everybody else had been told about Lectral’s great magical talent. Standing over by the well, the annoyed guru shouted“Silence! This is a very difficult spell!” The water slowly began to ripple, and then it gushed out of the well, forming into a circle, in the middle of which a picture took form.

“It’s the future, isn’t it?” realized Marle.

“That it is,” murmured Gaspar, “and then is where your mission lies.”

“What beith thine quest, Gaspar?” asked Frog.

“I can but show you, friends.” replied the Guru. And with that, the view changed. Now it focused on a number of huge, winged reptiles, made up of every color of the rainbow, and every kind of precious metal ever found.

“Dragons” murmured Magus “I had hoped that the legends were true, in that they had been locked away forever.”

“Hardly,” put in Gaspar “they simply grew tired of humans and left this world for another.”

“Why they back, then?” wondered Ayla.

“I don’t know,” said Gaspar “but we cannot let them ravage the world any longer.” It was apparent by the charred ground that the dragons were there, and they were mad.

“Hey, where’s Robo?” asked Lucca “He’d make a perfect guide!”

“Yeah!” put in Marle “where is he?”

The Guru of Time turned, and looked sadly at the group, and the view changed again. It was a battlefield, scattered with the corpses of hundreds of people, and a small number of dragons. It slowly zoomed in on an area where a relatively large number of dragon bodies laid together. In the middle, were the remains of a small number of war robots. The view moved closer to one of the disembodied heads. It was rust brown, and, stenciled in black, was “R66-Y A.K.A. ROBO”


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